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FOR: Menstrual Pain Relief, PCOS & Irregular Periods

PCOS Support Kit

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100% Herbal & Natural | 5 Strips/Pack | 60 capsules

Helps regularize periods: PCOS Capsules is a potent blend of 18 Ayurvedic blends that treat PCOS symptoms most holistically. Enriched with Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra and Red Chandan, it helps reduce androgen levels, which diminishes and curbs facial hair growth. It also helps manage PCOS induced weight and bloating. For best results, use Bodywise PCOS Tablets for 6 months.

Relieves cramping: Hate your period due to the pain it gives you? Get your hands on Period Pain Relief Patches. These 100% Ayurvedic patches consist of Eucalyptus, Boswellia, Menthol and Evening Primrose Oil. Together,they instantly cool the applied area, reducing inflammation. Bid farewell to pain within 15 minutes for 12 hours! Lightweight, discreet and seamless, no one would even come that you're patched up.
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