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11 Surprising Badam Pisin (Almond Gum) Benefits on Your Health!

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11 Surprising Badam Pisin (Almond Gum) Benefits on Your Health!

Relying on home remedies to treat a range of health ailments has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Badam Pisin is one of such effective home remedies, known for its multitude of health benefits and versatile uses.

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This edible gum is a byproduct of the almond tree’s metabolic mechanism. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of badam pisin and how you can incorporate it into your diet by trying the recipes mentioned below.

What is Badam Pisin?

A natural gum, Badam Pisin, is obtained from an almond tree. Also known as almond gum and badam gondh, Badam Pisin has myriad health benefits. Indigenous to Southwestern Asia and Iran, the sweet almond tree from which Badam Pisin is extracted is found in India and Pakistan.

The botanical name of Badam Pisin is Prunus Dulcis. It is translucent and features a light brown or pale yellow colour.

Badam Pisin Nutrition Facts

Highly nutritious, Badam Pisin is composed of 92.3% carbohydrates, 2.4% of proteins, and 0.8% of fats. Enriched with minerals, it also contains potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, and magnesium.

How Do We Get Badam Pisin?

Almond gum resembles tiny droplets of pearl that can be removed from the bark and branches with a sharp knife. It does not contain any odour or taste. Moreover, it is natural, soluble in water, and completely devoid of chemicals. It is dried before it reaches the market.

Its jelly-like consistency, when exposed to air, hardens. It can be scraped manually before it hardens. It is extracted only during the autumn season since the tree produces a smaller amount of flowers and leaves.

Badam Pisin Benefits for Your Health

Badam Pisin offers numerous health benefits. These are,

1. Natural Body Coolant

When managing an array of stomach related concerns like ulcers, acidity, bloating, stomach burns, constipation, diarrhoea, Badam Pisin Sharbat works wonders. Badam Pisin possesses cooling properties; therefore, it helps reduce body heat. Also, people struggling with piles can derive benefit from Badam Pisin as it helps the body to get rid of excessive heat.

2. Helps in Weight Gain

As it is more than 90% carbohydrates, Badam Pisin helps gain weight when consumed with milk. Many weightlifters, too, turn to Badam Pisin for the same. This edible gum helps gain weight and further helps lift more weight.

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3. Reduces Cholesterol

Badam Pisin helps decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol while regulating the level of insulin in the blood. Regular intake of Badam Pisin not only helps keep in check the cholesterol but also helps maintain the blood level in the body. In simple words, it contributes to keeping the heart healthy while keeping a range of cardiovascular diseases at bay.

4. Strengthens Immunity

Due to its antioxidant properties and richness in an array of proteins and minerals, it also improves the nervous system functioning and strengthens immunity.

5. Delays Premature Ageing

Badam Pisin protects skin against free radicals that are responsible for premature ageing.  Enriched with protein and minerals, it also acts as an effective antioxidant.

6. Strengthen Muscles

Badam Pisin is effective in managing body aches and back pain while making the muscles strong. It also enhances the endurance capacity of the body while helping the body build muscle mass.

7. Alleviate Seasonal Ailments

This edible almond gum is also helpful in reducing the severity of common cough, cold, congestion and many more winter-prone ailments. In summer, it regulates the body temperature with the help of its cooling properties and thereby protects skin against summer-prone ailments.

Can we eat badam pisin daily? Yes. Due to its antioxidant properties, one can have it regularly as per their dietary requirements.

8. Badam Pisin for Fertility

One of the badam pisin benefits for females post-pregnancy is that it helps the body regain its strength. Badam Pisin possesses a wonderful nutritional value. Due to the same, it also helps in reviving the menstruation cycle.

9. Badam Pisin During Pregnancy

When added to the diet of pregnant women, it strengthens the body and bones while playing an important role in the growth of a fetus in the womb. It also helps in reviving the menstruation cycle to its original form post-delivery.

10. Badam Pisin Benefits for Skin

Enriched with antibacterial qualities, Badam Pisin helps skin wounds heal quickly. It is also effective for assisting in an array of skin conditions. This includes skin inflammation, rashes, pimples, infections, and more.

Owing to such benefits, it finds its way in the range of summer face packs and natural creams as an ingredient.  When it comes to home remedies, Badam Pisin also helps manage heat boils as it possesses cooling properties.

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11. Badam Pisin for Weight Loss

Badam Pisin not just helps in weight gain, but it also helps in weight loss by altering the metabolic processes of the body. It keeps the stomach full for a longer time, thereby curbing your cravings for snacking and reducing hunger pangs.

For people with weight loss goals, it is recommended to add Badam Pisin to skimmed milk.

When and How to Use Badam Pisin?

Summers and winters both are considered to be the ideal season to have Badam Pisin due to its cooling properties. When consumed in summer, Badam Pisin acts as a natural, effective body coolant. It helps maintain the body temperature during scorching summers.

During the winter season, this edible gum fulfils the requirement related to the nourishment of the body, mainly protein. It also helps in strengthening the ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles of the body due to its capacity for adherence.

Badam Pisin allows the body to get rid of discomfort triggered by body heat. How to eat badam pisin? It is mainly mixed with Sharbat to keep summer prone diseases at bay. Adults who like jellies but avoid them due to the presence of gelatin can also relish Badam Pisin jellies. Since Badam Pisin is an edible gum, it can be easily used to replace gelatin.

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How to Store Badam Pisin?

Badam Pisin can easily last for a month (minimum) or more, provided it is stored in quality airtight containers as that helps keep moisture away. It should be kept in a dry place.

Badam Pisin Side Effects

Anything in excess is bad for health, and Badam Pisin is no exception to it. Consuming Badam Pisin in excess can upset the stomach.

It may lead to increased toxins in the body if not consumed in moderation.  Excess consumption of Badam Pisin may also lead to shortness of breath, nerve disorders and choking.

So, it is recommended to consume it in small quantities. For lactating and pregnant mothers, it is recommended to consult a doctor before consuming Badam Pisin.

Can We Eat Badam Pisin Daily?

Yes. Due to its antioxidant properties, one can have it regularly as per their dietary requirements.

Summing Up on Badam Pisin Benefits

Known for unique medical properties, Badam Pisin is used in a variety of dishes, ice-creams, drinks, sherbets, shakes. One can even use creative ways to integrate it into Indian cuisine. There are many wonderful ways through which one can relish this edible gum while enjoying an array of Badam Pesin benefits.


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