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How to Reduce Double Chin? Here Are 15 Ways That Works!

A double chin can make you question your weight or health, but not anymore. Click here to learn about How to Reduce Double Chin? Here Are 17 Ways That Work!

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How to Reduce Double Chin? Here Are 15 Ways That Works!

Having a double chin or even triple chin is common. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have weight issues, but it may affect your self-esteem and social life. While the cause of double chins is often attributed to obesity, there may be many potential contributing factors. Regardless of whether they are perfectly healthy, underweight or losing weight, some people may still have a double chin.

What Is Double Chin?

Under your chin is a layer of fat called submental fat, which is the cause of a double chin. Often, it manifests itself as weight gain, but as we mentioned, there is more to it.

Reason for Double Chin?

There are various reasons for a double chin. Sometimes, a double chin can develop as the skin expands and contracts in response to weight fluctuations. A double chin can also result from ageing, as the skin's elasticity reduces. Below are the top reasons for double chin.

1. Genetics

How a person's weight is distributed over the areas of their body depends on their genes. Some people carry excess fat around their waistlines and thighs, while others gain weight immediately on their hips. So, a double chin is simply your body's way of storing extra fat along your jawline.

2. Body Posture

A bad posture can be attributed to weakening your platysma muscles (that connect your neck and chin). This can eventually lead to a double chin, as the skin around the muscles becomes less elastic.

3. Ageing

The skin becomes less elastic as you start to age, especially on your face. This can result in extra or saggy skin around your jawline that contributes to the formation of a double chin.

4. Weight Gain

It is common for fat to accumulate all over the body when you gain weight, and unfortunately, it can be quite noticeable, especially under the chin and on the face. Weight gain in the face can be particularly troublesome, depending on your body type.

5. Unhealthy Diet

Diets containing high levels of calories, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats may contribute to weight gain and ultimately form a double chin.

How to Reduce Double Chin?

We've got you if you want to do something about your double chin. Here's how to reduce double chin naturally.

1. Improve your Diet

Several healthy lifestyle changes can help reduce double chins, including lowering calorie intake, eating more vegetables, fruit, and avoiding processed and fried food. Another way to combat the problem is to replace refined grains with whole grains, moderate sugar intake, and consume foods high in protein.

2. Exercise Consistently

Our bodies naturally burn fat through exercise. Though it's purely anecdotal, face and neck exercises can help burn fat in these areas and reduce double chins.

3. Grab a Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is an excellent exercise to tone up your under-chin area. Your chin and face muscles are continually in motion when you chew gum, which helps burn the fat. Additionally, it boosts your jaws' strength.

4. Apply Face Masks

You can use a face mask to improve skin texture and get rid of a double chin. Using egg whites, honey, and lemon juice masks daily in addition to exercising may help tone your jawline. You can also mix it up using glycerin masks, coffee, or green tea masks to support your exercise efforts.

How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days?

Most people want to see results almost immediately when it comes to losing fat. However, losing chin fat and extra face fat is not that easy. It requires patience and dedication. Nonetheless, if you follow the above tips consistently, you will undoubtedly see a fruitful difference.

Yet, there may be times when you need to adopt a multifaceted approach, depending on the circumstance. Following are some treatments that can help you achieve faster results.

1. Cosmetic Treatment

You may continue to have a double chin, regardless of your overall health. Cosmetic dermatology can provide solutions to this problem. Here are a few:

  • Facial moisturisers: Vitamin-enriched and botanical-extracted moisturisers firm up your skin, hydrate it, and restore its youthful radiance.
  • Devices: Chin applicators adhere to your chin and equate collagen, caffeine, and vitamins to rejuvenate the skin. The belts and straps for your face assist in tightening your submental skin, while the mouthpieces stimulate your jaw muscles to grow and burn fat.

2. Medical Surgery

When a double chin has advanced to an extreme level, some people may consider invasive procedures. Here is a list of a few procedures available:

  • Mesotherapy: The injection of compounds that dissolve fat in the chin.
  • Liposculpting: Fat is removed by suction or by using laser technology.
  • Coolsculpting: Freezes the fat cells rather than melting them like laser lipolysis.

Exercise to Remove Double Chin

The best way to burn body fat naturally is exercising. The fat in the chin area is no different, you can sweat it away. Following are a few exercises you can do anywhere to lose chin fat.

1. Around the World (warm-up)

Warming up the muscles before an exercise session is essential to prevent injury.

  • Gently turn the head clockwise, circularly, down, then back up.
  • Rotate a few times, then reverse the direction.
  • Slowly extend your jaw and rotate in a circular motion, holding the position for 1-2 seconds in each direction.

2. The Ball Squeeze

  • Sit upright with a relaxed back and shoulders.
  • Take the ball and place it under the chin.
  • Push down firmly with the chin against the ball.
  • Repeat between 10 and 30 times per sitting.

3. Tongue Exercise

  • Take a deep breath, roll the tongue, and extend it as far out as possible.
  • Continue to extend your tongue upwards, towards your nose.
  • Try to hold this position for 15-30 seconds.
  • Take a moment to breathe and repeat.

4. Straight Jaw Jut

  • Look upwards with your head tilted back.
  • Feel a stretch under the chin by pushing forward your lower jaw.
  • Count to 10 while holding the jaw jut.
  • Place your head back in a neutral position and relax your jaw.

5. Do OO-EE

  • Simply exaggerate your facial movements while saying OO-EE.
  • Feel the movements and pressure on your upper lip and nose.

6. Hands on the Forehead

  • Place both your palms over each eyebrow.
  • Raise your eyebrows as if surprised or angry and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Bring your palms down, keep the eyebrows lowered, and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Do this ten times.

7. Smiling Exercise

  • Bring your mouth to a full smile by moving slowly.
  • Adapt each position to your face and smile capabilities for the best results.
  • Stretch your smile as far as possible.
  • Do this ten times.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Overnight?

As much as you wish this were achievable, there is no way you can get rid of a double chin overnight. There are, however, surgical treatments that can help you lose that extra fat in a matter of days. Those methods should always be resorted to only in extreme cases such as genetic disorders, ageing, etc.

How to Reduce Double Chin by Yoga?

With regular practice of yoga asanas, you can achieve a more youthful complexion. In addition, yoga asanas enhance muscle strength and blood circulation. Listed below are some of the asanas you can do to sculpt a perfect jawline.

1. The Lion Pose (Simha Mudra)

  • Stand or sit in a relaxed position.
  • Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick your tongue out.
  • Neck, chin, and jaw muscles should tighten when done correctly.
  • Ten seconds later, relax your tongue.
  • Repeat this procedure ten times.

2. Neck Stretch

  • Looking up, tilt your head back.
  • Press against your palate with your tongue.
  • Release after 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Do this 3 times in each direction.

3. The Pout Pose

  • Looking up, tilt your head back.
  • To stretch the area where your chin meets your neck, pucker your lips in a kissing shape.
  • Keep your head upright and stop puckering.
  • Do this for 30 seconds.

4. The Tongue Lock (Jivha Bandha)

  • Put your tongue on your upper palate to create suction.
  • Hold your tongue in place while opening your mouth slowly and tilting your head upward.
  • Open your mouth and let go of the tongue to break out of the pose.

Summing Up on How to Reduce Double Chin

The best approach to losing fat from your chin is exercise. It would be unrealistic to expect your double chin to disappear overnight unless you undergo surgical treatment. The time required to see results naturally depends on the size of the double chin. You must wear patience like armour and hold your chin up while battling double chin.


Can Double Chins Go Away?

Yes, double chin can go away. Losing weight or doing the jaw exercises mentioned above will likely make your double chin smaller or disappear if your double chin is due to weight gain. However, there are several other options if you wish to reduce or even eliminate your double chin in extremely severe cases.

Can Chewing Gum Reduce Double Chin?

Yes, you can lose excess face fat by chewing gum, repeating motions and maintaining a slimmer face with chewing gum.

Why Am I Skinny but Have a Double Chin?

A thin person who has a double chin is genetically predisposed to it.

Do Chin Exercises Work?

Yes, chin exercises can help you get rid of the double chin, even though little scientific research has been conducted on them. It is also important to exercise your facial muscles because they increase blood circulation and counteract wrinkles.



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