With 3% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, 2% Baicapil, 3% Fenugreek, 3% Moringa

Hair Growth Serum + Onion Hair Oil (Sample)

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All Plant Based Hair Serum with Redensyl, Procapil, Baicapil

Bodywise Hair Growth Serum is formulated from all plant-derived ingredients such as Redensyl, Procapil, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek (Methi), Moringa and Red Clover. This hair serum for women has been scientifically formulated for hair growth and gives you the perfect hair fall solution!

Boosts Hair Growth: The mix of 3% Redensyl and 3% Procapil in this hair serum for hair growth stimulates the scalp and nourishes the hair with protein and antioxidants to speed up hair growth. Due to this, our hair growth serum proves to be one of the most effective hair fall solutions for women.

Curbs Hair Fall: Along with Redensyl and Procapil, the hair growth serum contains 5% Saw Palmetto, 2% Red Clover, and 3% Fenugreek (Methi) that effectively help curb hair fall. Regular use of the hair tonic helps strengthen the follicles and reduce hair fall. It also helps in minimizing postpartum (post-pregnancy) hair loss by replenishing the postpartum hair loss vitamins.

Improves Hair Health: 2% Baicapil and 3% Moringa in the hair serum for women help boost hair volume and give you thicker, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

For best results, use Bodywise Hair Growth Serum with 3% Redensyl & 3% Procapil for 3 months + Onion Hair Growth Oil (Sample)
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Safe and Effective

• Paraben Free • Developed by trichologists • Clinically proven ingredients

Developed by trichologists

Developed by trichologists

Silicone free

Silicone free

Paraben free

Paraben free

Clinically proven ingredients

Clinically proven ingredients

Non-invasive solution

Non-invasive solution

Cruelty free

Cruelty free


Consumer Study

111 women who used the Hair Growth Serum for 12 weeks

said they noticed reduction in hair fall
said their hair felt stronger and and healthier
said they had seen improvement in hair growth
said they noticed significant improvement in hair density

Doctor's Note

Dr. Shobita Anand

Dr. Shobita Anand

Redensyl is a breakthrough ingredient that acts on dermal papilla follicles and stem cells to improve new hair growth. Procapil combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin & oleanolic acid to form 2 powerful functions targeting the main areas of hair loss.

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Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Baicapil reduces hair loss, stimulates growth and increases hair density to regain healthy and strong locks.

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Hair Growth Serum

Promotes new hair growth, improves hair density to give voluminous, healthy hair

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Solution with Procapil & Baicapil


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Key Ingredients

Powerful ingredients backed by science

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3% Redensyl
Activator of stem cell division increases the incorporation of cystine in hair proteins
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3% Procapil
A new breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss
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2% Baicapil
Provides good development of hair sheaths (robust and thickened) and larger bulb and thicker hair

Full list of ingredients

How to Use This Hair Growth Serum with Redensyl, Procapil?

Important Information

Real Life Results

World's best Rendesyl solution for hair growth

Up to week 2

• Early anagen phase activates as new hairs are formed and push the club hair up the follicle and eventually out.

Up to week 4

• Cells from the dermal papilla activate bulge stem cells (transient activation of the ß-catenin pathway initiates the anagen phase to induce new hair follicle. • Bulge stem cells self replicate and migrate into the matrix to create new active follicles.

Up to week 8

• Noticeable reduction in the hair fall as Redensyl improve overall hair health • While Baicapil & Procapil improve the texture of hair that has been physically/chemically damaged by helping to build Keratin

Up to week 12

• By week 12, considerable improvement in new hair growth and hair density can be noticed

After dealing with hair loss for the last 5 years, I had given up on finding a sustainable solution until I started using this redensyl solution. It has TRANSFORMED my hair! I have never felt so confident!

Taniya, Age 32

Top Features

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Easy to apply
Non-sticky formula
Long lasting results

How It Works

New hair growthStep 1

New hair growth

Redensyl stimulates the number of hair in anagen phase up to 9%. The three active substances inhibit 5α-reductase, apigenin to enhance blood perfusion and improve the anchoring of the hair with strengthened growth
Hair volume improvementStep 2

Hair volume improvement

Baicapil helps increase hair growth, the number of new hairs increases considerably and improves the condition of hair follicles and its anchorage in the scalp, thus improves hair volume
Hair texture improvementStep 3

Hair texture improvement

Procapil has oleanolic acid which inhibits 5α1 and 5α2 reductase enzymes, apigenin for vasodilation and glycinehistidine-lysine peptides, which are required for pro-matrix metalloproteinase activity that is necessary for meeting the metabolic needs of hair follicles & improving hair texture

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