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Hydrating Facials | Skincare Hacks

Lack of water can make the skin dry and less radiant. Hydrating facials are loaded with benefits needed to make the skin healthy and glowing. Here's your guide on Hydrating Facials.

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Hydrating Facials | Skincare Hacks

We all dream of flawless, glowing skin, and for this, having a good skincare routine is of utmost importance. With a plethora of skincare products and routine available on the internet, it becomes difficult to figure out what works best for our skin. Some basics, like drinking enough water, getting proper sleep, washing your face, etc., can make your skin healthy. Along with this, there are many other techniques, and facial is one such technique.

Facials help remove dead skin to bring brighter and younger-looking skin on the surface. Skin aging can be delayed by having regular facials. It also relaxes and de-stresses the skin. Depending upon the type of skin, such as normal, dry, oily, and sensitive, different kinds of facials are available. Different types of facials, like classic facial, aromatherapy facial, anti-aging facial, nutraceutical facial, and hydrating facial, are readily available in the market.

Hydrating facial

Skin experts and dermatologists emphasize the importance of hydration of the skin. Lack of water can make the skin dry and less radiant.  A hydrating facial can be a useful tool to avoid this. A hydrating facial is loaded with benefits needed to make the skin healthy and glowing. As its name suggests, a hydrating facial hydrates the skin, restores its water content, and moisturizes it. Hydrating facial is an antidote for dryness, dehydration, and irritation of the skin.

If your skin looks flaky and feels rough to touch, is oilier than usual, and looks dull, it is dehydrated. Of the different types of facials, a hydrating facial is directed towards treating dehydration. The products used in hydrating facials have ingredients that are moisture-rich and help retain the skin’s moisture and prevent it from seeping out from the skin.

Steps involved in a hydrating facial

Generally, there are seven steps involved in the facial. These are

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Exfoliate
  • Serum
  • Massage
  • Mask
  • Protect

The facial begins with the cleansing of the skin to remove the dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface. It is followed by the application of the toner on the skin to remove the excess dirt further and prepares the skin for better absorption of the product.

The skin is then exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells, and newer, smoother skin is revealed. After exfoliating the skin, a hydrating serum is applied and gently massaged on the skin. This further penetrates the product deep into the skin. To allow the skin to absorb all the nutrients and moisture, the mask is applied to the skin. After this is done, a moisturizer is applied to the skin to protect it further.

Benefits of hydration facial

Hydrating facials have tons of benefits for the skin, making it glow and look young. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Hydration facial hydrates the skin. It helps keep the moisture locked in the skin’s inner layers and prevents moisture leakage, allowing the skin to recover from dryness and flakiness.
  2. Improved skin tone and texture: The exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells and without stripping out the oils and moisture. This improves skin texture.
  3. Brighter skin: The hydrating serum makes the skin brighter and more radiant. It helps to maintain the water balance of the skin and proper circulation of water in the skin.
  4. Smooth and soft skin: A hydrating facial makes the skin smooth and soft.  The moisturizer applied on the skin prevents loss of water and makes the skin smooth and soft.
  5. Less excess oil: Oil on the skin keeps it hydrated, but an excess of it can cause acne. Hydrating facial balances and regulates the oil production of the skin, making it healthy and less prone to acne breakouts.
  6. No irritation and Itchiness: The dryness of the skin causes irritation and itchiness. The skin can also become sensitive, and redness can appear on the skin due to its flakiness. A hydrating facial helps restructure the skin’s cellular structure, creating a new layer of the skin filled with water, vitamins, and other nutrients.
  7. Improved absorption: The toner used in a hydrating facial allows for better absorption of products. It helps the product to seep into the depths of the skin’s pores so that the nutrients and vitamins can provide better hydration and protection to the skin.

To sum it up, if your skin is dry, irritated, sensitive, and devoid of any moisture, then a hydrating facial is what you need. It is your ticket to flawless, glowing, smooth, and no irritation skin.


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