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Anti Rash and Chafing Gel

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Bodywise Anti Chafing Cream (Gel Based) | 30g

Instant relief from chafing: This anti rash gel has skin-soothing oils like Olive oil and Jojoba oil, which give instant relief to chafed or rash-prone skin. Once applied, Vitamin E in the anti chafing gel leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Prevents future discomfort: Are you prone to rashes? This thigh chafing gel creates a non-staining, lightweight, preventive barrier between your skin and clothes. This barrier helps protect the skin from future rashes caused by the constant friction between skin and clothes, or skin and skin.

All-round protection: Apart from shielding your thighs from rashes, this anti rash gel is safe to use on any part of your body. This anti rash gel for adults helps soothe bra rash, rashes between fingers or toes, wherever the skin is sensitive to chafing.

Fragrance-free and water-repellant: The water-repellent anti chafing cream for thighs helps keep the gel intact and heals your skin even in the presence of sweat, rain, or water. This inner thigh chafing gel is entirely fragrance-free, which means it can be used on delicate skin.

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Net Quantity
30 g
Manufactured By
Sprivil Healthcare Pvt Ltd, L-1/4, Addl, MIDC Satara- 415004 Mfg Lic no- PD/C/73
Mfg Lic no- PD/C/73
Marketed By
Mosaic Wellness Private Limited, 701, 7th floor, Skyline Icon, Andheri Kurla Road, Chimatpada, Marol, Andheri East · Mumbai - 400059.
FSSAI Lic No.: 10020022011657
Country Origin
Product Dimensions
3 x 3 x 15.2
Best Before
24 months
Safe and Effective
Made Safe Certified Anti Rash & Chafing Gel
Fragrance free
Fragrance free
Water Repellant
Water Repellant
Developed by Dermatologists
Developed by Dermatologists
Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Clinically proven actives
Clinically proven actives
Consumer Study
In a consumer study with 82 people who used the Anti Rash and Chafing Gel
said that this anti rash gel gave them instant relief without any burns or irritation
said that this anti chafing gel helped them prevent rashes on every part of their body
said that this chafing gel lasted for upto 8 hours
said that this anti rash gel didn't stain their clothes
Doctor's Note
Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil are potent skin soothers that help calm and treat inflamed skin. When applied, they create a barrier on the skin, preventing any further damage. These oils protect delicate skin from the wrath of friction caused by clothes or other parts of skin. Vitamin E helps deeply moisturize the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

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Anti Rash and Chafing Gel
Made Safe Certified formula to provide long lasting relief from chafing & rashes

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Gives instant results


Takes time to give results


Water Repellent


Washes off with sweat or water


Fragrance Free


Contains harmful chemicals

Key Ingredients
Powerful ingredients backed by science
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Olive oil
Soothes inflamed skin and helps relieve discomfort caused by chafing
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Jojoba oil
Helps create a barrier between skin and clothing or other friction-causing elements and speeds up healing
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Vitamin E
Moisturises skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth
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How to use
Important Information
Our Customer Journey
Long lasting relief from rashes & chafing
Upon application
When I applied this underwear rash gel to the affected area, it gave me instant relief. Being fragrance-free, it didn't cause any irritation, even on sensitive skin.
After 6 hours
My skin felt super soft, and no longer did I feel discomfort from rashes. Plus, this water-repellant anti chafing gel for thighs stayed without staining my clothes.

I've always been prone to chafing caused due to tight clothing articles and skin-on-skin friction; this is how this anti rash gel worked for me:

Shaheen, Age 22
How It Works
Soothes bodyStep 1
Soothes body
Menthol helps cool down heated area of your body giving an instant relief
Provides instant reliefStep 2
Provides instant relief
Olive Oil soothes inflammation caused by friction and provides instant relief. The fragrance-free formula makes it safe to use even on delicate skin.
Creates a protective barrierStep 3
Creates a protective barrier
Jojoba Oil creates a protective barrier against the skin, protecting it from further chafing and rashes. The water-repellant properties of this gel allow it to stay on for a long time.
Makes skin softStep 4
Makes skin soft
Rashes sometimes make the skin rough. Vitamin E helps moisturize the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
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