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Multivitamin Gummies

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Bodywise Multivitamin Gummies fulfil nutrient deficiencies in your body resulting in better energy, metabolism and less stress improving overall health.

Why do you need these Multivitamin Gummies?: Women in their mid-20s and above often have diets that lack adequate nutrition - leading to fatigue, low metabolism, and vitamin deficiencies. Bodywise Multivitamin Gummies are rich in 9 essential vitamins and 3 minerals that help fulfil these deficiencies.

Boosts immunity and energy level: Women with Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin B5 and B12 deficiencies feel tired and are prone to the common cold. Enriched with these nutrients and more - regular intake helps boost energy levels and strengthen your immunity, which leads to better health.

Balances hormone level: A dip in your mental health, i.e. frequent anxious thoughts, can be due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin D3 and B6 in these gummies help boost serotonin levels in the brain and regulate insulin levels which help balance hormone levels.

Relieves stress: Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E protect your body from free radical damage, reducing anxiety. Vitamin D3 and B6 also play an important role in alleviating stress.

Health and taste friendly:Bodywise Multivitamin Gummies have a tangy Orange flavour. This makes it better, easy and tastier than having pills. 9 Vitamins and 3 Minerals - all combined in 100% vegan & vegetarian gummy with no added sugar, no preservatives and no added colours.
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Safe & Effective

Artificial Colour Free | 100% Vegetarian | No Added Sugar


100% Vegan & Vegetarian


No Added Sugar


Preservatives Free


Artificial Colour Free


Gelatin Free


Gluten Free


Consumer Study

In a consumer study with 109 women who used the Active Assist Gummies for 12 weeks

said they were more regular in taking their supplement
said they saw an improvement in their digestion
said they lost weight when combined with diet and exercise
said they stayed full longer, leading to reduced snacking

Doctor's Note

Vaishali Ratnam

Vaishali Ratnam

Women often deal with vitamin deficiencies and ignore these symptoms. These gummies areloaded with vital vitamins and minerals that help fulfil deficiencies enhancing overall health. Each gummy is Non-GMO and has No Added Sugar making it better for health.

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Sushmitha Shekhar

Sushmitha Shekhar

Deficiencies interrupt daily functioning and for ages, women have been just dealing with it without either making changes or taking supplements until the problem becomes severe. Dietary supplements like Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin B-complex, C, E and much more help promote health by boosting immunity, bone strength and metabolism.

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Multivitamin Gummies

Vegetarian Multivitamin gummies with no added sugar to boost energy levels & promote immunity

Be Bodywise Advantage

Ordinary Products


100% Vegetarian


Animal-based ingredients


Artificial Colour Free


Has artificial colours


Toxin Free


Contains harmful chemicals

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Key Ingredients

Powerful ingredients backed by science

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Vitamin B-complex
It forms the building blocks of a healthy body by promoting energy levels, brain function and metabolism.
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Vitamin D3
Promotes overall health by boosting immunity, improving mental health and strengthening bones.
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Helps boost immune health, shielding the body from the common cold and fever.

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