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8 Secret Saffron Benefits for Skin That You Should Know About!

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8 Secret Saffron Benefits for Skin That You Should Know About!

What is Saffron?

Saffron is known to be one of the most expensive spices all around the world and originates from crocus sativus, a rare flower. Along with a strong exotic fragrance, it offers an array of benefits for your skin, hair, and overall body health. According to statistics, a minimum of 300 tonnes of saffron is produced annually, and Iran alone contributes to 76% of this overall production. Additionally, it has been noted that saffron also has some rare medicinal properties, making it the go-to spice to fulfil all needs and requirements.

Saffron Benefits for Skin

There are numerous saffron benefits for skin and the top eight lesser-known saffron benefits for skin are mentioned below-

1) Treats Acne

One of the most crucial saffron uses for skin is its ability to fight acne and blemishes effectively. This particular spice, also known as Kesar, has high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that make it a perfect ingredient to use to treat and clear acne-prone skin.

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2) Heals Scars

Out of all the kesar benefits for skin, the ability to treat scars and marks from previous injuries or scratches is one lesser-known advantage of adding saffron to your skincare routine. Saffron is known to be a skin recovery-promoting agent that encourages the skin to heal from within faster.

3) Gives A Natural Glow

Harmful substances in the atmosphere like pollution, quick-changing weather, dust, etc. can affect the skin adversely, making it appear dull and dark on the outside. One of the top saffron benefits for the skin is its ability to breathe life back into the skin with just a regular application of a concoction of raw milk and saffron threads on the face.

4) Toner Alternative

The popularity of toner as part of a skincare routine is at its peak. However, not being willing to invest in a branded toner is a wise choice. You can use saffron as a natural toner for instant skin rejuvenation in just a few quick steps.

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5) Reduces Pigmentation

If you are worried about random pigmentation on your face and skin, or dark marks around your body, using saffron along with turmeric can be highly beneficial. One of the popular saffron benefits for skin is its natural ability to visibly reduce pigmentation.

6) Fights Inflammation

Given the anti-inflammation properties of saffron, one of the key saffron benefits for skin is its ability to fight skin irritation effectively. At times, even random allergic reactions can cause the skin to act out and down read or start burning, however, using saffron can reduce this discomfort completely.

7) Protection From UV Rays

Too much exposure to UV rays can cause the skin to darken in shade, also known as a sun-tan. However, people are not aware that one of the lesser-known secret saffron benefits for skin is its soothing and skin lightening quality that effectively targets sun-tan, leaving the skin glowing from within.

8) Anti-ageing Quality

Lastly, saffron being an active ingredient in multiple cosmetic products, along with its ancient roots, makes it a strong anti-ageing ingredient. It fights dry skin by giving hydration to the skin cells from within. This in turn makes the skin look fresher and younger, turning your age backwards.

How To Use Saffron?

Saffron can be used with different kinds of other ingredients like plain water, raw milk, turmeric, sandalwood, coconut oil, etc. and drinking saffron with milk benefits the skin. It mixes well with each of the ingredients and all individual concoctions target a different skin concern, making saffron a versatile and essential addition to your skincare routine. Go make the purchase today as an addition to your self-love routine daily.


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