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Sexercise: What it is, Benefits, Exercises To Try & More

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Sexercise: What it is, Benefits, Exercises To Try & More

What is Sexercise?

As the name suggests, it is coined from two words, viz, sex and exercise. Hence, sexercise is a physical activity, which is the combination of sex and exercise. The main aim is to improve one's sexual experience.

Alternatively, one can even use sex as an exercise to remain fit. While being physically fit, sexercise impacts one's sexuality positively. However, the term includes only those set of physical activities that improves sex.

Calories Burned During Sexercise?

As per the record, the average sex session lasts for 24.7 minutes. In this session, calories burned during sexercise by women account for an average of 69.

In the doggy style sex position, women burn around 84.38 calories of energy. It happens because both partners use their core muscles and their quads. Moreover, women also engage their leg and arm muscles.

Consequently, different sex positions or sexercise burns specific calories. However, it depends on the type of physical activity, whether mild or moderate.

Benefits of Sexercise

When you are aware of how to sexercise, it can bring wonders to the sex performance. It is due to the release of oxytocin and relieving stress and anxiety.

Check out the benefits a sexercise provides:

  • Makes overall health better: Sex and exercise have a positive impact on one's fitness. Consequently, their duo helps reduce the risk of various health issues, including stroke, cancer, heart disease, and many more.
  • Vitalise one's stamina: Stamina and strength gets improved as it engages one's limb's muscles. The muscles get strong with regular practice, boosting one's sexual performance.
  • Sex gets easier: Many times, women feel exhausted to try new sex positions just because their body isn't flexible enough. Trying different sexercises will prepare your body to try new positions smoothly.
  • Builds connection: When in a relationship, sexercise helps strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Doing exercise before or during sex increases arousal, making your sex pleasing.
  • Enhances sleep: Sexercise helps boost sex performance, and the better the sex, the better the sleep.

Sexual Performance Benefits

  • Counteracts the side effects of several antidepressants on libido: As per a study, females who took antidepressants observed that exercising before sex or during sex improved arousal and sexual function.
  • Enhances sexual function: Some sexercises make the pelvic floor muscles stronger. For instance, kegel exercise helps one orgasm easily, also helping with incontinence and urine leakage.
  • Enhances endurance: Practicing sexercise regularly boosts one's endurance level. Consequently, it allows the person to feel less tired in prolonged sex sessions.

Best Exercises for Sex

Although exercise is very beneficial, the body type of every person is different. Here are some exercises that can improve your sex:

  • Kegels: It is the physical activity that makes the pelvic floor muscles stronger. Simple kegel includes locating and contracting the pelvic muscle. This muscle supports the spine, bowel, uterus, and bladder.
  • Yoga: Yoga is the best way to improve one's flexibility and movement; all one needs for good sex. For instance: a downward-facing dog yoga improves circulation and stretching, while a tree pose improves balancing.
  • Cardio: It is beneficial for building stamina and overall strength of the body, even your core. Some cardio exercises include squats, jumping jacks, jogging, and jump rope.

How to do Sexercise?

Let's take the Kegel example to know how to do sexercise.

  • Locate the correct muscle while you urinate.
  • Amidst the flow, stop passing the urine for a few seconds, and start again. Repeat this two to three times daily.
  • Try doing tensing and relaxing the muscle that you used to stop urinating several times a day.
  • Slowly and gradually, try tensing the muscle for longer, say 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, or even longer.

Sex Positions that Couples can use as Exercise

One can use almost every sex position if the speed of the sexual activity is so high that it pumps your heart rate. Here are some sexual positions which couples can use as an exercise:

  • Positions wherein the partners lift each other fully or partially.
  • Positions that involve gentle stretching.
  • Positions that enhance the physical intensity and prompt the partners to move more.


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