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5 Amazing Benefits of Figs Soaked in Water Overnight

For centuries, figs have been used to treat disorders of the endocrine system as well as ailments of the reproductive system and digestive system. Read on to learn the benefits of figs soaked in water overnight!

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5 Amazing Benefits of Figs Soaked in Water Overnight

Figs or anjeer have long been used by Indian medicine practitioners to treat conditions that affect the endocrine, respiratory, immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

Figs Nutrition

Figs contain no fat, no cholesterol, very low sodium and a balanced amount of fiber, carbohydrates and sugar. One serving of figs has the following:


37 grams


0 grams


0 milligrams


1 milligram


10 grams


1 gram


8 gram


0 gram 

Benefits of Figs Soaked in Water Overnight

Figs, also known as anjeer, is a very tasty dry fruit that belongs to the mulberry family. It is round in shape, has a chewy texture and has crunchy seeds.

Eating figs soaked in water on an empty stomach in the morning can give you a host of benefits, as figs are a powerhouse of nutrients, especially minerals. It has several other benefits, which are listed below:

1. Rich in Minerals

Figs are rich in minerals such as manganese, zinc, magnesium, and iron; they are extremely good for reproductive health. The high levels of fibre and antioxidants in this dry fruit helps protect against hormonal imbalances and various post-menopausal issues. Women dealing with PMS are also recommended figs to get relief from the symptoms.

2. Controls Blood Glucose Levels

Figs contain a high amount of potassium, which checks the high sugar levels in your body. Various studies have found that the acid present in figs helps lower blood sugar levels tremendously. Consuming soaked figs will control blood glucose levels in type-II diabetes. You can include this dry fruit in your diet by adding figs in dishes such as smoothies, salads, oats or cornflakes.

3. Helps Bowel Movement

The high fibre content of figs help in maintaining bowel movements. People suffering from constipation should include figs in their diet to maintain a healthy gut.

4. Checks Blood Pressure Levels

Antioxidants in figs can help eliminate free radicals from the body while checking blood pressure levels. This can lead to a boost of heart health by preventing the blocking of the coronary arteries. A few studies have also shown that figs can reduce the level of triglycerides in the body that cause various heart-related issues.

5. Keeps Bones Healthy

Your bones are kept healthy by having a good dose of calcium. Our bodies don’t produce calcium by themselves, so we have to depend on external sources such as soy, milk, green leafy vegetables and figs.

Soaked Figs for Weight Loss

Figs are quite low in calories and very high in fibre, making them extremely filling. Incorporating high-fibre foods such as figs into a balanced diet might help you stay full between meals and avoid eating too much, leading to weight loss. Soaked figs in water overnight benefits the body in many ways. Eating fruit, including dried fruits, has also been associated with lower body weight.

This is primarily because fruits are a highly rich source of nutrients and plant compounds that may promote holistic health improvement and help you maintain a healthy body weight. That being said, many more studies are required to confirm this hypothesis.

However, soaked figs for weight loss is a good dieting option.

It might be easier to eat a greater number of dried fruits than you intended compared to fresh fruit. In general, 1/4–1/2 cup (42–75 grams) of dried fruit contains about the same number of calories and other nutrients as one cup of fresh fruit.

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How to Soak Figs

Here’s how you can consume figs for weight loss by soaking them overnight:

  • First, place a few figs in a bowl.
  • Then, you should pour a large quantity of warm water over the figs to cover by an inch or two (2.5–5 cm) of water.
  • After that, you should let them sit overnight until they plump up.
  • Drain the water, and consume the figs.

Summing Up

Thus, we can safely say that fig is an ideal option if you want to eat something tasty while following a weight loss routine. Figs are a rich source of nutrients, and soaked figs have multiple benefits. The primary health benefits are weight loss and enriching your body with minerals.



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