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FOR: Menstrual Pain Relief

Period Pain Relief Patch | 5 N

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100% Natural | Instant Results | 5 Strips/Pack

Period Pain Relief Patches: Menstrual Pain Relief Patches

Within 15 minutes, these cramp comfort patches are here to make you forget all-about period pains for 12 hours.
Say goodbye to nauseating pills, inconvenient heat pads, sticky roll-ons as well as abdominal pain, upper and lower back spasms, and muscle strains caused by periods.

How does our Period Pain Relief Patch help?

1. Provides relief from period cramps & pain

2. Instant cooling

3. Reduces inflammation & relaxes muscles

4. Discreet, seamless & lightweight

Made with all-natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Boswellia, Menthol, and Evening Primrose extracts that have anti-inflammatory and cooling properties to help relax the uterus.
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