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Is Idli Good for Weight Loss? - Here's What a Nutritionist Has to Say!

Despite its ease of preparation, easy digestion and availability, is Idli good for weight loss? Read here to answer all your questions.

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Is Idli Good for Weight Loss? - Here's What a Nutritionist Has to Say!

Is Idli Good For Weight Loss?

When we say breakfast, idli is the go-to choice for many of us, right? But, did you know this popular breakfast choice is also an excellent food for weight loss?

Switch to steamed and comforting idlis instead of fried, oily, and junk food. Idli has a very low-calorie count because of the way it is cooked. However, you should know that rice is a significant ingredient in the classic idli batter before you start munching on this puffy delicacy.

So, if you're trying to consume fewer carbohydrates, you can reduce the amount of rice and increase the amount of urad dal. Vegetables and nutritious seasonings can also be added to the batter.

This south Indian dish, which is soft, puffy, steamed and simple to digest, is a favourite among people interested in health and fitness. This is due to the health benefits it offers and, most importantly, its capacity to aid in weight loss.

A 2013 ‘Indian Breakfast Habits Study’ examined various breakfast options and estimated the nutritional values of these items throughout India. The study, which included 3,600 people and was conducted in four major metropolises—Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai—found that people in Chennai have the best "nutrient profile" of the four sample cities.

How is idli good for weight loss, though?

Idli is light and yet very high in its nutritional value. This fluffy rice delicacy is made with urad dal and rice, making it a power-packed delight. Moreover, since idli doesn't contain lipids, saturated fats, or cholesterol, it is very low on the calorie count.

In fact, it only has 39 calories in each piece, against the recommended 2,000 calories per day. Idli is thus among the healthiest foods for your diet plan.

Also, idli is no less than a miracle food as it has a lot of protein, fibre, and carbs. You would consume 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fibre, and 8 grams of carbohydrates in one idli.

Is Idli a Good Breakfast Option?

Say yes to idli, and read on to know six reasons how it aids in weight loss and is a fantastic breakfast option:

1. Has Very Few Calories

Idlis are often steamed, and they have few calories overall. You can experiment with the ingredients, such as pulses and vegetables as additions. This will help make the batter healthier if you are concerned about the rice content.

2. Easy for Digestion

The fact that south Indian food is simple to digest is one of its best qualities. The key is in the fermentation process, which naturally facilitates digestion in the body. In addition, the body's vitamins and minerals are broken down throughout the process, which also aids with digestion.

3. Keeps You Full and Energised for Longer

Idli's high protein and fibre content keeps you fuller for longer and helps avoid overeating. In the end, this aids in weight management.

4. Full of Fibre

Idli's high fibre content supports weight loss while facilitating easy digestion. Idlis are full of protein and fibre, helping you feel satiated for longer. Additionally, fibre supports healthy digestion, which is essential for weight loss. You can give your regular idli a healthy twist by making oat idlis. Oats are a great source of proteins and high-quality fibre.

5. Regulates the Absorption of Carbohydrates

Health professionals claim that pairing steamed idli with citrus juice, such as that of oranges or grapes, burns fat and inhibits the body from storing carbohydrates.

6. Abundant in Iron

Idli is a dish high in iron as it contains lentils. According to specialists, idli can help people meet their daily iron needs. These are 8 milligrammes for men and 18 milligrammes for women. A few pieces of idli can almost wholly satisfy your daily iron needs. Some varieties of Idli also contain black lentils. Each idli contains about 1 milligramme of iron.

Summing Up

After considering all this, is idli good for weight loss? Idli as a whole is unable to meet all of the body's caloric requirements, which prevents weight loss. Idli, however, can be incorporated into an organised diet plan as an alternative to healthy meals.

The usual white idlis may eventually grow boring and plain for some people. So here are some recipes and variations for idlis that you can try. You can try these exciting variants of idlis to make your breakfast enjoyable as well as nutritious:

  • Rava Idli - Rava idlis are an improvement in nutritional value and taste compared to regular idlis. Semolina, or sooji, used to make rava idli, is high in iron and other necessary minerals, including phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and the B complex. Before steaming, carrots can be added to the batter for a healthy boost.
  • Ragi Idli - Finger millet, often known as ragi, is a fantastic ingredient for weight loss. This whole grain is devoid of gluten and is incredibly high in fibre, which takes some time to digest yet makes you feel satisfied after eating.

Additionally, tryptophan, a unique nutritional amino acid found in ragi, aids in controlling hunger and weight.

Thus, the modest idli can ensure a balanced diet that can help you lose weight.


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