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Double Cleansing | Steps of Skincare

Double Cleansing is a crucial part of any skincare regimen. Here's an A to Z guide on Double Cleansing based on different skin types.

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Double Cleansing | Steps of Skincare

A good skin-care routine can't be completed without cleansing, aka washing off themakeup and pollutants accumulated on your skin before heading to bed. For this, a quick wash of micellar water won't just cut it down. That's why you have to get on the double cleansing bandwagon.

What is Double Cleansing?

It's a two-step cleansing process that requires you to start with an oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser or face wash. Yes, you need to use two cleansers to make sure that your skin is thoroughly clean, and every last bit of sweat, dirt, makeup, and oil is washed off, leaving the skin radiant and healthy.

Oil cleansing is generally recommended to break down any long-wearing smudge-proof makeup, and water cleansing methods are recommended when you just have light makeup on the skin.

Double Cleansing Method:

This method will help your serum or night cream seep into your skin and work its magic, especially if you're someone who uses heavy makeup, then using an oil cleanser is a must; not only does it remove your makeup, but it also draws out debris, SPF and pollutants.

Follow these steps:

  • Cleanse with an Oil-based Cleanser.
  • Start by taking a pea-sized amount of the oil cleanser on the palm of your dry hand.
  • In circular motions, start working the product onto your face and eyes to dissolve the oil and dirt.
  • Now wet your hands and rub down to create a light milky emulsion.
  • This step is extremely important as it will help the next step cleanser penetrate even further for pro-level cleaning results. Wash it off with water, and you are ready for the next step.

Cleanse with a Foaming Cleanser

  • Now, while your face is still wet, take a coined sized amount of the foaming cleanser on the palm of your wet hands.
  • Mix until a smooth foaming paste is formed.
  • Now massage this on your skin. Whether you are double cleansing or not, gently massage your cleanser for a minute to receive the full benefits of its ingredients.
  • Once you are done with massaging, splash ample lukewarm water on the skin. You are done.

How to Do Double Cleansing as per Your Skin Type?

For sensitive, dry, or rosaceous skin, use a sensitive cleanser, and it is advised to be gentle. This avoids over-drying of the skin. People also may ask, "Is double cleansing good for acne-prone skin?" Yes, people with oily skin and acne propensity may also perform a double cleansing method to experience its benefits- as long as the suitable cleanser is used.

This way, you can ensure that the first line of makeup, or sunscreen, and deeper layers of pore bacteria that can exacerbate acne are removed.

When and How Often Do You Need to Double Cleanse?

Remember, on days where you don't wear makeup, stick to a single cleanser application. But make sure to thoroughly wash the dirt with the cleanser and go in and massage it so that the cleanser has time to work and take everything off.

Pick a frequency that suits your lifestyle and stick to it -morning or evening - you could double cleanse twice a day, but it depends on your makeup, SPF, and dirt collection on your face.

What are the Benefits of Double Cleansing?

  1. It helps remove the oil-based impurities that are stubborn and can’t be cleaned away with just plain water.
  2. It will brighten the skin, even out the skin tone, and gently micro-exfoliate the skin surface.
  3. Help get you clean and neat skin by removing every dirt particle.
  4. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin and gets it ready for the skincare routine.
  5. A nice massage is done while using a cleansing oil helps break down that makeup and induce good blood circulation.

Who Should Do Double Cleansing?

Ideally, double cleansing isn't an "all or none" solution. But everyone who is a regular wearer of makeup and sunscreen, and it is also recommended for people who get plenty of outdoor exposure and get the dirt and pollution on their faces, five out of seven days, should Double Cleanse to see a difference.

For individuals with acne-prone and oily skin, double cleansing does the most good and keeps excess oil at bay.

Will Double Cleansing Over-clean Your Face?

You can easily over-cleanse your skin. This means altering your skin’s pH - the skin needs to have a low pH (acidic) to perform its best in protecting against bacteria. If you do over-cleanse repeatedly, you prolong the time that your skin needs to get back to base.

Should You Double Cleanse Twice a Day?

Your skincare routine should be as per your routine and your skin type. To find out if you need a double cleanse twice a day, try it out for a week and see the results. If you feel your skin is getting too dry, reduce it to once a day. Depending on your skin type, you can tell if you are overwashing your face or not; acne and irritation are the signs to confirm this. So, bottom line: Cleansing is good for you; over-cleansing is not.

Double Cleansing Tips

  1. Make sure you do not include an exfoliating tool or an exfoliating step into your cleansing routine every day because it will do more harm.
  2. You should only choose fragrance-free oil-based cleansers.
  3. Always wash the cleanser carefully with a warm wet cloth.
  4. Remember, the keyword is gentle, whether it's your double cleansing method or technique you use.


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