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How to Remove Hair From Private Parts- 9 Effective Ways | Bodywise

It is normal to feel intimidated and stumped when trying to remove hair from such a delicate area. Read on to learn more about how to remove hair from private parts.

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How to Remove Hair From Private Parts- 9 Effective Ways | Bodywise

The way you like your pubic hair is your personal choice. Some women may want it to look natural and all there; some prefer to be well-groomed and trimmed. Others may want to go for a clean and hairless look for their private parts.

Either of these choices is okay, no matter how you prefer your pubes to look. At the end of the day, it's your body and your preference of how you want your privates to look and feel.

It is common to feel stumped and scared when it comes to removing hair from such a delicate spot. However, nowadays, there are several ways to remove hair from your private parts if you prefer so. This article has answered some of the most burning questions about hair removal from private parts. Read on to learn more.

How to Remove Hair From Private Parts Permanently at Home?

It is not possible to remove hair from private parts permanently at home without professional help. But there definitely are ways in which you can remove hair from your parts easily at home. We have discussed them at length here.

1. Scissors Are Your Best Friend

If you have been wondering how to remove hair from private parts for a woman, let us tell you the answer. Scissors are one of the easiest ways to achieve a well-trimmed and clean look for your pubic hair.

Scissors also reduce the chances of injuring yourself since it does not contact your skin. This also decreases the chance of acquiring an infection or transmitting any bacteria to your pubes.

Make sure that the tool is sharp and clean before using a scissor. This will ensure that while you use the scissors, you don't feel any hair tug as they get snipped off. Try sitting down while trimming your pubic hair to make this process more comfortable.

You can also use a handheld mirror to view harder to reach areas. If you find holding a mirror difficult, try positioning it between your legs at an angle that will allow you to view your pubes without having to hold them. It is important to trim your hair in the presence of good light so that you can easily see what you are doing and reduce the chances of injuries.

Trimming your pubes with scissors is a great way to achieve well-groomed pubes without getting into too much hassle. However, it will grow back since you are only trimming the hair. So it is important to trim the hair regularly to achieve a well-groomed look.

2. Shaving

Women have opted to shave their hair off in the confines of their homes for quite some time now. Shaving not only saves time but also saves you from the hassle of visiting your nearby salon every time you want to achieve a hair-free look.

Additionally, shaving is a relatively pain-free process, especially if you know the right method of doing so. The only downside of shaving is that the razor directly contacts your skin. This can sometimes lead to temporary redness, itching, or irritation.

However, shaving off hair leads to the removal of hair strands from the base itself. This leads to a smooth finish and clean look without any hair stubble, making it a popular choice amongst women.

While shaving your pubes, keep in mind that the skin on your private area is thin. If you don't exercise caution and go slowly while shaving, you can nick or cut the area.

3. Waxing

Wondering how to clean private part hair? Waxing off body hair has been an evergreen method of achieving a smooth and clean look. Nowadays, the availability of waxing strips at home has made the task of waxing extremely simple and accessible. You don't have to run off to a beauty parlour to get waxed any longer.

You can buy over-the-counter waxing strips that are available in boxes at local pharmacy shops. Waxing has always been a popular choice amongst women because the procedure allows them to remove multiple hairs at once.

This usually causes some amount of pain and can lead to irritation. Since the pubic region has sensitive skin, pulling hair from the follicles can cause infection if not done correctly.

Waxing is definitely more painful when compared to other methods of removing hair, such as trimming or shaving. However, hair removed through waxing will give you hairless skin for a longer duration of time than other methods.

4. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are a great way of removing hair from private parts and have gained popularity in recent times. These creams contain chemicals that result in the weakening of body hair from its base. You can put on the cream and wipe it away after some time to remove unwanted excessive hair.

You can find hair removal creams at local stores, making them extremely accessible and easy to use. This method also gives you a hairless feel for a long duration of time, similar to waxing. It also doesn't cause pain or irritation.

Since these creams contain chemicals that weaken the base of the hair, some people can be allergic to the chemicals in them. Always remember to do a patch test before applying the cream to your private part.

Apply the cream on your inner elbow or a small area of your arm and wait to see if any reaction develops. In case you notice irritation, redness, or inflammation, do not use the cream on your private regions.

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5. Tweezing

Tweezing is a simple method through which you can pull out hair from its roots. Women often use tweezing to remove excessive eyebrow hairs. The same method can be used to remove unwanted pubic hair.

Since this method also pulls out hair from its base, it can cause pain and irritation. However, generally tweezing is less painful than waxing since you pull out only one hair at a time. However, tweezing is not the most efficient method of removing hair from large areas.

6. Epilators

Epilators are small devices that pull out hair from the roots themselves. You can buy an epilator and use it whenever needed from the comfort of your home. Epilators should be moved slowly over the area from which you want to remove hair. Hold your skin tightly while you do so, allowing the device to pluck out the hair.

You should exfoliate your skin before using the machine, or there will be an increased risk of ingrown hair. Use epilators that work well for soft and fine hair and are recommended for private regions. Epilators give a smooth finish which is similar to waxing; however, this method can cause some amount of pain.

Professional Options for Pubic Hair

1. Waxing

Getting your hair waxed by a professional person is one of the most reliable and safe methods of removing hair from private parts. Professional waxing can help you remove hair from areas you might find difficult to reach.

A lot of beauty salons and hair clinics offer the service of professionally waxing your intimate areas. Some companies also offer the service of sending their specialists to your home for the same experience. This will allow you to enjoy professional waxing from the privacy of your home.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment leads to the destruction of hair follicles themselves. Lasers are a sophisticated method of removing unwanted hair and slowing down hair regrowth by quite some margin.

Removal of hair through laser is done by a professional in a clinical setup. This typically requires some number of follow-ups in six to eight weeks to prevent hair from regrowing.

3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a procedure that causes hair to fall out or prevent the regrowth of new hair. The process uses radio waves to disturb the growth of hair follicles. Electrolysis typically targets one hair follicle at a time, and one session can last from 20 - 60 minutes. You may also need to follow up to maintain the hairless look.

Risks of Removing Pubic Hair

It is not exactly risky to remove unwanted hair from any body part, including your private regions. However, the method that you use to remove the hair can cause some risks.

  • The safest way to remove hair is using a scissor since the tool doesn't come in direct contact with your skin. Using methods that remove hair from its base or pulls it out from its follicles can result in:
  1. Redness or inflammation
  2. Folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles)
  3. Breaks or cuts in the skin
  4. Itchiness when the hair grows back
  5. Ingrown hair
  • Using methods that involve hair removal through topical creams can result in some amount of redness, irritation, hives, or inflammation. Topical products that allow hair removal contain certain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in people.
  • Hair removal can sometimes result in the development of boils in your private region. This can occur due to the irritation of your skin and some infections such as folliculitis and cellulitis. In such cases, you will be able to notice red bumps under the surface of your skin.
  • Boils can be filled with pus but aren't as deep as abscesses. Topical antibacterial ointments and warm compress tend to resolve boils with time. To avoid the risk of developing infections, make sure that you are using the right hair removal method.
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Safety Guidelines

Here are some basic tips on hair removal from your private region to reduce your chances of developing any injury or chance of developing an infection after removing hair from your pubes.

  • Clean your private region using warm water and soap before using any hair removal method. This will prevent the transmission of bacteria.
  • Disinfect your razor, scissor, or other hair removal devices before using them on your pubic area. You should also change your razor blades regularly to ensure their sharpness and hygiene.
  • Avoid using the scissors that you use to trim your pubic area for other purposes. It is a good practice to have separate tools for removing hair from your private regions and the rest of the body.
  • Keep your skin moist and lathered if you are shaving your pubic region. You can use a general soap or shaving gel that will allow the razor to glide over your skin.
  • Always make sure that you trim or shave in the direction that your hair grows in. This will cause less irritation and give a smoother finish.
  • Remember to moisturise your pubic region after shaving or waxing. This helps in soothing irritated skin. You can use unscented lotion or oil to prevent the skin from drying out.
  • Avoid wearing extremely tight clothes after shaving your private region. Wearing tight underwear after hair removal can worsen skin irritation.

Summing Up on How to Remove Hair From Private Parts

There are several reliable ways to remove unwanted pubic hair from your private parts. These range from shaving, trimming, waxing, hair removal creams, etc. You can use several of these methods to remove hair from the safety of your home. Methods like laser treatment or waxing are done professionally by dermatologists and specialists.


Is It Good to Remove Hair From Private Parts?

Pubic hair serves a protective function and traps bacteria that can enter your body. However, you can also remove your pubic hair if you want to. It is important to choose a method that works the best for you and doesn't damage your skin.

How Can I Remove Hair From My Private Part Without Shaving?

You can remove hair without shaving by waxing, tweezing, or using epilators. You can also seek professional methods such as laser treatment and electrolysis.

Does Turmeric Remove Body Hair?

Yes, Turmeric can help remove body hair. It contains chemicals that can slow down hair growth. People often use it to weaken hair roots, allowing them to be pulled out later. However, turmeric works very slowly and less effectively than methods such as waxing or shaving.



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