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Top Pregnancy Yoga Classes Near Me: Yoga for Pregnant Women

Are you looking for pregnancy yoga classes near you? Check this article now for a city-wise detail on the best yoga classes and their contact details.

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Top Pregnancy Yoga Classes Near Me: Yoga for Pregnant Women

Do you practice prenatal yoga? Do you think you need the best yoga pregnancy classes to discipline your routine?

When you perform yoga moves under experts' guidance, you can be protected from any foreseen injury or pains. So, if you are interested in finding the best pregnancy yoga classes near you, check this article, contact the expert and have a word straight away. After all, this is a question about you and your baby's health, so why not?

Yoga Classes in Mumbai

Happie Bumps

Happie Bumps is one of the most well-known yoga classes for pregnancy. It pays personal attention to flexible and comprehensive programs for expecting mothers.


Awww is India's first yoga class for pregnancy that caters to pregnant women's requirements before and after birth. Here, you can find certified professionals involved in improving your lifestyle during the first, second, and third trimesters.

Birth N Beyond

Birth N Beyond has a multifaceted approach for pregnancy yoga classes, where it encourages stretching, mental conditioning, and focused breathing.

Yoga Classes in Ahmedabad

Nidhi's Yoga Hub

This is an emerging yoga pregnancy class that offers tailor-made exercises, from stretching, performing squats to improving a pregnant woman's mental and physical well-being.

Divine Mother - Pregnancy Yoga and Garbhsanskar Clinic

Expert yoga masters design this yoga class to serve pregnant women with different exercises classified trimester-wise for optimum results.

Rita's Pregnancy Class

This is one of the leading prenatal yoga classes that offer prenatal yoga programs for internal healing and inner transformation.

Yoga Classes in Bangalore

Srimoyi Yoga

This prenatal yoga class offers specially designed yoga classes for women between the fourteenth and twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.

August Yoga

Are you searching for prenatal yoga classes near you? Well, August Yoga provides gentle exercises for women which stretch the body to prepare for labor pain.

Art of Living

The art of living, founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, helps pregnant women strengthen their legs, enhance blood circulation, and focus on breathing and meditation.

Website: https://www.artofliving.org/in-en

Yoga Classes in Hyderabad

Swapna Health Care

It provides customized prenatal yoga classes to increase normal delivery chances and stabilize hormonal variations and reduce back pain.

Healthy Mother Wellness & Care

It offers prenatal yoga courses for expecting mothers' physical and mental well-being, explicitly designed to strengthen the pelvic area.

Omkaar Yoga Studio

These yoga classes practice exercises to avoid weight gain post-pregnancy and normalize thyroid functions.

Yoga Classes in Pune

Mammas Care

Mammas Care concentrates on getting you back to shape with the right stretching exercises and tightening the core within three months of childbirth.

Param Yoga

Param Yoga offers physical and virtual classes to practice yoga during any trimesters.

Yoga Classes in Chennai

The Tejas Pregnancy Care

Tejas Pregnancy Care focuses on yoga exercises that can be done before, after, and during pregnancy stages with customized solutions.

Leaf Yoga Village

Their prenatal exercises strive towards improving sleep, reducing anxiety, depression, and lower back pain of pregnant women through one-to-one yoga classes.

Yoga Classes in New Delhi

Zaazen Wellness

It offers pre and postnatal pregnancy massage, prenatal belly dancing, fitness and strengthening, and prenatal yoga.

The Yoga Guru

The Yoga Guru teaches pregnancy yoga scientifically, which works on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Yoga Classes in Udaipur

Kalp Naturo

Kalp Naturo has yoga classes for all three trimesters and focuses on labour pain. It is specialized in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Pranav Yoga Ayurveda Healthcare

It helps pregnant women with breathing exercises, pranayama, meditation, and yoga Nidra.

Prenatal exercise classes are growing in popularity these days all across India to battle against back pain, fatigue, morning sickness, breathlessness, and other troubles.

From the above options, select the best yoga classes near you and improve your health at all trimesters.

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