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Amla Juice Benefits For Females

Amla's high fibre content makes for a healthy gut, speeds metabolism, and assists in weight loss. How can you make a specific Amla juice that caters to hair loss? Blend Amla, lauki, and honey into a mixer and drink up!

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Amla Juice Benefits For Females

Without a sliver of doubt, Amla, also called Indian gooseberry, is a superfood. Most women know what an Amla looks like. In case you don't, we've got you covered. It is tiny and green in colour, with a translucent texture bearing numerous health benefits. Its tangy and unique taste make it a popular favourite among Indian households.

Without further ado, let's discuss 11 effective Amla juice benefits and how to prepare it so you can invoke this recipe for your well being when you so desire!

Benefits of Amla Juice

Reduces stress

As per studies, amla consumption leads to minimal oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Many times, stress does just mean stress for women. It could also mean delayed periods, hormonal imbalances in the body, and hair loss. Women can definitely control these symptoms by eating everyday foods to induce periods and meditation. Over and above that, Amla increases a woman's plasma antioxidant potential. Through this action, Amla releases stress.

Helps managing diabetes

Is Amla good for diabetes? Yes. It effectively keeps blood sugar levels in check. We all know how important tracking sugar levels are when you're diabetic. Our body's inability to produce antioxidants by itself means that we need foods like Amla more.

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Amla juice for weight loss

Women often opt for remedies like Sabja seeds for weight loss and even try to cut down excess fats by dieting. Obesity among women comes with a host of different problems like joint pain and heart diseases. Good thing Amla's high fibre content makes for a healthy gut, speeds metabolism, and assists in weight loss. How can you make a specific Amla juice that caters to hair loss? Blend Amla, lauki, and honey into a mixer and drink up!

Good for hair

According to a study, Amla is beneficial in stimulating hair growth. Hair loss can be caused due to dandruff, a poor diet and numerous other reasons among women. The Vitamin C content of Amla is rather high. Not only this, phosphorous, iron, and tannins are also present in this herb that directly contributes to hair well-being. Make sure to drink Amla juice every day for stronger hair from your root to its tips.

If you wish to redouble Amla benefits, the secret is to use it with Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is a popular dandruff remedy and also helps reduce inflammatory conditions of the scalp that cause hair loss. Moreover, it boosts overall scalp health and keeps your locks dense and thick.

Amla for skin

Studies have revealed that Amla's high collagen content is great news for your skin. It ensures lesser fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Women may also find whole Amla too sour to eat. Everybody has different tastes and preferences. Hence, preparing a glass of Amla juice makes this fruit more palatable.

Amla for acidity

Amla makes your gut alkaline. Studies have also revealed Amla can reduce the frequency of heartburn. Neutralizing your stomach acids is essential for a healthy gut- a function that Amla performs excellently.

How do you prepare this? Mix dry Amla powder with water, and feel free to consume this concoction any time in the day!

Effective for eyes health

Amla is synonymous with a natural eye tonic. A study conducted clearly mentioned that Vitamin A in Amla helps fight bacteria and infections, thereby improving eye health.

Make sure to drink a diluted form of Amla juice in water. This practice effectively increases vision-improving carotene content in the body.

Improves liver function

As per a study, amla juice is known to do away with metabolic syndrome and enhance liver function. For best results, mix Amla with Ayurvedic Giloy for improved digestion. Consume this juice on an empty stomach.

Reducing cholesterol levels

An Amla juice a day keeps cholesterol away! Gallic acid, ellagic acid and other such phytochemicals in Amla aid the blood purification process. Make sure to add lauki to your Amla juice and drink half a cup daily.

Good for sexual life

Believe it or not, Amla improves sex life. Whether you half self-sex or are sexually active with your partner- Amla can help enhance female sexual willingness. Moreover, it also aids female fertility. How can you use Amla for better sex life? Just mix 1 cup of Amla juice and water.

Great blood purifier

Amla juice contains amino acids and antioxidants that aid in the overall functioning of the heart. Take a glass of amla juice with a teaspoon of honey in it. It acts as a great blood purifier.

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How to Make Amla Juice?

Amla juice can be prepared in different ways. You can,

  • Mix it with aloe vera juice for hair and skin benefits.
  • Take two amlas and a small piece of lauki, and extract the juice. Add a teaspoon of honey to it and drink daily. It can also be taken with water.

It is best to have amla juice first thing in the morning.

Amla Juice Side Effects

Amla juice is perfectly safe for consumption. However, there is a flip side to every coin. Research has revealed that in a few cases, Amla may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding in a few people. Make sure to consult a doctor beforehand in case you are allergic to Amla.


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