Pain free and precise facial hair removal

Face Razor

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Painless and convenient hair removal: Bodywise Face Razor allows for effortless and quick hair removal without any form of discomfort or pain.

Zero pain and cuts: The zig zag pattern on the blade ensures that there are no cuts and the anti-slip handle ensures that you avoid any accidental moves.

Precise removal: The curve and the anti-slip grip in the razor's design helps in giving a precise shave. Perfect for shaping eyebrows and removing sideburns, upper lip and chin hair.

Hygienic and safe: Each blade is made with stainless steel which doesn't allow it to rust. It also comes with a protective cover, which prevents it from getting dirty.

Improves the appearance of skin: With each shave - you also remove debris, excess oil and dead skin cells which leads to a smoother and brighter appearance. It also improves the absorption of skincare products giving you better results and a smoother makeup application.
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Safe and Effective

Safe to Use | Anti Slip | Travel Friendly


No Cuts


Precision Shave


No impurities


Safe to Use


Travel Friendly


Easy to Carry


Consumer Study

In a consumer study with 109 women who used the Active Assist Gummies for 12 weeks

said they were more regular in taking their supplement
said they saw an improvement in their digestion
said they lost weight when combined with diet and exercise
said they stayed full longer, leading to reduced snacking

Doctor's Note

Dr. Shobhita Anand

Dr. Shobhita Anand

Shaving is an underrated hair removal tool. This is mainly because of the myths surrounding shaving. It is a big myth that shaving causes thicker growth. Growth is defined by follicle health and not by way of hair removal. You can see a stubble or faster re-growth because it shaves it vs removing it. I would recommend shaving over any other method because of its pain-free nature, no hassle and safety measures.

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Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Dr. Sharmatha Kumar

Facial skin is the most delicate part of your skin. Waxing or threading your skin can disturb the pH balance of your skin and make skin sensitive. On the other hand, shaving doesn't harm the skin in any way. It helps improve absorption of other topical products. A safe, effective, and independent way to remove facial hair.

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Face Razor

Bodywise Face Razor: Pain free and precise facial hair removal

Be Bodywise Advantage

Ordinary Products


Stainless steel


Blades prone to rust


Anti-slip handle


Uncomfortable design


Protective cover


Doesn't have a protective cover


Zig Zag pattern to prevent cuts


Prone to cuts

Key Features

Powerful ingredients backed by science

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Stainless Steel Blades
Long-lasting blades help in giving precise shave
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Protective cover
To shield the blades from moisture and dust
Quad Circle Imageicon image
Anti-slip handle
For easy and close shave

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How to use


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