Treating damage caused by hard water

Water Softening & Hair Fall Kit

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Hard Water damaging your hair and causing hair fall? Solve it with our Water Softening & Hair Fall Kit

Reason for dry and weak hair: Hard water and an unhealthy diet lead to dry and weak hair prone to damage. The products in this kit help by purifying water and nourishing your hair from within.

How does Chelate Water Softener help: Our bathing water has a high magnesium and calcium content, leading to an added build-up on the scalp, blocking nutrition from the outside. Adding this softener to the water cancels out excess magnesium and calcium, preventing scalp buildup and hair fall. Regular use removes scalp buildup, improves hair texture, and stops hair fall.

How do Hair Gummies help: Healthy hair requires optimum nutrition from the within. Each gummy is packed with Biotin, which promotes hair growth, Zinc which boosts follicle health and Multivitamins, which helps maintain hair health. When you're healthy from within, your hair will look healthy from the outside.

100% Safe: This kit is recommended for everyone supplied with hard water in their area. The gummies are 100% vegan in nature, free of gelatin, artificial flavours, colours and gluten.

Use the softener during the shower and take gummies after a meal for the best results.
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Doctor's Note

Dr. Shobita Anand

Dr. Shobita Anand

Hard water is known to damage hair health by making it frizzy and dull and increasing hair fall. Many don't know that hard water causes scalp buildup, which causes more damage to the scalp. Adding this softener to your bathing water would help clear this buildup and maintain hair health. It will also improve the efficacy of the products. Hair Gummies in this kit help nourish your hair from within.

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Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase follicle growth rate. Additionally, eating enough key hair growth vitamins can help prevent hair loss in women. When used with the water softener, it removes scalp build up and improves efficacy of other hair products.

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Hair Growth Pack

Improves hair growth, provides the right hair nutrition to strengthen hair stems & follicles

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Key Ingredients

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Chelating Agents
Binds with ions present in water to weaken their strength and thus soften water
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Biotin is a crucial vitamin that has been known to help in hair growth
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Zinc & Multivitamins
Critical for hair tissue growth and repair

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