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Complete Hygiene Combo

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Developed by Dermatologists | Powder - 100g | Gel - 30g

Best way to care for intimate hygiene: Give your intimate area the care it deserves with Complete Hygiene Combo! This combo contains preventing and curative way of helping you with rashes and chafing. Say goodbye to uncomfortable rashes and say hello to comfort!

Preventive: This Antifungal Intimate Powder for Women has Zinc Oxide, which has sweat-absorbing properties. When applied, it soaks up the sweat and leaves your intimate area feeling fresh. This powder also has Clotrimazole which is a potent antifungal agent. With regular use, this powder creates a barrier between your skin and the surrounding air or clothing, keeping your intimate area safe from fungal infections. It also helps prevent rashes caused due to constant friction. The anti-inflammatory properties of Peppermint in this clotrimazole dusting powder soothe the inflamed area. With every use, it gives you an instant cooling and relaxing effect.

Curative: This anti-rash gel has skin-soothing oils like Olive oil and Jojoba oil, which give instant relief to chafed or rash-prone skin. Once applied, Vitamin E in this gel leaves the skin feeling smooth. It creates a non-staining, lightweight, preventive barrier between your skin and clothes. This barrier helps protect the skin from future rashes caused by the constant friction between skin and clothes or skin and skin. Apart from shielding your thighs from rashes, this gel is safe to use on any part of your body. It also helps soothe bra rash and rashes between fingers or toes, especially when the skin is sensitive to chafing. This cream is water-repellent which keeps the gel intact and heals your skin even in the presence of sweat, rain, or water. This chafing gel is entirely fragrance-free, which means people with delicate skin can use this gel.
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