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Is It Safe To Take Vaccination During Periods?

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Is It Safe To Take Vaccination During Periods?

Coronavirus vaccines play a vital role in containing the spread of the virus. Yet, these vaccines have also been associated with many myths and rumours that circulate rapidly on various social media platforms. This has significantly affected women, making them more anxious and confused about getting their COVID shots during their periods. We'll explore the myths surrounding vaccination during periods and address some of the common misconceptions.

Vaccination During Periods

A social media post suggested that women above 18 should refrain from getting jabbed five days before and after their period cycle. Reasons for low female immunity during period cycles were cited for the same. So is this declaration true? Can we take the vaccine during periods?

Of course, you can! The above-mentioned post was smashed by the Government of India, claiming to spread rumours. The common people were strongly advised not to fall for these claims and get themselves vaccinated immediately.

Is It Safe To Take The Covid Vaccine During Periods?

The entire medical fraternity, including gynaecologists and surgeons alike, have maintained that a woman’s period has no effect whatsoever on vaccine efficacy. Read on for the answer to, “can I take the vaccine during periods?”

Research has suggested that women have reported alterations in their menstrual cycles after taking the vaccine. However, this connection is attributed to an immune response to the vaccine rather than a vaccine component. Hence, the constitution of the vaccine is not responsible for affecting female menstruation.

It is important to note that arguments stating that the COVID vaccine hampers female fertility, leading to infertility among women, are entirely untrue.

Can we take Covaxin during periods?

Yes, you can take Covaxin during periods. It is a completely safe and medically approved practice.

Do Women Tend To Experience More Side Effects?

Vaccines function through the administration of weakened or modified pathogens into the body to trigger an immune response. Biological processes of the body, such as menstruation, have no impact on this immune reaction. It is true that there are diverse side effects of taking the COVID vaccine. However, these complications are not related to any specific race or sex.

If women experience delayed or irregular periods after getting the jab, it is likely that stress and anxiety stemming from the pandemic is causing this phenomenon. No matter the cause, changes in menstruation patterns must be discussed with a medical healthcare provider.

Precautions To Take Before Getting Vaccinated

If you are a woman on her period, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind while getting the COVID vaccine:

  • Dehydration and not drinking enough water during your period can cause painful cramps. Make sure to carry ample amounts of water during your visit to the vaccination centre.
  • Make sure to keep your mask up and nose covered the entire time while waiting in line to receive your shot. Make sure your shield is perfectly fitted, so you do not have to touch your face repeatedly. Maintaining social distance with fellow vaccine-takers is essential.
  • While receiving the vaccine, make sure to keep your face away from the medical expert. It is completely normal to feel stressed during the prick. Try breathing calmly and deeply.
  • It is common to experience a mild fever, headache, chills, and fatigue after taking the jab. These symptoms could weigh you down while on your period. Treat period symptoms separately with ginger for periods and a hot water bottle.

What Can Women Do to Stay Healthy?

Here are some simple steps women can take to ensure good overall health post the vaccine:

  • Exercising regularly regulates the blood sugar levels of women. Moreover, it alleviates uneasiness, discomfort, and uncertainty induced by the global pandemic.
  • Getting about seven to eight hours of sleep every night is essential for women. Interrupted or disturbed sleep can prove to be harmful to your hormones as well as your menstrual cycle.
  • Women must maintain a balanced diet full of protein, veggies, and iron to ensure a regular menstrual cycle.
  • It is a great idea for women to practice yoga for periods in order to reduce irritability and moodiness that sets in during their period.

When Should You Be Concerned?

Following the correct post-operative vaccine, care is extremely crucial for women. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please make sure to visit a doctor immediately:

  • If you have an abnormally heavy blood flow.
  • If you face delayed periods for an extended period.
  • If you are facing drastic changes in your menstrual patterns for more than two months.
  • If you are menopausal, but you still get your period.

Taking the COVID vaccine during menstruation is an entirely normal and medically safe practice.

Summing Up on Vaccination During Periods

The entire medical community, including gynaecologists and surgeons alike, maintains that a woman's period has no impact on vaccine effectiveness. The COVID vaccine is associated with many side effects, but biological processes, such as menstruation, are not affected by this immune reaction. Therefore, you can get your vaccination even when you are on your menstrual cycle; however, you should always consult your doctor first if you have any questions or doubts.


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