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Ipill Side Effects That You Should Know Before Taking It!

Yes, unwanted pregnancy can be avoided. Is ipill contraceptive helpful? What are ipill side effects? Read on to know in detail about ipill.

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Ipill Side Effects That You Should Know Before Taking It!

Unwanted pregnancy for a woman is a severe matter of attention. These days, women can avoid unwanted pregnancies by consuming contraceptive pills. These contraceptive pills are readily available in medical shops. Let us read the article ahead to know in detail about these pills.

What Is an I-pill?

I-Pill is an emergency contraceptive tablet that females use to prevent undesired pregnancy due to unprotected intercourse or failure of contraception. Unwanted pregnancy can be best stated as a pregnancy that occurred when no children or no more children are desired.

According to a study, the active ingredient in the tablet is Levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is a type of hormonal medication used in different birth control methods.

Levonorgestrel prevents the release of an egg from the ovary (female reproductive cells) or fertilisation of an egg by sperm (male reproductive cells). It may also modify the uterus lining to prevent the blossoming of a pregnancy.

A contraceptive pill is integrated with estrogen to form an effective combination to prevent birth control. It is a contraceptive pill, and it should not be misinterpreted as an abortion-inducing drug. For effective results, it is consulted that I-Pill should be taken within 24/72 hours post intercourse.

Ipill Side Effects

Consuming I-pill is believed as an effective way to avoid undesired pregnancy for women. But according to a study, Birth control pills can cause some side effects. Some of the ipill side effects are given below:

  • The next cycle of a woman's menstrual cycle may be delayed by a couple of days if she takes an I-pill for birth control.
  • There are some chances that you can experience spotting before the actual period cycle.
  • Women who are allergic to Levonorgestrel should avoid taking I-pill. Instead, they can opt for condoms, diaphragms, sponges, cervical caps for safe intercourse to avoid pregnancy.
  • I-pill consumption may cause skin allergies and may reduce libido. Libido can be defined as the sexual instinct or erotic desire and pleasure in women.
  • Regular or repetitive use of these contraceptive pills may cause delayed and irregular menstruation.
  • The ideal age for using an I-pill is between 25 and 45 years. Teenagers should avoid regular use. If someone below 20 consumes it, it may negatively affect their reproductive system.
  • Repetitive use of i-pill can cause damage to the ovary and may also cause severe menstrual issues.
  • Though I-pill does not have any long-term adverse consequences, it may cause minor side effects, including breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, headache, and pain in the lower abdomen (pelvic area).

Side Effects of Ipill on Periods

The side effects that may be caused by taking an ipill are discussed above in detail. According to a study, ipill tablet side effects can be seen on periods too. Here are some side effects of ipill on periods given below:

1. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

I-pills can disturb the menstrual cycle and cause heavy abnormal bleeding. Heavy bleeding in the starting two to three days of periods is considered normal. But, if heavy bleeding keeps going, it can be a severe problem that needs medical attention and care.

2. Withdrawal Bleeding after i-Pill

Sometimes drastic changes are observed in periods. The consumption of i-Pills disturbs the menstrual cycle leading to abnormal or no periods. You may even observe unusual and unexpected changes in the vaginal discharge.

Long Term Side Effects of Ipill

Generally, i-pills are safe if consumed in long gaps, but according to research, they may raise the risk of developing some types of cancer, especially breast cancer.

The hormones that an ipill consists of progesterone and estrogen. According to a study, that may stimulate the growth of some types of cancer cells and reduce the risk of others developing.

The estrogen and progesterone that occur naturally encourage the development and growth of some cancers, for example, breast cancer.

I-pills are risky because these contraceptive pills generally contain synthetic versions of female hormones, which potentially increases cancer risk.

Oral contraceptives may further increase the risk of cervical cancer due to specific changes it causes in cervical cells. It makes the cells susceptible to infection like high-risk HPV, the actual cause of virtually all cervical cancer. That is why it is better to avoid intake of i-pills for the long term duration.

Safety Advice

To save yourself from ipill side effects, you should follow certain safety advice. According to a study, here are something you should know before consuming ipill:

  • Avoid alcohol consumption along with the i-pill contraceptive pill as it shows some unpleasant side effects to the body. Consuming alcohol with ipill could lead to higher blood alcohol levels that may raise your level of intoxication.
  • I-pills should be avoided during wanted pregnancy or suspected pregnancy. Consulting a doctor will be best to avoid any adverse effects on your and your baby’s health.
  • I-pills should be avoided if you breastfeed your child as they may pass through the milk to your baby. Better to consult the doctor before consuming i-pill on your own.
  • After consuming i-pills, you may feel tired and dizzy, so avoid driving and operating any machinery for safety.
  • Take the dose of i-pills as per the doctor's suggestion; otherwise, its doses may affect your liver and kidney.
  • The side effects of ipill, if taken twice in a month, can show a delay in periods, or there will be no periods in the coming month.

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Summing Up on Ipill Side Effects

Ipill contraceptive is an option to rely on to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It can have side effects on the body, for which you should go to the doctor and consult. Excess of anything is harmful, so it is better to avoid intake of i-pills for the long term. Otherwise, it will negatively affect your body and your sexual health.


How Long Does Ipill Side Effects Last?

The side effects of Ipill like headache, delayed menstruation, lower abdominal pain, headache, and vomiting last for not more than two days. After two days, it will be completely normal.

Can a 20 Year Old Take the Pill?

No, it will show harmful effects on the reproductive system of teenagers. I-Pills are best suitable for women who are between 25 and 45.

Does Pill Make You Sleepy?

Yes, intake of i-pills makes you feel tired and sleepy. It is one of the side effects of it.



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