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Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss - Bodywise

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Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss - Bodywise

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must be familiar with the saying, “All the best things in life are sweet”. Sugar is undoubtedly one of the most addictive, unhealthiest substances to ever exist.

If you’re someone trying to lose weight or start eating healthy, the most popular advice you will ever get is for you to stop consuming sugar.

While some people can go without having any sugar in their diet, others look for the next best alternative- Jaggery.

Jaggery vs Sugar

Since jaggery is used as a popular and yummy alternative to sugar, it is imperative to stop and ask whether the introduction of jaggery in your diet, as opposed to sugar, does you any good and more importantly if it contributes to your weight loss journey.

It is important to note that jaggery and sugar, both come from sugarcane. Sugar involves a lot more processing and in the end what's left is just sucrose. However, jaggery does not go through this, is less processed and has more nutritional value.

While sugar and jaggery do not have a huge difference among them when it comes to the calories but sugar contains what's popularly referred to as “empty calories”.

They have absolutely no nutritional value and only add a high number of calories in your body whereas jaggery, with much lesser calories, carries a lot of added nutrients like fibre, antioxidants and vitamins.

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Why is jaggery good for weight loss?

1) It helps in good digestion

Jaggery is a great metabolism booster and it is common knowledge that digestion is very important for the proper functioning of your body. Good metabolism is also known to contribute to weight loss, so popping a piece of jaggery right after your meals is a very healthy practice. Moreover, if you are someone who craves dessert after a meal, this piece of jaggery could keep your cravings in check.

2) Jaggery tea is an excellent tool for weight loss

With the help of just two simple ingredients, lemon juice/ water along with jaggery, you can actually lose weight much faster and it helps in burning the most stubborn fat around your belly. Have a warm glass of lemon juice and jaggery every morning before eating or drinking anything else and see this simplistic ginger tea do wonders for your body.

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3) Flushes out toxins

Jaggery flushes out toxins from your body and even cleanses the blood inside your body, which ultimately aids in weight loss and getting clear skin.

Jaggery is a great option to help you in your weight loss journey as it helps in burning belly fat. Not only this, but jaggery also keeps your bones strong and your body healthy. This sweet bite of happiness and health is easily available in India but make sure to buy completely organic jaggery and make it a part of your daily diet NOW!


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