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How to Cure PCOS Permanently at Home ~ According to a Doctor

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a complex health condition prevalent in women of reproductive age. It is an endocrine disorder that leads to an increase in androgen (a male hormone) in the body.

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How to Cure PCOS Permanently at Home ~ According to a Doctor

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a complex health condition prevalent in women of reproductive age. It is an endocrine disorder that leads to an increase in androgen (a male hormone) in the body. As per medical studies, PCOS can either be genetic or a result of environmental factors. While no one-for-all treatment is available, making lifestyle changes by trying home remedies for PCOS is effective. This hormonal imbalance causes:

  • Obesity or massive weight gain is caused due to PCOS
  • The irregular menstrual cycle is caused due to PCOS
  • Ovarian cysts (on either of the two or both sides) is caused due to PCOS
  • Acne and facial hair growth is caused due to PCOS
  • Problems in conceiving a child are caused due to PCOS

Most women wonder how to cure PCOS permanently at home, but you have to come to terms with the fact that there is no such remedy! It is treatable using healthy diets, exercises, yoga, health supplements and other Indian home remedies for PCOS.

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All About PCOS

If you are looking for a natural cure for PCOS, there are a few things you must consider and regulate to get started. You can combat the counter effects of the hormonal changes in your body by increasing your insulin resistance and stamina.

Regular exercise and morning jogs are highly beneficial to women with PCOS.

  • If you want to learn how to treat PCOS at home, you start with losing weight. Obese women are more likely to suffer from the effects of PCOS, say reports.
  • It would help if you had a healthy diet and performed exercise.
  • Try doing yoga asanas for PCOS.
  • Try to stay positive and reduce stress.

What Causes PCOS?

While the precise cause of PCOS is not yet known, the condition has some connection to insulin resistance. It is a state where either your body isn’t able to produce insulin or can’t utilize it.

Besides, there are some other factors responsible for PCOS. Each of them is related to insulin resistance in one way or another.

Here are some other causes of PCOS:

1. Excess Body Weight

The exact relation between body weight and PCOS is not known. However, they are related to each other. Many individuals who have PCOS tend to be overweight.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

The overproduction of androgens (male hormones) plays a vital role in PCOS. Women who have excess androgens tend to experience acne, facial hair, and irregular menstrual cycle.

3. Family History

Women whose mothers and sisters have PCOS or type-2 diabetes might be likelier to develop the prior.

Symptoms of PCOS

Did you know the symptoms of PCOS generally show up around the first menstrual period? Other times, they develop after one has had their periods for a while.

That said, PCOS symptoms vary. A diagnosis is made when a woman has at least two of the following:

1. Irregular Periods

Having irregular periods or few menstrual periods are well-known signs of PCOS. In fact, having periods that last for more days than usual is also a symptom.

2. Polycystic Ovaries

Various follicles develop around the edge of the ovaries containing immature eggs. As a result, the ovaries may not work the way they should.

3. Excess Androgen

High levels of androgens result in surplus body and facial hair. This condition is known as hirsutism. It can also result in pattern baldness and severe acne.

Can PCOS Be Cured?

Hormonal balance plays an important role in ensuring good health. A hormonal condition named PCOS is often misdiagnosed among women. Researchers say the cause of PCOS is difficult to determine, but hormone regulation and insulin resistance undeniably play decisive roles. Therefore, the initial goal when striving to manage PCOS should be to address-

  • The root cause of hormonal imbalances
  • Weight gain
  • Lifestyle changes

Weight loss particularly can put an end to the possibility of the development of higher risk related to long-term health problems from PCOS.  In a nutshell, no, PCOS cannot be cured, but definitely can be moderated.

Can You Cure PCOS Permanently

Are you struggling with PCOS and wondering how to cure PCOS permanently or how to cure PCOS permanently at home? Before looking to find the answer to it, you first need to gain clarity on whether PCOS can be cured or not. The answer is there is no proven cure, but fortunately, there are many ways to manage PCOS symptoms to ensure that the symptoms do not worsen.

Doctors might prescribe progestin therapy and birth control pills to regulate hormones. Some doctors also recommend diabetic medication when sugar levels cross the bar. However, the most important thing to keep PCOS in check is a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How to Cure PCOS Permanently

Once you understand the specifics of PCOS, it is vital to know how you will achieve them. Here is everything you need to do for home remedy treatment for PCOS.

Make A Diet Plan to cure PCOS at home

One of the best and most effective natural remedies for PCOS is following a well-balanced diet plan. You should eat foods that increase good gut bacteria and lower blood sugar while giving enough strength to the body. Follow the given do’s and don’ts for treating PCOS naturally.

List of Things You Must Eat to reverse PCOS

  • Consume healthy carbs like whole grains, legumes, flax seeds, sweet potatoes, nuts, etc.
  • Boost your daily fibre intake by adding broccoli, beans, spinach, berries, etc.
  • Make a high-protein diet plan and follow it strictly. It would help if you tried greek yoghurt and sesame seeds too.
  • Healthy fats are also helpful to the PCOS cure at home. You can start cooking your meals in coconut or olive oil.
  • Consume antioxidants by eating a lot of fruits like avocados and dry fruits.

List of Things You Must Not Eat if you have PCOS

  • Do not eat processed sugar in any form or fast foods. You must steer away from your sweet-tooth cravings and say no to candies, Indian sweets, brownies, cake, etc.
  • Cut down your consumption of red meat.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke.

Weight Loss - a home remedy for PCOS

Obesity is one of the significant side effects of PCOS in women. You can maintain your health and lose weight as a part of home remedy PCOS treatment. Apart from maintaining a healthy weight loss diet by including fruits, vegetables and drinks that help control PCOS, it would help if you exercised regularly to control your weight. If you achieve the ideal weight as per your body mass and height, you will see a lot of improvement in your health.

Maintain Sleep Hygiene to solve PCOS permanently

A lack of sleep can increase cortisol hormones which is not a good sign. You can control your hormonal changes to some extent by maintaining a strict bedtime routine. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep to practice PCOS treatment home remedies. Yes, the “early to bed, early to rise” mantra can work here!

Health Supplements to cure PCOS

If you feel you cannot consume everything mentioned on your diet plan, you can substitute a few nutrients with health supplements. According to doctors, you can either choose tablets and vitamin capsules or try Ayurvedic Chrunas to combat hormonal imbalance. Consult your nutritionists to find the best supplements for you.

How To Treat PCOS at Home

Are you wondering how to treat PCOS at home? Read on to know.

1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet goes a long way in managing PCOS or reducing its symptoms. Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain a healthy diet:

  • Instead of taking large meals, opt for small and frequent meals.
  • Plan your meals in advance and stick to a routine.
  • Try to abstain from fried and sugary food items.
  • Adding fiber to your diet is vital.
  • Limit your consumption of dairy products.
  • Avoid processed food as it leads to inflammation and insulin resistance.

2. Keep Yourself Stress-Free

The modern, fast-paced life takes a mental toll on all of us. If you have PCOS, then it becomes even more vital to work on stress reduction.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce stress:

  • Try going for walks in nature. Greenery and fresh air can take you away from all the surrounding chaos.
  • Meditate every day. If you’re a beginner, begin with five to seven minutes of guided meditation. It will help release your creative juices and get you to relax.
  • Spending time with your loved ones is foremost. It allows you to gain perspective and encourages you not to take life too seriously.

3. Practise Yoga

Yoga has more benefits than you think. It is an efficient and all-around exercise that helps burn stubborn fat. If you have PCOS, weight management is essential. Regular practice of yoga asanas can help you with that. Besides, you will come out of a yoga session rejuvenated.

While you can always take online yoga sessions today, try joining an on-site yoga class.

4. Cut out Coffee

While there is no scientific proof, caffeine may be linked to hormone behavior and estrogen changes. Thus, it’s best to forego those coffee cups through the day.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is not synonymous with going to the gym. You can go for walks or work out at home as well. The key to working out is doing it regularly. You must focus on lower abdomen exercises like mountain climbers, scissors kicks, and hip lifts. They will allow you to shed belly fat.

6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As per a study, taking omega-3 fatty acids supplements helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Thus, consuming them can help treat PCOS. You can also consume fish oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Have Green or Chamomile Tea

Green tea acts as an agent for weight reduction and helps maintain insulin levels. On the other hand, chamomile tea may help reduce the symptoms of PCOS. Besides, both of them are viable replacements for coffee.

8. Mulethi can do Wonders

Also known as licorice, Mulethi may act against androgens and stimulate the production of an enzyme that converts androgen into estrogen.

Take a cup of hot water, mix 1.5 tablespoons of Mulethi root powder, and consume once a day.

9. Up Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium helps you get a peaceful sleep and helps to maintain insulin levels. Some magnesium-rich foods that you can add to your diet include cashews, spinach, almonds, and bananas.

10. Be Careful with Carbohydrates

Consuming excess carbohydrates can impact your blood sugar levels. The result of this can be high insulin levels. So, try to keep your carbs intake to a bare minimum. Add more protein to your diet.

How to Prevent PCOS?

Here are some efficient ways to prevent PCOS from recurring:

  • Eat foods low on the glycemic index. These include walnuts, asparagus, and beans, among others. Why? That’s because such food items reduce glycemic load and don’t produce a sudden spike and dip in blood sugar levels.
  • Try to eat organic foods that contain more vitamins and proteins. These have no added hormones, such as estrogen. Without the estrogen that inorganic foods have, a person is less likely to get PCOS.
  • Cod liver oil is a supplement that helps balance hormones and facilitates weight loss. Besides taking it as a supplement, you can also add it naturally to your diet.

Dry fruits for PCOS

The benefits of having a handful of dry fruits for PCOS are unbeatable when striving to manage PCOS. Among all the dry fruits, walnut and almonds contain the perfect blend of mono-saturated fats. They help reduce androgen levels and balance the female hormones.

They also help reduce major symptoms of PCOS, such as acne and excess body hair.

Peanuts are a good source of fats. Integrating peanuts into the diet reduces the high androgen levels, preventing the ovaries from producing eggs. Enriched with potassium, cashews can also be your health-friendly nut.

Natural Methods To Improve Fertility & Cure PCOS

Women with PCOS can face problems in conceiving a child, especially if they are overweight. Apart from trying the weight loss remedies, you should try a few natural methods to improve your fertility.

  • Avoid refined carbs and trans fats. Ask your nutritionist to add antioxidants to your diet plan.
  • Start your day with a heavy and healthy breakfast. Try dry fruits and cereals as an option.
  • Increase your consumption of high-fat dairy.
  • Take multivitamins at least thrice a week.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Keep a check on your ovulation cycle.

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How to Reduce Androgens in Female Naturally?

The whole concept of PCOS revolves around the higher production of male hormones (androgens) in females. Medication may be your last resort. Meanwhile, the approach should be more inclined towards how to reduce androgens naturally.

Regular exercise has a powerful impact on your hormone and overall body health. Combining a healthy diet high in nutrients and low-impact exercise should be the starting point towards controlling the symptoms.

The best way is to have a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, and leafy green vegetables. You can also have high fibre and phytoestrogen foods like tofu and soy milk in the diet.

Consuming foods rich in Omega 3 like flaxseed can manage androgen levels in women. Flaxseed is also a great source of manganese, vitamin B1, and fibre. These dietary changes will reduce the higher androgen levels and cause the ovary to release more eggs.

The Bottom Line

You can control the effects of PCOS on your body by using these home remedies easily. Since no medicine or operation can cure this disease permanently, you should focus on combating the effects. Consult a nutritionist as every woman’s body is likely to react differently to increased androgen levels. Follow the instructions of your doctor and make all the necessary lifestyle changes to bring a balance. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that does not harm as long as you stick to the health cards!

When To See a Doctor

If you’re planning to opt for any of the methods mentioned above to cure PCOS, consult a doctor. This will enable you to make an effective treatment plan with a specialist.

While alternate therapies and herbal supplements can help with PCOS treatment, there’s nothing like a customized treatment plan devised by a medical professional.


Is PCOS a Lifelong Disease?

Currently, there exists no cure for PCOS, but it is possible to manage the symptom and reverse the condition. Common symptoms are irregular periods, excessive hair growth on the body, and infertility. Obesity or weight gain is another visible symptom.

It would be best if you did not confuse obesity with PCOS- related conditions. Moreover, there is not a single test to diagnose PCOS. Due to this reason, it becomes difficult to diagnose it, thereby turning it into a lifelong disorder.

Can PCOS Cause Twins?

Obesity may result in higher chances of conceiving twins. As per studies in 2005, the chances are highest if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is above 30. Women with PCOS may tend to put on extra weight. This might be the reason that some women who are overweight end up bearing twins. However, there is no direct link between having PCOS and conceiving twins.

Sometimes, women with PCOS who wish to seek pregnancy choose to take different medicines. These medicines help the ovary to release normal eggs, and in some cases, the ovary releases more eggs. This condition can cause ovarian hyperstimulation and increase the chance for multiple births (twins and more).

Can PCOS Cause a Miscarriage?

Women with PCOS may develop a higher risk of miscarriage than women without PCOS. They tend to experience a sudden spike in blood pressure after the 20th week of pregnancy. This condition is known as preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia can have adverse effects on women’s kidneys, liver, and brain. If this condition gets severe, it can turn into eclampsia which can cause organ failure.

Infants conceived to mothers with gestational diabetes are larger and have breathing issues. Gestational diabetes is a type that can develop during pregnancy. Also, symptoms like metabolic syndrome and increased androgens may lead to miscarriage.

Can You Carry a Baby if You Have PCOS?

If you have PCOS, ovaries produce higher than normal levels of male hormones. This condition can cause disturbance in ovulation and lesser release of eggs. You might struggle to carry a baby, and complications become real as time passes. However, regular exercise, healthy eating, and losing weight can increase your chances of pregnancy.

Is PCOS Worse After Pregnancy?

Some symptoms like hormonal imbalance and weight gain can reappear after pregnancy. There is even a high chance of insulin resistance leading to increased sugar levels. Thus, it is more important to follow a healthy routine during the postnatal phase when wondering about how to treat PCOS at home.

Can PCOS go away with age?

Yes, With the correct steps, PCOS can be cured over the year. Some steps you can take at home to cure PCOS are losing weight, maintaining a healthy diet, and working out. While there is no permanent cure, these changes can help PCOS recede.

Can weight loss cure PCOS?

Weight loss can be a powerful tool for managing PCOS. It allows women to balance their hormone levels. Besides, weight loss enhances the way your body uses insulin. That said, it’s not a sure-shot cure for PCOS.

Can you pass PCOS to your daughter?

Yes, there are chances that you can pass PCOS to your daughter. As per the latest studies, PCOS may be inherited epigenetically. So, you can pass down PCOS symptoms for several generations.


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