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'Am I Bisexual? 18 Signs of Bisexuality in Females

How to know if you are bisexual? These are some signs or symptoms of bisexuality in females. Any one of these may indicate there is a possibility you are bisexual:

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'Am I Bisexual? 18 Signs of Bisexuality in Females

Your sexuality is not a scientific theory. It is a little tricky to understand and goes beyond a fixed system. Every individual's sexual preference differs widely from the other. Therefore, if you are still discovering your sexuality, you have landed in the right place.

The following article gives you insights about bisexuality and signs to find out if you are bisexual or not.

Definition of Bisexual

Bisexuality is a sexual preference where an individual is sexually or romantically attracted to more than one gender. If we go scientifically, bisexual people have characteristics of both homosexual and heterosexual behaviour.

Traditionally, the definition of bisexuality revolved around the terms same and different. It stated that bisexual people are attracted to people of the same and different gender. However, the term has a broader perspective in terms of the sexual preference of individuals.

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How do You Know a Woman is Bisexual?

'Bisexuality' is not a condition to diagnose. Symptoms of bisexuality cannot be concluded by discussion. It is a sexual preference. People may evolve in their sexual preferences. Thus, if they identify themselves as straight in their 20s, they may express bisexuality in later years.

There is no way to tell if a woman is bisexual till they openly accept their sexuality. We can only look for signs of bisexuality in females to get to any conclusions. But, in the end, it is only the individual's choice to talk about their sexual preference.

18 Signs of Bisexuality in Females: How to Know if You Are Bisexual

1. Your Feelings of Attraction Do Not Vary With Gender

For bisexual women, it is not like they are attracted to everyone. They get attracted to the person beyond the limits of gender. There is no bias in their feelings of attraction based on gender. Hence, it is more about the person and less about the gender.

2. You Fall for Both Male and Female Lead Fictional Characters in a Movie or a Series

While watching a movie, have you fallen for both the male and female lead actors? Well, it is not a conclusive sign but rather a thought-stimulating point. For example, you might be bisexual if you loved both the lead characters.

3. You Feel a Conflict for Attraction Towards Both the Genders

Your mind tries to negate the feeling. You might think of it as a temporary feeling or just a phase. But, if you are constantly fighting internally about your attraction to both genders, it might be a sign. Sexuality is not black and white. It is normal to be confused in the beginning till you discover your preference.

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4. You Relate to Other Bi or Queer Individuals

You are happy when a celebrity comes out as bisexual or about the new entry of a queer individual in your favourite show. If you empathetically relate to bisexual or queer individuals in your surroundings. You enjoy going to bi or queer spaces and relating to their stories. These all can be indicators of bisexuality.

5. You Wish to Try New Dating Apps

You wish to go beyond the traditional dating apps. You notice that you are confused about selecting the preferred gender on dating apps. This is a sign of bisexuality in females if they wish to try dating apps with spaces and acceptance.

6. You Are Comfortable With the Label of Bisexual

If you are comfortable with the label of bisexual, it can be a sign. However, it is not mandatory to accept the title. Even if you identify yourself as bisexual, you can prefer terms like biromantic, cupiosexual, fluid, etc. In the end, it comes down to comfort level, labelled or not.

7. You Prefer Watching Queer or Bi Tv Series or Movies

It may be curiosity, relatability, or anything. But if you are interested in queer shows, it can be an indicator. The queer or bi movies may raise your interest in watching. It might be because you prefer watching relatable shows or movies.

8. You Feel the Crush on Both the Genders

It is not always that you have a crush on someone. It might be someone you met at the grocery store, in your workplace or college or just a celebrity. If this feeling arises without the fences of gender, it can be a sign. If you are wondering how to know if you are bisexual, think of who you have a crush on currently.

9. You Do Not Feel a 50:50 Split

When we say sexuality is tricky to understand, we also cover this factor. You do not need to divide your interests equally. At a specific time, you may be attracted to one gender more. It is normal.

10. You Question Your Dreams About Both the Genders

You are tired of analysing your dreams about bisexuality. However, you cannot stop dreaming. It is something you have no control over. Hence, if you are dreaming, do not question but accept them to give a thought.

11. You Strongly Believe That ‘it’s Not Just a Phase’

It can be significant if it irks you when someone says that 'it's just a phase'. This is because you believe it's not just a phase but a sign of bisexuality in females.

12. You Are Expanding Your Pornography Searches

Curiosity has no boundaries. Even if you are not involved in such practices, you might fantasise about it. Hence, not going the traditional way and expanding your searches to explore more may be a sign of bisexuality in females. It can be a sign if you are attracted to porn stars without any gender bias.

13. You Take Those ‘am I Bisexual or Just Confused Quiz’

You must have seen those online quizzes that explain signs of bisexuality in females. If you have thought of taking these signs of bisexuality in females quiz, it can indicate you are considering the space of bisexuality.

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14. You Cannot Avoid Thinking About It

Have you caught yourself daydreaming about a crush of the same gender? If the conflicting thoughts do not go out of your mind, it can be a sign of bisexuality in females.

15. You Get Offended When Someone Disses Bisexuality

Bisexuality is still a stigma in society. People might diss the preference with rather rude and unwanted comments. If you see yourself getting annoyed by this stigmatised behaviour towards bisexual people, it can be a sign of bisexuality in females.

16. You Can Pursue the Thought of a Long Term Relationship With Any Gender

When you think about a long-term relationship with a person, gender biases do not come to your mind. However, if you can comfortably pursue the thought of a serious relationship, it is a clear indicator.

17. You Feel Proud When You See the ‘bi’ Flag

Do you know the pride flag with pink, purple, and blue? When you see that flag, it gives you a feeling of pride. Likewise, your honesty and respect towards the bi flag can be a sign.

18. You Believe That It's Right

You can wander about the above and rather more signs. But, in the end, it all comes down to your feeling and comfort. If you feel it's right, it will work for you.

Is There Anything That ‘Causes’ Bisexuality In Women?

Bisexuality is not a disease for which there may be a cause. It is not a virus or bacteria that comes in and infects a person’s head or heart to change their affinity. Some influences of other friends or peers or some experiences may introduce the concept to you. But these would only spark curiosity, not ‘cause’ bisexuality.

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How Common Is Bisexuality?

Bisexuality is growing in prevalence as more and more people are accepting their preferences. It is not possible to get an accurate number for it since there is still a sizable stigma around it. Also, there are still many who are confused and not sure of their sexual orientation. Between 2.8 to 4% of women identify themselves as bisexual or show signs of bisexuality in females.

Am I Bisexual or Just Confused Quiz

The first reaction is usually to negate one’s own beliefs. Each person feels they might just be confused or it is just a phase. It is normal to question your bisexuality. These are some basic questions that can guide you on how to know if you are bisexual.

  • Are you attracted to more than one gender?
  • Does thinking about bisexual experiences seem exciting?
  • Does the thought of being bisexual make you feel nice?
  • Can you see yourself being with either gender in the long term?
  • Does gender not matter to you in a romantic relationship or sexual partner?
  • Do you self-identify with other bisexual people, such as celebrities or friends?

If the answer to most of these questions is in the affirmative, then there is a strong possibility you are bisexual. But a random online ‘signs of bisexuality in females quiz’ is never the right way to judge. It is vital to understand it and be sure about it.

How To Talk About It?

Announcing your sexuality to your near and dear is a big moment. Here are some steps to ensure this is a memorable moment for all the right reasons.

Plan it out thoroughly.  Plan whether you are going to say it face-to-face, over a text, or in an even bigger way.

Also, go slow and steady. As it may be big news for everyone to digest, it is better to ease into the discussion. Warn your friends and family to expect something big. It might make their reactions more manageable.

Finally, hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst. Sometimes things may not go as planned. Be prepared for some adverse reactions.

Finding Support

Sometimes friends can be the best source of support. Online forums can be a good source but not always the right source of advice. If you are not sure about the symptoms of bisexuality, then it is best to speak to a professional mental health care provider. It would be optimal to consult a therapist who is sensitive to the needs of the queer and bisexual community.

Summing up Bisexuality for You

Understanding bisexuality can be confusing sometimes. It is not a scientific phenomenon to prove experimentally. This is a process of exploration and accepting your feelings. You cannot live peacefully with that constant internal conflict. The only person to decide in the end is you. You can opt for help and guidance, but the ultimate decision will always be yours. Hence, instead of ignoring the symptoms of bisexuality, trust your feelings.


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