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Calories in Omelette, Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Facts - Bodywise

Omelettes aid weight loss and provide strength to the body. Click for more about omelette nutritional value, total calories and health benefits.

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Calories in Omelette, Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Facts - Bodywise

Omelettes are readily available, pocket-friendly and high-protein food. You can also make them easily at home. Adding omelettes to your diet not only helps in weight management but also provides necessary nutrients to the body.

How Many Calories Does One Omelette Have?

How many calories in an omelette are there? One masala omelette contains 240 calories. Of these, protein and carbohydrates account for 56 calories and 18 calories, respectively. The remaining 166 calories come from fats. An adult requires 2000 calories per day, and an omelette provides roughly 12% of the daily calorie requirement.

You can also add bread to your omelette for a more filling meal. A total of 356 bread omelette calories come from a two-bread omelette, of which the two slices of bread account for 151 calories.

Egg Omelette Calories & Nutrition Facts

The calorie index of a masala omelette is given below:


Value Per Omelette

Daily Values

Total Energy

240 calories



14 grams (g)



4.6 g



0.7 g



18.4 g



0 milligram (mg)



Vitamins A

921.2 microgram (mcg)


Vitamins B1 (Thiamine)

0.2 mg


Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin)

0.4 mg


Vitamins B3 (Niacin)

0.3 mg


Vitamins C

13 mg


Vitamins E

1.1 mg


Folic Acid (Vitamins B9)

8.8 mcg




90.4 mg



2.5 mg



8.2 mg



242.5 mg



5.6 mg



78.1 mg



0.1 mg


One egg omelette calories amount to 74 calories when made plain without onions and other vegetables. This dish contains 0% carbs, 7 g of fat, and 6 g of protein. If you make a masala omelette with 2-3 eggs, it will make up for 12% of the total calorie count (2000 calories) required for an adult.  

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Exercises to Burn 224 Calories

You can burn 224 calories that you got from a masala omelette by following a fitness regime that includes any one or a combination of these exercises:

  • Walking for about 1 hour and 12 minutes at a speed of 6 kilometres per hour (kmph)
  • Running for 24 minutes at a speed of 11 kmph
  • Cycling for 32 minutes at 30 kmph pace
  • Swimming for 41 minutes at a pace of 2 kmph

Note that these are approximate values and may differ from person to person.

Benefits of Eating Omelette

There are numerous benefits to eating omelettes. We have listed a few here.

1) Source of Protein

Eggs are rich in protein and contain nine essential amino acids. An egg of 50 g consists of 87 calories and 6.7 g of protein. Those who do not eat non-vegetarian food such as meat and fish can get their protein fill from eggs.

2) Strengthen Bones

Eggs are a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. These nutrients coupled with protein helps in building and strengthening bones. These are also beneficial in preventing and treating osteoporosis (a medical condition that weakens the bones and makes them brittle).

3) Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Eggs have vitamin B1 that protects the nerves, helps in carbohydrate metabolism, and produces red blood cells, thus decreasing the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

4) Beneficial for the Eyes

Eggs contain many vitamins, including vitamin A which is crucial for the eyes and good vision. It makes your eyes healthy and is also helpful in minimising the symptoms of dry eye (a condition that dries the eyes by preventing lubrication).

5) Prevents Fatigue

The presence of iron in eggs ensures a healthy and regular supply of oxygen in the body and prevents fatigue and tiredness. It helps you stay attentive and active throughout the day.

6) Promotes Weight Loss

Eggs help in weight loss because they have fewer calories but keep you fuller for an extended period, preventing the craving for high-calorie snacks. For weight loss purposes, an oil-free omelette, a scrambled, or a boiled egg is recommended over fried eggs or a buttery omelette. Oil and butter give extra calories but do not necessarily aid weight loss.

7) Enhances Concentration Abilities

Eggs are considered brain food as they contain choline. They increase concentration by keeping the cells of the brain nourished and active.

Book an appointment with our Nutritionist/Dieticians to get solutions that can aid your weight management journey.

8) Reduces Inflammation in the Body

Eggs are a source of antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants decrease the body’s inflammation and protect organs and cells by fighting free radicals. They protect against muscular degeneration of the eyes and reduce the risk of cataracts.

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Is Omelette Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, omelettes are good for weight loss. Along with having high-quality protein, healthy fats, and various essential vitamins and minerals, eggs also have unique properties that help in weight loss.

1. Eggs Are Low in Calories

You may need to reduce your calorie count to lose weight. Eggs are low in calories and are one of the most nutritious foods. You can easily have an omelette made with 2-3 eggs and vegetables like tomatoes and onion without worrying about weight gain.

2. Eggs Are Extremely Filling

Since eggs have a high protein content, they decrease appetite and increase the feeling of fullness compared to foods with lower protein levels. Eggs, if paired with fibrous food, are highly beneficial for weight loss. They also are high on the satiety index and help in feeling fuller for a longer time. Adding eggs to your diet may also help prevent unhealthy late-night snacking.

3. Eggs May Boost Metabolism

Eggs have a good balance of all amino acids that improve metabolism, which in turn helps in burning more calories to support weight loss.

Summing up on Calories in Omelette

Eggs are a nourishing food with tons of benefits that includes weight management. With their low-calorie and high-protein ratio, eggs are a delicious food item to add to your diet. You can eat eggs in the form of omelettes to have an active and energetic day.


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