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Which Is the Best Direction to Sleep? As Per Vastu & Science

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Which Is the Best Direction to Sleep? As Per Vastu & Science

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve a good sleep. Some research shows that the design of your bedroom impacts the way you sleep. Factors such as the lighting in your room, the wall colour, how comfortable your bed has an impact on your sleep.

However, more often than not, we tend to forget that there is so much more than we can do! Yes, your sleeping position and the direction you sleep in have shown a significant difference in how you sleep, as per Vastu and science. So, keep reading to find out how!

Mythology About Sleeping Direction

As per mythology, the southward or eastward direction is the best sleeping direction. This belief comes from an ancient tale. Legend has it that one fine day goddess, Parvathy asked her son, Ganesha, to stand guard as she bathed.

Subsequently, Lord Shiva, Parvathy’s husband and Ganesha’s father, arrived at the same spot and asked to enter the space where his wife was bathing. When lord Ganesha refused, an enraged Shiva chopped off his head.

When goddess Parvathy emerged and witnessed what had happened, she threatened to end all of creation. To calm her down and prevent the destruction of the entire creation, Lord Shiva asked his followers to bring him the head of any creature sleeping in the north direction.

The belief was that the soul departs from the north to seek union with consciousness. As per Vishnu Puran, sleeping with your head towards the south or east is beneficial. It is believed that someone who doesn’t sleep with their head in these positions becomes sick.

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What is the Best Direction to Sleep?

Best Direction to Sleep in the Northern Hemisphere

What’s the best direction to sleep scientifically?

Both the human body and the earth have magnetic poles. On our planet, magnetic poles run from north to south. The north is the positive pole, while the south is the negative pole of the earth’s magnetic field.

Due to the earth's magnetic pull, sleeping with your head in the north direction in the north pole is not advisable. It can lead to the same effect as two positive poles of a magnet repelling one another. So if you’re in the northern hemisphere, south and east are good directions to sleep as per Vastu principles.

Best Direction to Sleep in the Southern Hemisphere

Much like the northern hemisphere, it is vital to understand the effects of magnetic fields if you’re living in the southern hemisphere. Individuals living in the southern hemisphere can sleep in any direction except the south. The south is not the best sleeping direction for good health in the southern hemisphere.

Best Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu

As per Vastu, the best sleeping direction for good health is the south. So, when you lie in bed, your head should point towards the south and your feet towards the north. When you lie towards the south, you align the body’s magnetic energy with that of the earth. Your head or north pole is pointed towards the earth’s south. In this way, opposite poles attract.

On the contrary, if you lie towards the north, you may have two similar poles facing each other. Many Vastu practitioners believe that sleeping towards the north can contribute to high blood pressure and migraines. That is why it is not an ideal sleeping direction.

Is it Bad to Sleep in Other Directions?

As mentioned above, sleeping with your body facing north is the worst-case scenario. The reason is that your head functions like a north pole. Additionally, it can lead to headaches and more health-related problems.

Positioning your head towards the south is the ideal sleeping direction. So, your entire bedroom or sleeping space should be oriented southwards.

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Other Principles From Eastern Medicine For Sleep

Sleep orientation of Vastu Shastra isn’t the only eastern principle designed to promote sleep. Apart from Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, a Chinese practice, also offers multiple principles. Feng Shui essentially focuses on promoting the flow of Chi or positive energy in your environment. It does so using thoughtful orientation and placement of objects.

For instance, practitioners may move the bed against the wall for better energy. The desk in your bedroom can also be replaced with a loveseat to improve your love life. The particulars of Vastu and Feng Shui might vary, but the core focus of both is on energy balance.

Supreme importance is also given to the designing of space in both these practices for promoting well-being and health. Advocates of Feng Shui believe that clutter can mess with your Chi. That is why it’s essential to clear the clutter for good energy to enter.

As per a study, observing the distance between objects can enhance our emotional state. Keeping things organised and at a distance from one another gives an organised feel to the room.

Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui also recommend particular colour schemes for different directions for prompting particular energies.

So, Which Is The Best Direction For Sleep?

The simple answer is towards the south! According to Vastu Shastra, point your legs towards the north and position your head towards the south.


Is It Ok To Sleep With Head Towards West?

According to the Vastu shastra, sleeping with your head towards the west is not okay. Sleeping with your head in the right direction has a significant impact on the energy with which you arise. The west direction faces away from the sun; thus, sleeping in the west makes you feel dull, lazy and demotivated. Moreover, it does not allow your brain to function at its peak, and the energy levels are insufficient to work faster.

Is It Okay To Put A Bed In Front Of A Window?

Yes, it is okay to put a bed in front of your window. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to place your mattress underneath your window if you have a fantastic view to look at every day!

Why Should Your Bed Not Face the Door?

According to Feng Shui, it is said that you must not point your feet towards a door because the door will “draw” your energy away from you while you are asleep. Furthermore, a bed facing door is also considered bad luck.


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