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Best Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin Whitening | Bodywise

Tea tree oil for skin whitening is an effective remedy for glowing skin by cleansing the dirt and oil blockage from skin pores. To know more about this, read further.

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Best Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin Whitening | Bodywise

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Whitening

Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, improves overall skin health. Skin texture, complexion, and hygiene are some of the benefits that tea tree oil provides. Including the oil in regular use offers several skin benefits.

The Melaleuca oil recovers the skin from tanning effects by acting on the pores of the skin. It does so by removing the dirt from the skin surface. The skin often carries a large amount of trapped dirt, oil, and chemicals that result in pore blockage. Also, these show up on the skin surface as dark layers or spots.

1. Helps Whiten the Skin

Tea tree oil for skin whitening is an effective remedy. It works on the pores of the skin by loosening them. This removes the oil, dirt, and any other foreign particles that have been trapped inside.

If you suffer from conditions of blackheads, blemishes, red, painful breakouts, and whiteheads, the use of tea tree oil for skin whitening regularly is an effective remedy.

To use this treatment, mix two to three drops of the tea tree oil with an equivalently small proportion of coconut oil and apply this to the skin. Avoid using fingertips to apply as it may result in more dirt accumulation. Instead, use a cotton swab for this purpose.

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2. Helps Moisturise the Skin

Tea tree oil is a good remedy if your skin is often dry and cracked up. The seasonal changes and skin’s oil absorption rate could be responsible for the same. Tea tree oil mixed with a tablespoon of glycerine, coconut oil, or almond oil could be used for moisturising skin. Massaging this on knees, elbows, and any other dry skin could help recover from dry skin.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin Whitening

The use of tea tree oil for skin whitening purposes is widely known. The application of the oil will leave the skin glowing. The oil is useful for beauty routines and skin health.

Here’s how to use the tea tree oil for skin whitening and enhancement.

  • Wash the face properly with water before applying the tea tree oil. The tea tree oil works well with raw, makeup-free, and dust-free skin.
  • Never apply the direct extract on your skin or face. Rather use the mixture of the oil with water.
  • To apply the solution of oil and water, always use a dropper. Diluting the oil with 1 to 2 drops of water helps to keep the oil concentration at a level that will be helpful. Remember, the concentrated oil may worsen the skin issues, so avoid using it directly.
  • The effect of any skincare product on the skin is uncertain. Every skin may react differently to a certain product. For this reason, it is advised to use the trial and error methodology first. For this, always conduct a patch test first.
  • For the patch test, apply a very small amount of the oil solution to a small area of your palm. In case your skin starts itching, burning, or showing red marks, immediately consult a physician. Also, wash away the skin area with lots of cold water. Avoid the use of the product in this case.
  • If the solution passes the patch test, use a cotton dab to apply it to your skin. Cover the areas that are affected by dark spots, acne, blemishes, and other skin health effects. Move to your neck and slowly move towards the face.
  • Move the dab in a circular motion. It helps improve the blood flow, which eventually would have a good effect on the skin. The oil leaves a shiny effect on the skin.
  • Now let the oil be absorbed within the skin. Leave the oiled skin for a while. Also, you may use a moisturiser for keeping the oil trapped in the skin.

Regular practice of this oil application on the skin twice a day could help good skincare. It could also bring a change in the skin type if you have dry, cracked, or patchy skin with a dark complexion.

Other benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Apart from the above-listed benefits, tea tree oil is also useful for treating conditions such as fungus, bacteria, and insect bites. A mixture of coconut oil with tea tree oil is great for soothing mosquito bites.

Similarly, you can also treat the condition of fungus with a mixture of water, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. In the case of nail fungus, this mixture can be used to treat the condition. When applying the mixture, remember to keep washing your hands in between so that the fungus does not spread to other areas.

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