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10 Shocking Ashokarishta Benefits For Women - Bodywise

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10 Shocking Ashokarishta Benefits For Women - Bodywise

Have you heard of the concoction Ashokarishta for women? If not, then in this blog, you will find out 10 shocking facts about Ashokarishta. And, if you have heard of Ashokarishta before, you will learn more about it in this blog! So, stick around till the end to discover mind-blowing facts.

What Is Ashokarishta?

As the name suggests, the Ashoka tree bark is the primary ingredient in Ashokarishta. This bark is mixed with fourteen other herbs like haritaki, vibhitaki, sandalwood, and mustak roots. In addition, ingredients like jaggery and mango seeds are also part of Ashokarishta.

What Are the Nutrients and Minerals Found in Ashokarishta?

Various herbs make Ashokarishta rich in nutrients like flavonoids, carbohydrates, alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, etc. It also contains calcium, which is good for the bones.

Ashokarishta Benefits

Ashokarishta uses address the health of women who suffer from multiple gynaecological issues. Ashokarishta is one medicine that offers many benefits for women and makes their life easier. Ashokarishta benefits for skin offer additional health-focused use for women.

Ashokarishta has potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the Ashoka tree ingredient in this medicine. This ingredient strengthens the bone. In addition, the Ashoka tree bark is known to provide relief from ulcers. Ashokarishta is beneficial for women suffering from osteoporosis. The herb ‘Dhataki’ contributes healing qualities.

Ashokarishta is beneficial for women of all ages. It effectively manages post-menopausal symptoms. In addition, Ashokarishta has Vata-balancing properties.

Ashokarishta for PCOS

Ashokarishta for PCOS is a very effective treatment option. Using Ashokarishta for PCOS relieves symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding, increased inflammation and loss of appetite. It also improves the functions of the ovaries, which are affected by PCOS.

Ashokarishta nourishes the uterus and keeps it healthy. It is very effective in tackling PCOS when used under strict medical supervision. Consuming Ashokarishta also prevents the bone loss associated with PCOS.

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Ashokarishta Benefits for Skin

Ashokarishta benefits for skin are noticeable as it acts on the tissue positively. Ashokarishta improves skin tone by improving the elimination of toxins from the body. It also helps in absorbing nutrients by improving digestion. PCOS causes adverse effects on the skin like acne, excess hair growth, etc. By managing PCOS, Ashokarishta enhances skin tone.

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Ashokarishta for Weight Loss

Using Ashokarishta for weight loss may give you some benefits if the weight gain is due to PCOS. It may also cause some weight loss by improving metabolism.

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Ashokarishta Uses

Ashokarishta uses include stabilising the period cycle and resolving hormone issues. It is also used to get relief from stomach aches and pains caused due to gas. In addition, Ashokarishta uses include controlling the pelvic inflammatory disease.

Most women suffer from some type of premenstrual problem. These include issues like headaches, nausea and vomiting. Ashokarishta gives relief from such symptoms. Ashokarishta lowers menstrual cramps. It achieves this by reducing uterine contractions and eliminating ischemia. In this case, ischemia refers to an insufficient blood supply to the uterus. The herb facilitates the gentle removal of the uterine lining during periods.

Ashokarishta also gives relief from backaches associated with periods. In addition, Ashokarishta improves digestion and bowel movements. Finally, Ashokarishta can be used to treat piles. Due to its cooling properties, it provides excellent relief from the burning and discomfort caused due to piles. Additionally, it reduces bleeding seen with piles.

Effect On Doshas

Ashokarishta is a herbal supplement that balances Pitta and AMA doshas (i.e. fire and air) in the body, thereby removing harmful toxins.

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Ashokarishta Side Effects

Like all ayurvedic medicines, Ashokarishta does not have any significant side effects. A few rare Ashokarishta side effects include stomach irritation and acidity when it is consumed in excessive quantities. It can also cause nausea and vomiting when consumed improperly.

The Ashokarishta dosage should be well modulated and monitored by a qualified person. Consuming large quantities can also lead to a disrupted menstrual cycle. Therefore, pregnant women and lactating mothers are not allowed to consume Ashokarishta.

It contains jaggery as an ingredient; hence, people with diabetes should consume Ashokarishta with restraint. Those with hypertension should consult a doctor before taking Ashokarishta.

Ashokarishta Dosage

The specific measurements depend from person to person and on factors such as the individual’s condition, age, severity, etc. It is imperative to consult an ayurvedic professional before consuming Ashokarishta. They will be able to guide you on the amount and proportion in the best way possible. However, an ideal amount could be 1 -2 tablespoons after meals with an equal quantity of water after meals.

Summing Up on Ashokarishta Benefits

Ashokarishta is an organic solution for selected women's problems! Ashokarishta is beneficial in multiple ways, such as in weight loss, for skin, for PCOS; it is excellent in improving immunity, reducing abdominal pain, etc. Further, it improves hormonal balance, eases menstrual cramps and treats pelvic inflammation.

Additionally, the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties of Ashokarishta makes it an effective tonic for women’s health difficulties. So, add this to your daily routine! Consult a doctor before consuming this concoction in case of any health implications.


Can I Take Ashokarishta Daily?

Yes, Ashokarishta can be taken twice or thrice a day.

Is Ashokarishta Good for White Discharge?

Yes, Ashokarishta is suitable for white discharge. It is packed with herbs like dhataki, haritaki, amlaki, Ashoka, etc, which help strengthen and improve your stamina and maintain your genital health.

So, do not panic if you experience abnormal vaginal discharges. It is normal, and the ashokarishta can help with discharges. Consult a gynaecologist first if you have any health complications.

Who Should Not Take Ashokarishta?

Individuals with hypertension, diabetes, pregnant or lactating women, and women with irregular menstrual cycles are generally advised not to consume ashokarishta.


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