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Calories in Chana, Nutrition & Health Facts - Bodywise

Chana is one of the most loved traditional Indian dishes. Click here to learn about the number of calories in chana and its health benefits.

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Calories in Chana, Nutrition & Health Facts - Bodywise

Black chana or kala chana is found in the majority of Indian households and is loved for its taste in various dishes. However, many people have no clue about black chana nutrition and how much it contributes to our daily calorie intake and affects our health. Let’s find out.

How Many Calories Are There in One Serving of Channa?

There are a total of 195 calories in chana in a single serving (weighing 135 g). Of these calories, 10% is provided by protein, 39% by carbohydrates, and 51% by fat. Overall, the calories in chana in a single serving amount to 14% of the daily calories required by an adult in a 2000 kcal diet.

Boiled Chana Calories

Many people like to consume chana in soaked/boiled or roasted form. When talking about soaked or boiled chana calories, 100 g of it provides 141 kcal, of which 24 g is carbs, 1 g is fat, and 9 g is protein.

Roasted Chana Calories

And 50 g of roasted chana calories amount to  175 kcal, of which 30 g is carbs, 2.5 g is fat, and 10 g is protein.

Chana Nutrition

Total Fat 

Saturated Fat

Polyunsaturated Fat 

Monounsaturated Fat 

12.6 g 

1.7 g 

1.9 g 

8.1 g 


184.5 mg 


291 mg 

Total Carbohydrates 

Dietary Fibre


22.5 g 

5.9 g

5.3 g


5.9 g 

Vitamin A

12.2% of the daily requirement

Vitamin C

39% of the daily requirement


4.4% of the daily requirement


9.6% of the daily requirement

Total Calories in Chana (150 g) 

195 kcal

How Long Would It Take to Burn Off 195 Kcal?

We can easily burn 195 kcal by performing activities such as walking, cycling, running, etc. Following is the amount of time it would take for a 60 kg person to burn 195 kcal:

  • Walking (4 km/h): 58 minutes
  • Running (9.6 km/h): 21 minutes
  • Cycling (16 km/h): 30 minutes

Hence, it would take almost 1 hour 50 minutes to burn off 195 kcal.

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Is Chana Good for Health?

Our body requires an adequate amount of fats, carbs, and protein to keep us fit, especially when we exercise. Many people often raise the question: is chana good for health? Well, chana is considered one of the healthiest foods due to its high nutrition content. It is even better for pregnant and lactating women.

Chana can be consumed in any form, sabzi, salad, snack, sprouts, etc. However, the best way to have it and get the most out of black chana nutrition and health benefits is by soaking it in water for 7-8 hours or 4-5 hours in boiled water or by lightly roasting it.

Chana, especially soaked black chana, is beneficial for our health in various ways, as described below:

1. Promotes Good Digestion

Chana is known to promote good digestion due to the presence of high fibre in it. Fibre is responsible for efficient digestion and smooth excretion of stool from the digestive tract. Therefore, it can aid us if we have an upset stomach or are dealing with constipation.

2. Improves Haemoglobin Levels

Chana is extremely good for people with anaemia as it has a high content of iron, which helps improve haemoglobin levels.

3. Provides Energy

Chana is an excellent source of carbs responsible for providing energy to the body. Therefore, consuming chana can keep us energized throughout the day.

4. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Being highly rich in complex carbs and protein, chana is known to control blood sugar levels as the digestion process becomes slow.

5. Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases

Chana has various antioxidants, phytonutrients, and minerals. It helps keep away various chronic conditions such as cancer, heart diseases, etc.

6. Makes Hair Stronger

Chana is known to make our hair stronger and luscious due to the presence of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. It also helps in slowing down the greying of hair.

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Is Chana Good for Weight Loss

The answer is yes, and we’ll tell you how.

Boiled chana is considered to be one of the most fibre-rich foods. Fibre, being a non-digestive carb, makes our body absorb all nutrients more efficiently and for a longer time until excreted. This leads to us not craving anything to eat for a longer time and ultimately helps us control our weight.

Another way chana is good for weight loss is by being highly rich in protein. People who work out know that protein is the most required nutrient after an exercise session. Boiled chana is perfect to meet that requirement and enable the fat/weight loss journey through exercise.

Is Chana Good for Diabetes?

People with diabetes have a hard time planning their diet because almost everything they eat affects their blood sugar levels in one way or the other. But is chana good for diabetes?

Well, chana is highly rich in protein and complex carbs (including fibre). It also has a low glycemic index or GI (a measure of the impact of foods on blood sugar levels). All these factors contribute to regulated or controlled blood sugar levels, making it extremely good for people with diabetes.

Therefore, chana is a must-add to the diets of people with diabetes. It is best to consume half a cup of boiled chana every morning.

Summing Up on Calories in Chana

Chana is a highly nutritious food that helps relieve various health issues and gain benefits. There are numerous ways in which you can add chana to your diet and gain its health benefits. You can consume it with many veggies, have it as your tea-time snack, or cook it traditionally.

However, too much of anything can be harmful. Therefore, you must only take channa as per the requirement of your body. In case of any existing medical condition, you should always consult a medical professional before making any changes to your diet.



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