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PCOS Superfood: Inositol Supplement

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Be Bodywise PCOS Superfood has inositol, one of the most well researched & proven ingredient for tackling PCOS, along with folic acid and a blend of multivitamins.

▶ Improves insulin resistance
▶ Helps with hormonal imbalance
▶ Regulates period cycle
▶Controls PCOS induced weight around the belly
▶Prevents D3 deficiency
▶Reduces mood swings & anxiety

Managing PCOS symptoms is possible & requires patience and consistency

For best results, use consistently for 6-9 months

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Save Rs 60PCOS Superfood: Inositol Supplement
PCOS Superfood: Inositol Supplement
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For Managing PCOS / PCOD
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For Managing PCOS / PCOD
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For PCOS, Insulin resistance
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• 100% Vegetarian • Sugar Free • Made Safe Certified
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Gluten Free
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Gelatin Free
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Lactose Free
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Sugar Free
Australian Made Safe Certified
Australian Made Safe Certified
Consumer Study
In a consumer study with 82 people who regularly drank Bodywise PCOS Superfood
said with regular consumption of this PCOS drink their skin cleared up
said with regular consumption of this PCOS drink they saw reduced facial hair
said with regular consumption of this PCOS drink they had more regular periods
said with regular consumption of this PCOS food they lost weight
Doctor's Note
Dr. Poonam Mishra

Dr. Poonam Mishra

Studies have shown that Myo-Inositol and D-chiro-inositol are the most potent ingredients that help manage PCOS symptoms like weight gain, bloating, acne, unwanted body hair, irregular periods, etc. It does that by reducing insulin levels in your body. Reduction in insulin leads to better ovary function.

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Dr. Veena Shinde

Dr. Veena Shinde

Multivitamins like vitamin B6 and B12 help balance hormone levels and boost the production of happy hormone - serotonin. Optimum production of serotonin helps in elevating mood swings - another primary symptom of PCOS. Vitamin D supports healthy ovary function increasing the chances of fertility and pregnancy.

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PCOS Superfood
100% Vegetarian, sugar-free orange flavoured PCOS drink made with clinically tested ingredients. Regular consumption holistically helps in reducing PCOS symptoms.

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Key Ingredients
Powerful ingredients backed by science
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Helps regulate insulin production which reduces PCOS symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain & unwanted hair
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Reduces androgen levels. Also boosts seratonin production which helps with mood swings
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Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Folic Acid balance hormone levels and support healthy ovarian function
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How to use
Important Information
Simply the best!
A must-have for your Skin Care Routine
Our Customer Journey
Quite effective!
Month 1: Reduction in bloating
After having it every day post lunch, my stomach felt less bloated. First, my stomach used to fill full of gas; now, it's only full of food.
Month 2: Improved Energy
I was prone to fatigue. First, I thought it's my work, but after having this drink regularly, my weight reduced significantly. When combined with exercises, my mood and energy levels improved.
Month 3: Regular menstrual cycle
Upon consuming this drink religiously for 3 months, my periods finally came on time! Nothing made me feel better than this.

I've been suffering from PCOS since I was 18. From unexpected weight gain to periods in the gap of 3 months, I've suffered from every known symptom of PCOS. Here's my experience after consuming this PCOS drink

Dinjal, Age 22
How It Works
Reduces bloatingStep 1
Reduces bloating
Myo-Inositol and D-chiro-inositol helps reduce insulin levels in body. This helps in reducing bloating and weight gain caused due to PCOS
Elevates moodStep 2
Elevates mood
Myo-Inositol, D-chiro-inositol and Folic Acid helps in reducing mood swings caused due to PCOS. It does that by boosting the production of serotonin.
Regular menstrual cycleStep 3
Regular menstrual cycle
Multivitamins with Inositol help regulate your ovary function, balance hormone levels resulting in regular menstruation.
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