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11 Amazing Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Benefits That You Should Know!

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11 Amazing Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Benefits That You Should Know!

What is Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)?

A strong ‘Back-Bending’ yoga asana is the best way to define Chakrasana. The word is derived from the Sanskrit language - ‘Chakra’ meaning wheel and ‘Asana’ meaning posture or seat. On performing this asana, the body takes the shape of the wheel. Hence this posture is commonly referred to as the Wheel Pose. This asana is also known by the Sanskrit name Urdhya Dhanurasana.

Chakrasana Benefits & Uses:

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to performing Chakrasana. The benefits gained from doing this yoga asana are as follows:

1) Helps in expanding lungs to get more oxygen intake which is beneficial, especially for people with asthma.

2) Helps in the reduction of stress and tension in the body.

3) Plays a part in sharpening eyesight.

4) Strengthens and increases the elasticity of the spine.

5) Improves blood circulation in your body and purifies the blood.

6) One of the advantages of chakrasana is that along with physical benefits, it gives you mental benefits like clarity of thought and mental peace.

7) It helps build your stamina and strength.

8) One feels energised and less tired once they start practising chakrasana steps.

9) It reduces abdominal fat and tones your core muscles.

10) It boosts your appetite and relieves constipation and digestive problems.

11) Chakrasana boosts internal and external wellbeing. It ensures a proper functioning of your body organs.

Chakrasana for Weight Loss:

When performed, Chakrasana contributes to weight loss. This yoga pose helps reduce fat, especially in the abdominal area, by toning down the digestive and reproductive organs.

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Ardha Chakrasana Benefits:

Ardha Chakrasana is a Standing Yoga Posture or Half Moon Pose, which, when performed, helps in the toning of the shoulders, waist, and thighs. This type of asana also helps in the stimulation of abdominal organs such as the pancreas. Some of the other Ardha Chakrasana benefits include providing relief to shoulder and neck pain.

Kati Chakrasana Benefits:

The Kati Chakrasana health benefits include improvement in wrist and spine flexibility. This standing spinal twist yoga pose also helps in toning the neck, shoulder, waist, back, and hips.

Chakrasana Steps

The Chakrasana procedure enables you to perform in both standing and sleeping positions. However, if you are a beginner, then you should begin by lying down. Once you have built enough strength and flexibility in your spine, you can practice Chakrasana in the standing position.  Follow these chakrasana steps and for maintaining health and wellbeing.

  • Lie on your back and fold your legs while placing your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Reverse your palms and place them beside your ears or underneath your shoulders.
  • Ensure that your fingers point in the forward direction.
  • Begin inhaling by pressing your palms and feet into the ground for support.
  • Follow it by lifting your pelvis and straighten your hands and feet.
  • You may place your head down initially.
  • Ensure that your entire body forms an arch while performing this yoga asana.
  • Remember to relax your neck and shoulders while doing this pose.

Modifications & Variations in Chakrasana (Wheel Pose):

There are, in total, thirty-eight variations and modifications in the Chakrasana yoga pose. The five most challenging postures to perform are as follows:

  • Straight-Legged Wheel Pose
  • One-Legged Wheel Pose
  • One-Armed Wheel Pose
  • Chest-To-Wall Pose
  • Forearm Wheel Pose

Precautions to Take While Doing the Chakrasana (Wheel Pose):

Unfortunately, Chakrasana is a yoga posture that everyone cannot perform. For instance, individuals having spinal or back pain must avoid performing the asana as it can cause stress. In addition, Chakrasana can also put a lot of pressure on your wrists, so if you have weak wrists, you must not perform this yoga posture. Pregnant women must also avoid performing this asana, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.

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Disadvantages of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose):

Sadly, there are also quite a few disadvantages that come with performing this asana. They are:

1. An individual suffering from a cardiac ailment must avoid performing this yoga pose.

2. A person having high blood pressure must also not perform this pose.

Chakrasana requires a lot of strength and the correct breathing pattern to do it right. This extra force can put pressure on your heart to ensure extra blood circulation and to pump blood faster. Hence you must avoid chakrasana if you have high blood pressure or any heart ailments.


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