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How Much Unripe Papaya Can Cause Abortion?

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How Much Unripe Papaya Can Cause Abortion?

Papaya is often used to prepone periods; papaya is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A and contains high levels of antioxidants that minimise the risk of heart diseases. These antioxidants reduce the oxidation of cholesterol, thus, preventing the formation of blockages in the heart. However, can consumption of papaya lead to abortion? Let’s find out!

Here are some questions and answers about papaya consumption during pregnancy and abortion.

Can Papaya Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy?

Due to its latex content, unripe papaya should be avoided during early pregnancy. Latex may lead to abrupt uterine contractions, as a result, contribute to premature labour. Furthermore, unripe papaya contains papain which your body may perceive as the prostaglandins that may encourage labour. Papain may wear out crucial membranes that support the fetus.

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Is Papaya Bad For Fetuses?

There is no correct answer to this. While ripe papaya can be beneficial for foetuses, unripe must be avoided during pregnancy as it may lead to further complications.

Can I Eat Ripe Papaya While Trying To Conceive?

Yes, it is safe to eat ripe papaya while trying to conceive. Papaya is rich in choline, beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A which are good and healthy for your body. Avoid eating unripe papaya during pregnancy!

Does Papaya Help With Fertility?

No, papaya does not help with fertility. Papaya can reduce sperm count, affect sperm movement and therefore, can lower fertility in men.

Can Papaya Leaf Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy?

Yes and no. According to studies, papaya leaves carry active agents that may be harmful to the uterus. Therefore, they should be consumed carefully. However, no evidence proves that papaya causes miscarriage in early pregnancy. Hence, it is advised to consume papaya leaves in moderation.

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So, How Much Unripe Papaya Can Cause Abortion?

No fixed amount can cause abortion. Unripe papaya may lead to premature labour. However, it may not lead to complete abortion as such. Consuming unripe papaya, raw papaya seeds and milk have lead to missed abortions. Therefore, these foods must be avoided during pregnancy. Consuming papaya in proportion is a safe and healthy way to eat.

Final Verdict On Papaya In Pregnancy

Although, ripe papaya can be an excellent nutritional source during pregnancy. It is crucial to avoid eating unripe papaya as it can be extremely harmful. There are other nourishing foods that you may try during pregnancy to prevent excessive intake of papaya. Lastly, if you plan to get pregnant soon or are currently pregnant, it is best to speak to your doctor or a nutritionist regarding a diet plan.


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