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Sunken Eyes: Causes, Pictures, and How to Get Rid of Them

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Sunken Eyes: Causes, Pictures, and How to Get Rid of Them

Sunken Eyes (Hollow Eyes) Meaning

If you are wondering about sunken eyes meaning, it is the appearance of the skin under the eyes as dark or hollow. Fat loss can also make the under-eye area thin, contributing to sunken eyes.

Sunken Eyes Causes

It is essential to understand sunken eye causes. The causes provide insight on how to cure sunken eyes. Some of the common contributing factors are:

  • Nutrition and fatigue: A diet lacking nutrition and fatigue are known sunken eye causes. A routine without breaks and rest can also lead to hollows under eyes.
  • Ageing: As a person ages, there are changes in skin-supporting structures and fat reduction. As a result, the skin begins to sag, leading to sunken eyes.
  • Genetics: Eye structure and hollows under eyes have a genetic correlation.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration causes the skin to lose moisture. It is one cause for hollows under the eyes.
  • UV rays: Melanin production increases with exposure to sun rays. Elevated levels of melanin contribute to skin darkening.
  • Medical conditions: Allergic disorders like allergic rhinitis and hay fever cause sunken eyes. Due to congestion and repeated eye rubbing, the skin darkens.
  • Weight loss: When there is excess weight loss, facial fat is lost too. With reduced facial fat, the blood vessels become exposed. Fat loss and dehydration are less-known hollow eyes causes.
  • Sleep deprivation: Irregular sleep cycles can take a toll on facial appearance. Gradually, dark circles and sunken eyes become prominent.

Symptoms of Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes present with the following symptoms or changes around the eyes:

  • Hollows under eyes
  • Dark black circles around eyes
  • Thin skin below eyes
  • Wrinkles and crow's feet
  • Shadow over the lower eyelids
  • Fatigued appearance on the face
  • Visible blood vessels below the eyes

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How to Get Rid of Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes treatment depends upon the underlying cause. Hollows under the eyes disappear over time if the underlying causative factors are treated. You can try the following:

  • Using sun protection: Armour your skin with gentle sunscreen. Use sunglasses and hats to prevent sunken eyes.
  • Under-eye cream-gel: A gel with good ingredients helps in reducing the hollow of the eyes. An eye gel enhances collagen production and hydrates skin.
  • Proper skin care routine: Use a moisturiser and sunscreen before applying make-up.

Natural Treatments of Sunken Eyes

For those worried about how to get rid of sunken eyes, here are some natural treatments:

  • Drink more water: To get rid of sunken eyes, one must make sure to stay hydrated. Elevated moisture content aids in the reduction of hollows around the eyes.
  • Get sufficient sleep: Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Sunken eyes will reduce with a regular sleep routine.
  • Use a pillow below the head: A slight elevation prevents blood from pooling around the eyes. Increased blood circulation helps in the reduction of sunken eyes.
  • Cultivate healthy food habits: Switch to some good food habits to get rid of sunken eyes. You can also try giving up smoking and avoid beverages that contain caffeine.

Sunken Eyes Home Remedies

Sunken eyes home remedies are a good option for those looking for natural remedies instead of cosmetic treatments:

  • Raw potato: Starch, vitamin C and antioxidants in potatoes help in fighting sunken eyes.
  • Teabags: Antioxidants and flavonoids are abundant in tea. These components improve blood circulation and reduce sunken eyes.
  • Cucumber: Placing cucumber slices over sunken eyes increases hydration around the eyes. A clear difference is visible with sunken eyes before and after using cucumber.
  • Almond oil: Almond oil contains vitamin E. This ingredient enhances the natural complexion and brightens the skin.

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Exercise for Sunken Eyes

With face exercise, the muscles around your eyes can be toned and lifted. You can try the following different kinds of exercise for sunken eyes:

  1. Eye squeeze: The entire eye area gets toned with this exercise. Place your fingertips at the corners of the eyes and then squeeze them while they are closed tightly.
  2. Lid lift: This enhances the firmness beneath the lower eyelids. The lid lift exercise for sunken eyes is easy to practice and effective. Gently pull the lower eyelid with three fingers.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sunken Eyes

Ayurvedic treatment for sunken eyes is simple but effective and includes the following:

  • Gulab jal/rose water: Rosewater is a decades-old ayurvedic treatment for sunken eyes. Rosewater reduces dark spots and gives an even skin tone.
  • Kesar/saffron treatment: The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of saffron make it an excellent sunken eyes remedy.

Medical Treatment

Major and minor surgical procedures can help get rid of sunken eyes or dark circles. Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid help with uplifting facial structures. You can see visible results in treating sunken eyes before and after dermal fillers.

Sunken eyes can also be corrected with brow lift and facelift surgeries. Those seeking a long-term solution for dark circles and sunken eyes can opt for surgical procedures.

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