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10 Amazing Benefits of Black Salt (Kala Namak) - Bodywise

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10 Amazing Benefits of Black Salt (Kala Namak) - Bodywise

We have often heard about the regular table salt, which is white in colour? But, did you know another variant of salt known as black salt? Black salt has many benefits. In this blog, you will discover 10 such excellent benefits of black salt, also called Kala Namak.

What is Black Salt?

Black salt, more commonly known as the ‘Kala Namak’ in Indian households, is believed to have its roots buried deep in ancient Indian tradition. For ages, Indians have deemed black salt to be one with therapeutic benefits for the body. It is considered that black salt is good for health.

Owing to the same belief, black salt can also be found in many ayurvedic remedies. It is also called Himalayan Black Salt sometimes.

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Benefits of Black Salt

1) Aids in Digestion

Black salt helps in digestion by helping in the production of bile in the liver. Further, it also helps in enhancing the absorption processes taking place in the small intestine.

2) Soothes Muscle Spasms

Black salt is good for health because of its generous content of potassium. Potassium helps in easing muscle spasms and helps them in working properly.

3) Enhances Heart Health

Black salt helps in thinning the blood and can be good for people who have cholesterol issues. However, people with high blood pressure should not intake a lot of black salt (no more than 3.75 grams per day).

4) Nutrition Provider

Kala Namak benefits the body immensely by providing it with essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and even calcium. It is also believed to have lower sodium levels which are good for your health.

5) Reduces Bloating

People who often experience bloating and heartburn should include ‘Kala Namak’ in their daily diet. This is because black salt helps in controlling acid levels as well as reflux issues.

6) Weight Loss

Black salt for weight loss is an excellent addition to your diet when you are supposed to reduce your sodium intake while also avoiding water retention and bloating.

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7) Alleviates Constipation

Black salt is known for having a positive effect on your gastrointestinal system. To prepare a quick and easy home remedy for treating constipation, look no further. All you need are black salt, ginger, and lemon juice.

8) Skin Healing

Black salt benefits for skin:  Its large contents of essential and beneficial minerals benefits the skin. If you have cracked skin, you can add black salt to lukewarm water and soak the affected area. This will help heal your skin naturally.

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9) Eases Sinusitis

People having any respiratory issues or Sinusitis can use ‘Kala Namak’ to their benefit. By using black salt while using steam or by adding it in warm water for gargling, you can speed up the clearing up of your phlegm and the opening up of your nostrils.

10) Healthy Hair

You can get shiny, lustrous and damage-free hair by using black salt regularly. All the essential minerals in the ‘Namak’ help in repairing split ends, reducing dandruff, and also in controlling excessive hair fall. Add it to your hair pack and see the results.

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Black Salt vs Pink Salt

Pink salt is also called ‘Sendha Namak,’ while Black salt is often called ‘Kala Namak.’ They are different in their properties. Pink salt is obtained naturally from the oceans once the water evaporates.

Whereas ‘Kala Namak’ is obtained by heating in kilns with more ingredients such as charcoal, harad seeds, and amla. This is majorly done to infuse therapeutic properties in the salt.

Both kinds of salts have their share of impurities present in them.

Difference Between Black Salt and Rock Salt

Essentially, rock salt and black salt are not that different. In fact, black salt is a kind of rock salt; only black salt is treated with many herbs to make it more therapeutic (and also unique) in nature.

Both the salts are considered low in sodium compared to the more commonly used table salt. However, before using this salt instead of table salt, you should be sure to consult with your dietician first.

Black Salt Price

Black salt costs anywhere between INR 16 toINR 140, depending on the quantity of salt.

Black Salt Disadvantages

While ‘Kala Namak’has so many benefits for the body, there are also some ‘Kala Namak’ side effects that you should keep in mind before using ‘Kala Namak’ too often:

1) Sabotages Dental Development

Black salt contains fluoride in a significant amount. Too much fluoride can lead to a condition called Dental Fluorosis. So, you should be wary of consuming too much black salt.

2) Issues Related to Functioning of the Thyroid Gland

By substituting iodised salt (or table salt) with black salt, people often do not realise the harm of a reduced intake of iodine. Your thyroid gland needs a proper amount of iodine to function well, which black salt alone cannot provide.

3) Possible Formation of Kidney Stones

Too much black salt (above 6 grams per day) can lead to the formation of kidney stones that can lead to many other health issues ahead.

Summing Up on Benefits of Black Salt

In conclusion, Kala namak helps digestion and acts as a great laxative. Moreover, a hot massage using black salt is great for muscle relaxation, and it also helps reduce bone inflammation.

Furthermore, black salt is commonly used in the Indian kitchen for its unique flavour. However, it is recommended to consume black salt in proportion. Excessive consumption of black salt can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related issues.


Can We Eat Black Salt Daily?

Yes, black salt can be eaten daily in moderation and as per your liking. However, not more than one teaspoon (6gm) of black salt should be consumed daily.

What Is Special About Black Salt?

Black salt is strikingly different from regular table salt in many ways. It has less sodium and  also contains magnesium, calcium, and iron which are essential minerals for maintaining a healthy body. Additionally, it has antioxidant properties. Black salt vitalises bile production in the liver and regulates bloating and heartburns.

Does Black Salt Expire?

Yes, black salt expires. The expiry date of black salt is written on its packaging.

However, there is usually no expiration date for salts because salts are a preservative.  


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