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Manjistha- Benefits, Dosage and Precautions

Manjistha is a perennial herb that is used as Ayurvedic medicine. Popularly known as a blood purifying herb and also called Indian madder. It is used to cleanse and detoxify your blood, remove obstructions in blood flow and promote excellent blood circulation.

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Manjistha- Benefits, Dosage and Precautions

What is Manjistha?

Manjistha is a perennial herb that is used as Ayurvedic medicine. Popularly known as a blood purifying herb and also called Indian madder. It is used to cleanse and detoxify your blood, remove obstructions in blood flow and promote excellent blood circulation. Manjistha is believed to have antioxidant and astringent properties. Ayurvedic uses of Manjistha include blood purification, skin allergy treatments, healing wounds, alleviating muscle aches, and soothing insect bites. This herb is found in India, Africa, and the Southeast parts of Asia.

Benefits of Manjistha

Manjistha for skin health

Manjistha has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known as the essential remedy for skin care in Ayurveda. It has raktashodhak (blood purifying) properties that make it beneficial for the circulatory system. This herb helps remove toxins from your blood and keep infections at bay. One can reduce all signs of ageing like wrinkling, blemishes, fine lines, dark circles, spots, and scars with this herb.

How to use it?

Mix 1 teaspoon of manjistha powder, one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of neem powder, some rose water, and a pinch of turmeric to form a paste. Apply this all over your affected skin areas. You will have a radiant, beaming glow on your face and the other regions upon removing the mask.

Manjistha for PCOS symptoms

The hormonal imbalance brought on by PCOS can cause irregular periods, excessive bleeding and painful periods. Due to its blood purifying properties, Manjistha helps relieve all these complaints and promotes smooth blood flow during periods. It also restores your uterine health resulting in healthy, regular periods.

How to use it?

Take Manjistha powder daily post meals for maximum benefit. You can have ¼ - ½ teaspoon of the powder directly or consume it in capsule form.

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Manjistha for weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight naturally, then Manjistha powder is your go-to remedy. This herb is full of fibre and nutrients that help reduce your hunger pangs and stop you from overeating. This is essential in your weight loss regimen. Manjistha also helps lower your blood cholesterol levels which improve your metabolism and helps maintain a steady weight.

How to have it?

You can add Manjistha powder to your daily diet or even take one tablet every day post meals.

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Manjistha for hair care

Use Manjistha powder in a carrier oil and give yourself a lovely massage with it. This helps rejuvenate your skin and regenerate your hair follicles. The oil will help add shine to your hair and strengthen your roots. The antioxidant properties and antistress activity of this herb help prevent excessive hair loss and promote hair growth.

How to use it?

Try using the powder as a hair pack, and you can wash it off during your shampooing routine.

Manjistha for PMS

Most women complain of PMS and mood swings around their period dates. Manjistha helps relieve your PMS and eases your mood, leaving you calm and relaxed. It increases your blood levels of Dopamine (a neurotransmitter that controls your brain activity) and alleviates your mood. The antistress and nootropic activity of this herb helps keep your mind calm.

How to use it?

Pamper yourself with a nice hot oil massage using Manjistha powder in a carrier oil. You could also apply a face pack to cool your body and mind.

Manjistha for joint pain

Menopausal women are more prone to developing conditions like arthritis, gout, osteoporosis. All these ailments cause tremendous joint pains and muscular aches. Manjistha has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve your joint complaints.

How to use it?

Apply the oil on your body and massage yourself for an hour for maximum benefits.

Manjistha for skin whitening

Women have used Manjistha based skin-lightening treatment for centuries. The antioxidant content in this Ayurvedic herb helps provide a light, even tone to your skin and inhibits acne and pimple growth as well.

How to use it?

Ensure you mix the Manjistha powder with honey or rose water and apply the paste on your face at least 2-3 times a week.

Forms of Manjistha or Shatapushpa

Manjistha powder

Manjistha is readily available in the form of a powder. You can take the powder as it is or in the form of a capsule or tablet. Use it in your face packs or while cooking your food.

Manjistha oil

The powdered form of Manjistha is used to make oils. All you need is a carrier oil that is not too strong. Any vegetable oil like coconut oil or evening primrose oil that is light and blends easily is a suitable carrier oil. Mix this base oil with Manjistha powder to make your Manjistha oil.

Mahamanjisthadi Kadha

The powder or decoction of this herb is used in the form of a mahamanjisthadi kadha. You can drink it to get rid of your respiratory ailments.


Mahamanjisthadyarishta is an essential ayurvedic medicine that acts as a blood purifier. Manjistha has blood purifying properties and is used to relieve skin ailments.

Manjistha Side Effects

  • Excessive use of Manjistha powder can cause constipation in some women.
  • Overdose of this herb can change the colour of your stool and urine into brown or orange.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother, you should avoid taking this herb for safety concerns. Consult your doctor for detailed information.

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