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Why is My Private Area Dark | How to Lighten Dark Private Parts

Do questions like why is my private area dark cross your mind often? Read this article to know how to lighten dark private parts naturally.

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Why is My Private Area Dark | How to Lighten Dark Private Parts

Wondering how to whiten private parts? Why are your private parts dark? As we grow, our private areas like the vagina, scrotum, and anus become dark in colour. The vagina includes the clitoris, dark labia, hymen, and urethral opening.

Research suggests that the growth of sex hormones causes pigmentation through melanin production during puberty. This can cause black spots in private areas. Women often ask us how to whiten vaginal area, how to whiten private parts fast, why is my skin darker down there, how to remove blackness of private parts, how to remove vaginal darkness, or how to get a pink vagina?

Let us find the hows and whys of this removing blackness of female private parts at home.

Why Is My Private Area Dark? Is This Normal?

Having a dark private area is normal; it can be anything from light pink to deep brown. However, so of the reasons for the dark private area include:

1. Friction causes dark private areas

Wearing tight or ill-fitting clothes and undergarments restrict ventilation down there, increasing moisture. It causes rubbing between thighs, generating friction.

When skin experiences friction, keratinization occurs. It is a process in which keratinocytes (cells containing keratin) produce more keratin in increasing amounts as they move higher in the topmost layer of skin. They also have melanin which results in pigmentation.

Everyday activities like walking, exercise, sex, or rubbing the area too much can also lead to a dark vagina.

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How to prevent it further? Regularly clean up the area down there with a gentle soap.

2. Hormones cause dark private areas

If you wonder, “why is my skin darker down there” or "how to lighten my vaginal area"- one answer can be hormones. According to research, the major hormone responsible for skin colour is estrogen. It releases melanin, which causes darkness of labia. Sudden and rapid increases in estrogen levels cause dark pigmentation which may lead women to indulge in bikini area whitening.

How to prevent it further?: Implement lifestyle changes like getting enough sleep, having a balanced meal to maintain hormonal balance in order to lighten private parts.

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3. Age causes dark private areas

Why are women's private parts dark in colour? With age, the vagina undergoes many changes. It changes shape, size, and colour. It varies from light pink to darker brown, which causes black spots in the private area. The thickness reduces with age, and the area gets pigmented. This is because the fatty tissues present become thinner.

Note: Skin darkening with age is the most natural phenomenon. You cannot control it. Instead, enjoy the process.

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4. PCOS causes dark private areas

Sometimes, women with PCOS also experience an overgrowth of dark patches around the vagina. This condition is called acanthosis nigricans, a symptom of PCOS. In PCOS, the production of androgen (male hormone) increases in females. This causes a change in the texture and colour of the vagina.

How to prevent it further?: Reduce consumption of sugary foods that cause an insulin spike. This has adverse effects on PCOS.

5. Hair removal causes dark private areas

With age, the vagina starts losing fat in and around it. Waxing and applying creams for hair removal can cause a chemical burn. This becomes the reason for a darker vagina. The process also exfoliates the top layer of skin, making the skin more sensitive.

How to prevent it further?: Laser removal is the recommended technique, rather than waxing or shaving.

7. Underwear type causes dark private areas

Tight, ill-fitted undies can irritate and chafe skin around the vagina. It causes hyperpigmentation and may cause you to wonder, “Why is my labia dark?”.

How to prevent it further?: Wear comfortable undies. Choose cotton, or natural moisture-wicking, fabrics.

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How to Lighten Dark Private Parts Naturally  

How to remove blackness from female private parts at home

Now that you answer to “why are my labia dark?” let us find out how to lighten your pubic area naturally and fast!

1. Maintain pH balance to lighten dark private areas

How can this whiten your pubic area? The vagina is sensitive. Maintaining a pH level of 7 is essential to lighten, heal and brighten the vaginal area. Here are some ways to do so:

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2. Vaginal hygiene to lighten dark private areas

Natural ingredients gently exfoliate the intimate area, lighten it up and also helps to deal with vaginal itch in the process. Also, there are no side effects of such ingredients. You can also try these for dark inner thighs and black spots on legs. It helps to learn how to remove dark spots on legs fast naturally and how to lighten dark inner thighs and pubic area. What causes dark inner thighs? When melanin production, a pigment that gives skin its colour is excessively present in inner thighs. Some ways are:

  • Mix an equal quantity of sugar and olive oil to make a scrub, and apply it 2-3 times a week.
  • Apply aloe vera, which increases collagen, for almost 30 minutes, and then wash it.
  • Use cotton dabs of raw milk in your private region twice a day.
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3. Correct vaginal care products to lighten dark private areas

If you invest your money in vaginal care products, ensure that your money goes buying the right ones. Some ways on how to whiten your private area naturally are:

  • Avoid the scented vagina whitening creams and private part blackness removal creams. They contain chemicals, which may irritate the genitalia.
  • Check for the pH level of your products to make your vagina white. A vaginal pH level of 3.8-4.5 is considered to be normal. However, this can change as per age.
  • Prefer products made of natural ingredients rather than chemicals.

Following these steps are sure to make your private parts fair naturally and may even lighten outer lips of the vagina.

4. Comfortable clothing to lighten dark private areas

Wearing loose-fit clothes provides proper ventilation. It reduces the accumulation of moisture in and around vaginal areas. Cotton clothes are light and airy and offer more comfort.

See a doctor in case of infection:

The colour of your vagina should not bother you. You ideally shouldn't be concerned with how to make your vagina whiter. However, if you suffer from constant irritation and inflammation, consult an expert. Visiting your dermatologist and gynaecologist before trying home remedies to lighten private parts is recommended.

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Vaginal Bleaching

It is quite likely that watching porn creates unrealistic expectations of what a vagina should look like, even among women. This traps women into learning how to bleach their private area. This is perhaps why so many women opt for vaginal bleaching. What is vaginal bleaching? It is the process of whitening your labia or general bikini area. It also includes lightening the vulva but not insides of the vagina as this is not possible through the procedure. Does vaginal bleaching whiten the vagina?

Numerous women believe that bleaching their vagina makes it look more youthful and fresh. However, vaginal bleaching doesn't have any medical benefits. It is more of an aspirational practice. Bleaching the vagina does help lighten it but some evidence suggests that these results are temporary, often involving women to repeat this procedure for continues results that is harmful for genital skin.

Is vaginal bleaching safe?

Bleaching your vagina is not the best idea. In fact, many medical practitioners refuse to perform this procedure because it is a cosmetic choice rather than a step towards genital hygiene. Vaginal bleaching is harmful and dangerous for vulvar skin that is extremely sensitive, causing irritation and other dermatological concerns.

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