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Aloe Vera Hair Mask: Benefits, DIY Recipes, and How to Use It!

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Aloe Vera Hair Mask: Benefits, DIY Recipes, and How to Use It!

You must have heard of Aloe Vera. It is a buzzword in the beauty industry because of its varied benefits. Apart from that, many people commonly use it as part of their interior designs as well. However, it is known for its healing and enriching properties for the skin and hair.

According to Ayurveda, an aloe vera hair mask can hydrate and strengthen your scalp and hair. It properly nourishes your hair and helps you manage varied scalp and hair problems. The best part is that it is well suited for all hair types.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Only a few research studies have been carried out on the benefits of aloe vera for hair. However, those studies do conclude that aloe vera is highly beneficial for hair for the following reasons:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help tackle scalp irritation.
  • Aloe vera contains enzymes and fatty acids, which help in reducing inflammation.
  • It has a moisturizing effect on dry and dull hair.
  • Aloe vera also comes with vitamins C, E, and B-12, Folic Acid, and Choline content that help in nourishing and strengthening hair.
  • It is known as a natural hair cleanser as it helps remove dead skin cells, excess dirt, sebum, and product build-up from your hair and scalp.
  • Aloe vera helps in fighting dandruff by keeping the scalp clean.
  • It also acts as a deep conditioning agent to soften dry and frizzy hair.
  • Aloe vera hair mask has a lot of antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, which eliminate microbial infections from your hair.
  • It also curbs hair fall by strengthening the roots.
  • Aloe vera also has properties to stimulate healthy hair growth.
  • Aloe vera hair mask restores the pH balance of your scalp.
  • Aloe vera hair mask for frizzy hair imparts shine to your manes.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

You can make a lot of variations with an aloe vera hair mask. Some DIY options are aloe vera and coconut hair masks and egg and aloe vera hair masks.

1. Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

  • This recipe is best for people with an itchy and flaky scalp, as aloe vera and apple cider vinegar can help control dandruff.

Mix 4 tbsp of aloe vera gel, 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of honey (to make this aloe vera hair mask for frizzy hair) together.

Apply the mask properly on your scalp and hair. Keep the mask for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Use this mask every week for optimum results.

2. Aloe Vera and Yogurt Hair Mask

If you are wondering how to make a hair mask with aloe vera, then read on. This mask will help you to restore the lost shine of your hair.

Mix 3 tbsp of aloe vera gel with 2 tsp of yogurt and 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply the paste to your scalp and hair. Massage the mixture for 10 minutes and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Rinse it with water and shampoo. Try to apply this aloe vera hair mask thrice a month to restore your hair shine.

3. Aloe Vera Hair Mask Dandruff

It is a special dandruff hair mask. So, if you feel that your dandruff is uncontrollable, you must definitely try this one.

Mix ½ cup aloe vera gel with 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture directly to the scalp and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water, and apply it once a week for the best results.

Lemon is known as the best cure for dandruff. However, it is acidic and can cause inflammation and irritate the scalp. So, mixing lemon juice with aloe vera gel can balance its acidic nature. Therefore, this is an excellent aloe vera hair mask dandruff issues can get eliminated with.

4. Egg and Aloe Vera Hair Mask

You can use this hair mask to substitute for your regular conditioner as it nourishes and promotes hair growth.

Mix 1 cup of aloe vera with 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 egg to make a smooth and fine paste. Apply the mixture on your scalp, and wear a shower cap. Leave it for 20-25 minutes and wash it under cool water.

Egg yolk contains fats and proteins, which helps in conditioning the hair. Adding olive oil and aloe vera gel adds to the properties of the egg and makes this mixture a beneficial hair potion. This aloe vera hair mask consists of all the nutrients needed for optimum hair growth.

5. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This hair mask is perfect for people with dry and frizzy hair. It will restore the necessary moisture to your hair.

Mix 2 tsp of fresh aloe vera gel with 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of coconut oil. Massage and apply on the scalp and hair. Let it rest for 30 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo.

This aloe vera hair mask for frizzy hair will deep condition dry and brittle hair. It will also give the necessary bounce and shine to your hair.

6. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Hair Mask

This hair mask is suited for healthy hair. You can apply this to maintain the shine and luster of your hair.

For this aloe vera hair mask, take 3 Vitamin E capsules and cut them to squeeze out the liquid. Add 3 spoons of aloe vera gel to the liquid. Further, add a few drops of almond oil and mix well. Apply this aloe vera hair mask on the strands. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash with shampoo.

It is a simple DIY hair mask that can provide the hair with moisture and nourishment. People with dry and normal hair can use this mask once a week.

7. Aloe Vera and Fenugreek Hair Mask

You can use this DIY aloe vera hair mask for hair growth. It is very simple and quick to make and use.

All you need to do is soak 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds overnight in water. In the morning, blend the softened seeds into a paste. Once the paste is ready, mix it with 3 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture and keep it on your hair for 30 minutes. Rinse with shampoo and let your hair air dry.

This hair mask is fantastic as it prevents hair fall and also promotes hair growth.

Are There Any Risks of Using the Aloe Vera Hair Mask?

There are no risks in applying aloe vera gel on your scalp or hair. However, some people are allergic to the plant. You can be allergic to aloe vera if you are allergic to onions and garlic.

However, the gel is relatively mild and has no reactions on the skin. But, if you have never used aloe vera on your skin or hair, it is wise to do a small patch test. You can conduct the patch test by applying the gel to your elbow or wrist.

Observe the gel on your skin; if you do not experience any itching, redness or swelling in a few hours, then you can safely use the aloe vera hair mask.

However, if you are using steroid creams like hydrocortisone, you must check with your healthcare provider before using aloe vera gel, as it can make your skin more absorbent to such creams.

Other Ways to Use Aloe Vera in Your Hair

There was a 1999 study that confirmed the effectiveness of aloe vera hair masks for dandruff. Apart from that, there are no studies that prove the benefits of aloe vera gel for hair. However, anecdotal evidence shows that aloe vera gel is beneficial for:

  • Promoting hair growth
  • Locking in moisture
  • Conditioning and strengthening hair
  • Smoothing out natural curls
  • Detangling hair
  • Reducing frizziness

Apart from aloe vera hair masks, you can also use the following forms of aloe vera for your hair health:

1. Aloe Vera Oil

You can start by blending the aloe vera gel to avoid lumps in it. After that, you can add coconut oil to the gel and pour that mixture into a saucepan. Then, heat the mixture until the bubbles subside, and the residue turns dark.

Let the oil cool down and strain it in an easy-to-use bottle. Apply the oil and keep it for 3-4 hours before rinsing with shampoo. You can leave it overnight for better results.

2. Aloe Vera Spray

This one is very easy to make as you just need ½ cup of fresh aloe vera gel with ¼ cup of fresh ginger juice. Mix both of them in a blender so that the ingredients are properly combined.

Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on your entire scalp. Then, massage it in for 20 minutes. Keep it overnight and wash your hair in the morning.

Summing Up on Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Aloe Vera gel offers plenty of power-packed benefits. Thus, you must incorporate it into your beauty regime if you haven’t already. An aloe vera hair mask is fairly simple to make, and you don’t necessarily need fresh aloe vera. You can use store-bought aloe vera gel to get optimum results with a hair mask.


1) Is It Good to Put Aloe Vera on Your Hair?

Aloe vera hair mask has a lot of benefits for hair. It calms an itchy scalp, deep cleanses oily hair, repairs hair strands, and promotes growth. Thus, it is very beneficial to try aloe vera gel on your hair. You can combine it with other ingredients like eggs and coconut oil for enhanced results.

2) Is It Okay to Leave Aloe Vera in Your Hair Overnight?

It is entirely safe and okay to leave aloe vera gel in your hair overnight. In fact, it will deeply nourish and condition your hair to make it soft and healthy. You can do it once or twice a week as aloe vera has cooling properties, and using it daily might trigger a cold.

3) Does Aloe Vera Make Hair Thicker?

An aloe vera hair mask is one of the best things to apply to your hair for growth stimulation. It also acts as a thickening agent. You can make an egg and aloe vera hair mask for this purpose.


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