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Drink These 15 Fruits & Vegetables Juices for Glowing Skin

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Drink These 15 Fruits & Vegetables Juices for Glowing Skin

Do you want to get glowing skin? Do you want to have clear and smooth skin? If yes, then make healthy foods your best friend! Primarily, fruits and vegetable juices can be game-changers for your skin; they are rich in nutrients, clean foods and help with internal cleansing, which is crucial for achieving good skin. Also, note that it is essential to avoid greasy, oily, sugary foods as they lead to more breakouts and acne and damage the skin, making it look tired and lifeless.

Juices for Glowing Skin

Now, here’s a list fifteen best fruits and vegetables(and miracle juices) for glowing skin:

(PS: wait for a special surprise juice at the end of this list!)

1) Carrot juice and beetroot juice:-

This combination is a match made in heaven; these vegetables complement each other effectively. Beetroot juice contains plenty of manganese, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, iron, etc. It purifies blood which in turn leads to flawless skin. Moreover, carrot juice is packed with vitamin A, which reduces acne, pigmentation and even wrinkles. It is recommended to consume these juices in the morning for the best results. Furthermore, beetroot has anti-inflammatory effects, and carrot has antioxidants that are essential for good skin. Also, these juices contain fibre which helps with digestion too!

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2) Cucumber juice:-

Cucumber helps with immense moisturisation and reduces puffiness. Cucumber has caffeic and ascorbic acid, which withholds water, therefore, leading to less swollen skin. Cucumber maintains necessary hydration levels and is rich in vitamin B, K, B-6, calcium and magnesium, etc., resulting in glowing and fair skin. Best time to drink this elixir: early morning.

3) Refreshing tomato juice:-

Tomatoes keep your skin looking youthful and plump. It contains high amounts of Lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. Tomato juice may reduce tan, minimise large pores and sebum (for oily skin type folks), works on fine lines, wrinkles, and treats pigmentation and acne. One glass a day is a sufficient amount for glowing skin!

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4) Orange juice:-

It contains Vitamin C, which eliminates toxins from the body. Orange juice prevents you from facing any skin problems while giving you a smooth texture and amps your complexion. It’s a hydrating juice. Thus, there is less dryness and more glow. Additionally, it contains citric acid, which delays skin’s ageing. What more could you ask for, right?

5) Lemon juice:-

Many people widely consume lemon juice for its hydrating properties and refreshing taste. However, did you know it helps with cleansing and detoxification as well? Rich in Vitamin C, lemon juice produces more collagen in the skin. Collagen is needed to maintain bright and youthful skin. It also helps treat dark spots, wrinkles, acne dull skin and is one of the best elixirs for glowing skin! Ginger lemon juice works wonders too, simply mix ginger in your regular lemon juice and see the difference yourself. Ginger contains niacin, and potassium contributes towards glowing skin.

6) Apple juice:-

An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away! Apple improves your skin’s elasticity, prevents premature ageing of the skin, reduces wrinkles, and makes the skin firm. It has essential antioxidants and vitamin C, which enhances the texture and glow of your skin. Moreover, it helps clean the skin and repairs any tissue damage.

7) Mosambi juice:-

Mosambi or sweet lime juice is well-liked and effective in hydrating your skin. Also, it detoxifies your body and blood. It minimises blemishes, dark spots and acne. Additionally, it has antibacterial properties which keep skin infections at bay.

8) Pomegranate juice:-

Pomegranate purifies and cleans your blood and has anti-ageing effects. Also, it has vitamin C and K, which renews cells. The omega-three fatty acids and punicic acid can help retain the moisture in your skin, keeping it hydrated. One to two glasses a day in the morning should be good enough.

9) Spinach juice:-

This may not be the most delicious, but it indeed is beneficial. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A, C, K, iron, and manganese, which keep out free radicles. It lightens your skin and its complexion. It is advised to drink spinach juice in between meals. Not more than one glass a day.

10) Papaya Juice:-

Papaya juice gives you baby soft skin and enhances your skin complexion. The enzyme papain eliminates toxins and thus, gets rid of any impurities.

11) Aloe vera juice:-

Aloe vera is magical for your skin when applied to your face. Nevertheless, its juice is excellent for your skin as well. It is packed with minerals and a range of nutrients, including gibberellins and auxin, which help heal your skin.

12) Banana juice:-

Banana juice consists of Vitamin E and C, which heals and repairs the skin and is hydrating. It enhances good sleep, which is strongly linked with good skin!

13) Grape juice:-

Grapes are filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, which cures acne and promotes the production of collagen. It slows down skin ageing and boosts glow! Take this juice in the morning along with meals.

14) Broccoli/ Broccoli juice:-

Broccoli promotes skin whitening as it is rich in Vitamin C. A compound called Lutein, present in Broccoli, is a powerful antioxidant that prevents your skin from dryness, wrinkles and ageing.

15) Baby Corn juice:-

Surprising, isn’t it? Baby corn has Vitamin C and A and antioxidants, which helps your skin deal with oxidative stress, and promotes healthy, fair and glowing skin!

In conclusion, these juices are organic ways to achieve your skin goals. They will work best with an existing skincare routine well suited to your skin type. If you face any allergies or sensitivities, it is essential to consult a doctor or dermatologist about the same. And remember, you are what you eat, so focus on eating clean other than these juices for better results! So, which liquid are you going to make today?


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