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Gynaecologists Developed formula for Mood Swings, Cramps, Hormonal Imbalance

PMS Gummies

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100% Veg PMS Gummies developed by Gynaecologists

Why does PMS occur?: PMS is a mix of physical and psychological symptoms that occur before and after the start of menstrual periods. It happens due to a severe drop in estrogen and progesterone levels, which cause a hormonal imbalance, causing physical symptoms like acne, bloating and cramping and psychological symptoms like mood swings, stress and anxiety.

How will these gummies help?: Bodywise understood the effects of PMS in daily life and thought of coming up with a 100% vegetarian formula that contains natural ingredients which help manage PMS symptoms.

• Our gummies contain 200mcg of St Johns wart and Vitamin D2 that Boost Serotonin levels to decrease the recurrence of low mood phases during PMS
• L-tryptophan and Valerian root extract in these gummies are known to reduce the emotional disstress and stress during PMS
• Chasteberry extract helps reduce the intensity of period cramps by increasing the level of estrogen and Progesterone

Pop one strawberry-flavoured gummy, post a heavy meal to keep PMS-related pain away!

Although our products are made with utmost care and rigorously tested - none of our bodies are the same! if you wish to understand more about whether this is the best option for you, fill out a quick form and schedule an appointment with one of our expert doctors/nutritionists here!
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