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Amla Juice for Weight Loss | How to Make Amla Juice for Weight Loss

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Amla Juice for Weight Loss | How to Make Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Indian gooseberry or amla has tremendous benefits for skin, hair and health. Amla is a green colour fruit and has a sour and bitter taste and is rich in iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, calcium and fibre. Amla is known for its high treasure for good health. The high content of vitamins in amla keeps the immune system of our body.

One of the best things is that despite being a winter fruit, amla is available all round the year (in dried form, juice, etc other than winter) and you can find it in any local market. While people use it for different purposes, amla juice for weight loss is widely popular.

Amla Juice for Weight Loss

If you want to stay in the best of your health then have amla daily. Due to the high content of vitamin C, it helps to fight against diseases in the body.

Amla can be taken raw, in powder form or in liquid form. The liquid form that is amla juice is very effective in losing weight. Consuming amla juice on a regular basis helps to burn fats. If you are finding any trouble in losing weight, then start drinking amla juice for the best result.

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Amla Juice Benefits for Weight Loss

Other than that, amla also helps with digestion. It accelerates metabolism and is considered the best beverage for maintaining overall health. You can learn about the various benefits of amla here-

1) Helps in Digestion

Amla is highly nutritive and is linked with many benefits for health, skin and hair. It promotes digestion in the body by clearing the digestive system. For weight loss, it is very important for the well functioning of the digestive system and amla juice has the property which help in boosting digestion.

2) Highly Fibre Content

Our body requires fibrous food to keep our bowel health in check. Normalising bowel movement is important to help with better digestion.

3) Accelerating Metabolism

Another benefit of amla juice is it stimulates metabolism in the body. Metabolism means converting food and drink into energy. So, the quicker the metabolism in the body, the quicker you are using your calories.

4) Control Sugar in the Blood

By consuming amla juice on a regular basis helps to prevent diabetes. Amla juice keeps the sugar level in control because it contains an element called chromium which keeps in control the sugar level of the blood.

How to Make Amla Juice for Weight Loss?

It is very easy to make amla juice at home if you have fresh amla available in your kitchen. Here is how you can do that-

  • Take 2-4 Indian gooseberries and keep these in the blender
  • Add 2-3 cups of water
  • Mix them together in the blender until you have a smooth paste.
  • Once it's done, add water to make the thick paste liquid.
  • You can also strain the mixer using the trainer or thin cotton cloth. Remove the pulp and it is now ready to consume. You can add honey to taste better although drinking it without any additionals would be the best.

Try not to add sugar or any artificial flavours as many can’t drink it due to its bitter taste hence honey is recommended which make the amla juice palatable.

You can drink amla juice once daily. For best results, you can have this drink in the morning on an empty stomach and let it work for about half an hour. Eat or drink anything after that. Also, while it is a little hectic to make amla juice every morning, especially in the summertime when the availability of fresh amla is doubtful, you can buy ready-made drinks from the market.


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