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Muscle toning, weight management & bone density improvement

Bodywise Protein Shaker

MRP Inclusive of all Taxes
68 Units

Vegan Plant Protein Powder for Women

What Makes This Protein Powder for Women So Good?

Helps in Muscle Toning & Curbs Hunger Pangs
Proteins are the building blocks for muscles. Our chocolate protein powder for women has a blend of 4 Plant-based Proteins-
✔Brown Rice
✔Moong Bean
✔Whole Algae Protein (Spirulina)
Consuming an adequate amount of protein helps with muscle toning. This vegan protein powder for women has 24g of protein which even controls hunger pangs making it ideal for weight management.

Increases bone density & Health
Our bones weaken due to the lack of vitamin D, insufficient exercise and ageing, leading to body pain and decreased strength. This vegan protein powder for women has a blend of bone-strengthening components-
Magnesium- enables activation of vitamin D, promoting calcium absorption
Calcium - promotes bone health
Zinc - supports bone growth and improves density

Boosts metabolism & Energy
This vegan protein powder is a blend of 9 amino acids that helps boost strength and re-energise your body. It improves the synthesis of muscle and boosts metabolism, allowing you to stay energetic all day long!

Provides Adequate Nutrition & Improves Immunity
Our diets usually don't provide overall and optimal nutrition. This vegan chocolate plant protein powder for women has-
✔4 Plant Based Proteins- pea, brown rice, moong beans, whole algae protein (Spirulina)
✔9 Amino Acids
✔28 Vitamins & Minerals
Together, this blend nourishes you completely inside-out, improving immunity - keeping you active and healthy.

Easy to Digest
This chocolate flavour protein powder for women is tasty to drink and easy on the stomach. The chocolate protein powder dissolves without leaving behind any grainy residue. This helps you consume the gluten-free protein powder without any problem of bloating or indigestion.
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