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10 Amazing Lassi Benefits For Your Health - Bodywise

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10 Amazing Lassi Benefits For Your Health - Bodywise

During summers or throughout the year in hotter regions of the country, we all tend to lean towards cold, refreshing drinks to beat the blistering heat. In summers, we consume more drinks or liquids to keep the body hydrated. However, most of us prefer aerated drinks such as sugary sodas instead of more natural options. Aerated drinks contribute to weight gain, contain an immense amount of sugar that can collect as fat in the liver, increase belly fat build-up, lead to metabolic syndrome, provide no essential nutrients, etc. Moreover, carbonated drinks can cause stomach pain, cause an increased risk of dementia, and be addictive. Therefore, it is wiser to go for organic beverages such as lassi!

For ages, Lassi has been around in Indian households; it is a safe and healthy alternative to modern sodas and sugary drinks. Essentially, lassi is a traditional Indian drink, sweet or salty, made by blending yoghurt with water, sugar or salt, and spices like cardamom, cumin, etc. It has a thicker consistency, is well-liked and, more or less, easy to make!

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So, Is Lassi Good For Health?

YES, lassi is good for health in more ways than one. Lassi is packed with vital nutrients and good bacteria, which helps repair the stomach and improve overall gut health. Furthermore, lassi is cooling and calming, which prevents you from experiencing sunstrokes or nausea. And, the presence of healthy protein helps in building muscle mass and also improves bone mineral density.

Is Lassi Good For Weight Loss?

Lassi contains the best of both worlds- milk for its calming effects and probiotics for easing bowel movements and aiding digestion. It contains healthy bacteria and probiotics which reduce bloating and inflammation- two main contributors to weight loss. Therefore, YES, lassi is good for weight loss!  Low-fat curds help in weight loss too and help boost your immunity.

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What Are The Benefits Of Lassi?

Drinking lassi has various benefits. Written below are seven significant benefits of lassi:

1. Cures and prevents intestinal ailments

Lassi consists of lactobacillus bacteria which smoothens the intestines, making digestion simpler.

2. Provides high levels of energy

Lassi contains a good amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other enzymes, which help convert food to energy.

3. Improves your immunity system

Lassi is enriched with lactic acid and vitamin D, which boosts your immunity system, further accelerating your metabolism and, thus, helping in weight loss.

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4. More hydration

Lassi contains water and curd content, which helps in curing stomach problems and diarrhoea. Fun fact: Lassi is five times more effective and hydrating than regular sodas!

5. Maintains electrolyte balance

It has vitamins and minerals, which is an excellent way to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body.

6. Controls cholesterol and blood pressure

Probiotics in lassi help lower cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure.

7. Builds stronger bones

Lassi is a good source of calcium which contributes to good bone health.

In a Nutshell...

Lassi, a delicious beverage, can be made with different flavours, such as mango mint or ginger. Lassi can also help with skin. It reduces texture and pigmentation, giving you glowing and youthful skin. Lastly, it is crucial to drink lassi along with heavy meals and in proportion. Consult a doctor if you have any existing medical-related issues before consuming lassi. For more health-related content like this, stay tuned!


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