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Pimple Under Armpit: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

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Pimple Under Armpit: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Armpits contain many sweat glands and are relatively thin. Your armpits contain several hair follicles, as well. Having many sweat glands and hair follicles, it is not surprising that pimples often appear in the armpit. Pimples under the armpit are often painful as well. When spots appear, it is common to experience sensitivity, itching, and skin irritation.

It's always annoying to have pimples and acne, but getting acne under armpits can be particularly unpleasant. Clothes and skin in the armpits rub together, making breakouts more painful. Pimples under armpits could be acne or random ingrown hair, or it could be a severe skin condition. This article will explore the causes, treatment, prevention, and more details about underarm pimples.

What Is an Armpit Pimple?

A pimple is caused by bacteria that have built up on the skin. As a result of the buildup, your pores become clogged, and you get a bump. Pimples are more likely to appear under the arms than anywhere else on your body. There is a small hollow at the base of the upper arm due to the chest wall, shoulder bones, and muscles. In addition to being one of the warmest parts of the body, the armpit is located on the underside of the shoulder joint. Armpits are also called axillae.

Armpit pimples are usually harmless but can still cause pain and frustration even though they are typically benign. When a pimple appears, you may feel tender, itchy, and irritated. Pimples that don't hurt and heal by themselves may not require medical attention, but painful ones must be treated.

Several products and creams can help you get rid of them over-the-counter. These products, however, can cause skin rashes and are especially harmful to people whose skin is sensitive. It is therefore not always recommended to use these products.

Armpit Pimple Causes

Here are some causes that why do you get pimples in your armpits broken down by category:

1. Ingrown Hair

They are not a pleasant experience, but they are a necessary part of life. When you're shaving in all directions and not shaving properly, ingrown hairs can develop, which can cause armpit pimples. People with ingrown hairs may get boils under their arms due to improper shaving.

2. Folliculitis

It appears as a red, pus-filled bump caused by bacteria in the skin and causes an infection in the hair follicle. Fortunately, if it's a mild case, it usually heals on its own; however, a dermatologist may need to intervene if it's severe.

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3. Contact Dermatitis

Suppose you apply deodorant, wash your clothes with detergent, and wear them, and your armpits suddenly break out in pimples. The skin is allergic to a substance or ingredient that it comes into contact with, called allergic contact dermatitis. When picking products to apply to your body, you absolutely must do your research if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

4. Friction

You can get pimples in your armpits if you wear a T-shirt that's too tight. Friction between skin and cloth is quite common under the armpits. You can get armpit pimples if you rub your armpit too often. It can also cause injuries, irritation, and even infection. Perfumes and deodorants can also cause friction; if the underarms aren't adequately cleaned or directly sprayed, they can irritate and cause boils. Another factor is poor hygiene since a lack of proper hygiene can lead to underarm pimples and irritation.

6. Razor Burns

Since we stopped waxing our armpits, we've started shaving them instead. The thing is, shaving repeatedly can cause friction, a rash, and a lot of pimples in the armpit area. If you use a dull razor or old, bacteria can enter small skin breaks through the blades. If you have been using the same razor for months, switch it out immediately!

7. Sweating

Pimples can appear under your armpits if you sweat excessively. The sweat glands might get blocked if someone sweats excessively in their underarms. This can lead to boils.

Having a weak immune system, having a low blood sugar level, gaining weight quickly, and causing the armpit to swell and exposure to bacteria are also causes of pimples under the armpit. However, there is undoubtedly a way to prevent it.

Is Pimple under Armpit Causing you trouble? Book a FREE online consultation with our dermatologist and get a personalized regime to help you treat it.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Under Armpit

It is elementary to prevent armpit pimples by exfoliating your armpits thoroughly, whether you use a scrub or a body wash. You can also use some of the following to how to get rid of a pimple under the armpit:

  • A natural deodorant is also an option. In addition to causing skin irritation under the armpits and contributing to clogged pores, some deodorants can further irritate the skin. Reduce the chance of developing underarm pimples by using fragrance-free and hypoallergenic deodorants. Deodorants without aluminium are also an option.

  • You can remove your hair with lasers. You can try a few alternative methods to remove underarm hair if you develop pimples due to shaving.

  • You should treat the area with hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone cream can be applied directly to pimples under the armpits. Until the irritation subsides, you should continue using this cream. Underarm pimples can be treated with this cream to relieve itching and redness.

  • Underarm pimples can be treated with honey and turmeric. Honey is naturally antibacterial, while turmeric is anti-inflammatory. Honey and turmeric work together to moisten the skin. Add two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of turmeric to the mixture for best results. Massage into pimples for 15 minutes and then rinse off. Rinse the skin well afterwards with warm water. If desired, repeat the treatment twice a week.

  • Inflammation and irritation can follow the development of underarm pimples. You should apply a gel of aloe vera. Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area to soothe the skin and treat acne.

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Tips to Prevent Armpit Pimples

Maintain regular armpit hygiene. A buildup of oil and bacteria can result in underarm pimples. To prevent underarm pimples from developing, you should regularly take care of your armpits. If you wear a lot of sweaters, you may want to wash them more than once a day.

  • Always wear clothes that breathe. Moreover, tight clothing can promote the development of underarm pimples by trapping moisture, resulting in bacteria flourishing. You should wear loose cotton clothing if you have underarm pimples. By keeping your underarms dry throughout the day, you'll be keeping them free of moisture.

  • Before shaving, soak your underarm in lukewarm water and add salt. Shaving can be made more comfortable by applying salt and water solutions to your underarm before shaving. As a result, razor burn and underarm pimples are less likely to occur.

  • Apply shaving cream liberally before. Also, it is imperative to apply only a thick layer of shaving cream to avoid skin irritation while shaving. If your underarms are dry, do not shave. In addition to irritation, redness, and possible bumps under the arm, this may lead to pimples under armpit after shaving.

  • Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid razor burn and underarm pimples. Armpits can be tricky because the hairs don't all grow in the same order, and they are hard to see. To make shaving easier, try a T-shape.

  • Razor blades should be changed frequently. Shaving under your arms should always be done with a clean and sharp razor. The skin will be damaged because you will be pressing harder with a dull razor.

  • A fresh razor or blade should be changed every two weeks.

  • You should use a new disposable razor each time you shave your pits if you are prone to underarm pimples.
Is Pimple under Armpit Causing you trouble? Book a FREE online consultation with our dermatologist and get a personalized regime to help you treat it.

Is It Okay to Pop Armpit Pimples?

Popping armpit pimples is a terrible idea. The bacteria will likely spread even further into your skin if you pop a pimple and squish the pus out. You will also suffer pain and inflammation as a result. It is also possible to develop permanent scarring.

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Summing Up on Pimple Under Armpit

There is no reason to be embarrassed about armpit pimples, but they may indicate a more severe problem. These conditions resolve independently in many cases, but more severe cases need medical attention.

Seek medical assistance immediately if you notice bleeding, drainage, or other irregular symptoms. Infection and other complications can be prevented with prescribed medical attention, but self-care can be helpful in some cases.


1) How Do I Get Rid of a Painful Lump in My Armpit?

It is usually unnecessary to treat armpit lumps, and they just need to be observed. You can use over-the-counter pain relievers and warm compresses if prescribed by your doctor for pain relief. Lipomas are among the lumps that do not require treatment.

2) Can Deodorant Cause Armpit Boil?

The armpits can also be affected by cysts or abscesses under the skin. Antiperspirants (not deodorants) and shaving may be the cause. Teenagers just starting to shave are most likely to experience this problem.\

3) How Long Does the Armpit Lump Last?

Many armpit lumps will disappear with time, as long as they are caused by something. As the infection or body illness resolves, pimples caused by diseases or blocked pores will disappear in most cases of skin infections. This takes a week or more.

4) Are Armpit Lumps Common?

Yes, Armpit lumps are very common. A swollen gland or lymph node located under the armpit is usually the cause of armpit lumps. However, some armpit lumps may need to be treated due to other reasons. Fortunately, lumps under the arm can be treated in various ways, depending on their cause.


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