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Sex in Water ~ Best Positions, PRO Tips, Safety Concerns

Water sex is fun and pleasurable. Here are different tips and tricks to have safe sex in water and enjoy intimacy.

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Sex in Water ~ Best Positions, PRO Tips, Safety Concerns

Having water sex feels inherently liberating.

Maybe it's the adventure or the heightened sense of intimacy. Or, perhaps it's a sense of mystery when you're on the edge of unknown waters.

However, it’s extremely crucial that you are fully aware of the risks that come with this pleasure. There is the possibility for you to slip, develop an infection, or even break a few laws (which you definitely don't want to do).

But if you're ready for the challenge and willing to educate yourself about the challenges water presents, you shouldn't hesitate to jump in.

Things to Know About Having Sex in Water

1. It Is Not All That Clean

While some may think that having sex in the water makes it cleaner, studies have proven that having sex in a pool, ocean, or even in the bathtub can lead to bacteria being contacted.

As a matter of fact, chlorine in the water may also cause skin irritation, especially around the genital area.

2. Water Is A Bad Lube

You may think water is the perfect lubricant for you down there, but it only makes the vagina drier, which will lead to friction during sex.

3. Chances Of UTI Are High

Bacteria are abundant in water, making the risk of contracting a UTI even greater, particularly since bacteria can find their way into your urethra and then into your bladder, which may be harmful for you.

Sex in the Pool

Who doesn't love adding a spark to their sex life? Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also takes intimacy to the next level. Pool sex offers a large space and provides much-needed mobility. The thrusts are easier, and one can reach higher levels of pleasure quickly.

The expanded space in horizontal and vertical dimensions gives you a wonderful territory to explore. You can stimulate your partner from behind and use the pool's buoyancy to your advantage. Water sex is also extremely pleasurable and helps you know your partner's body intimately. It's also less strenuous because of the water, which helps equalize weight.

While pool sex is fun, it's essential to remember it can cause infectious diseases. You must use the correct contraception. You must also be aware of the laws surrounding the pool. It's illegal to have sex in a public pool, and you may be charged for public indecency.

A private pool should be a preferred place for having sex in the pool. It should be clean and neat. It should also be safe, and one must pay attention that anyone's head is not submerged underwater.

Sex in a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenation. But they are also great for the format of intimate action. The sidewalls of the tub can provide support and can be used for holding while the other partner stimulates from behind.

One can use the hot tub seat while the other partner stimulates and takes them to orgasm. Don't forget to maintain the temperature of the hot tub. A long time in the pool can cause significant water loss as sweat.

Sex in Open Water

Sex in open water can be a great experience. It will be quite pleasurable and add to the fun of being with nature. The water currents provide buoyancy and push to thrust and move around. It's essential to understand that open water can be a source of infectious agents.

Sex in open water may also be a violation in multiple places. You must know about the pros and cons before engaging in it. A private open water body is a great place, and you can use various devices and techniques to have a pleasurable time.

Bath Tub Sex

Gone are the days when you used bathtubs just for relaxing and rejuvenation. Spice up your sex life and enjoy a hot time while having sex in the bathtub. The comfort and coziness allow better positioning, and one can try multiple ways of stimulation. It's hot, easy, and sexy. The water aids in moving forward, and it creates a beautiful stimulation. You can try several sex positions in a bathtub.

Use the bath place as a seat to prop your partner. Get creative and navigate the different areas which you can stimulate. Enjoy bathtub sex like never before and have a hot time.

Sex in the Shower

One of the most spoken and practiced forms of sex in water is the steamy sex in the shower. Many vertical sex positions can be super adventurous in the shower. The pressure of water from the shower can stimulate the sensitive areas, and one can reach a greater level of pleasure.

To navigate sex in the shower, one can use the shower walls for support. One partner can face the wall while the other can thrust or provide stimulation. It can be switched, and different new positions can be tried out. An important thing to take care of when having sex in the shower is to prevent slipping and injuries. Using a mat or surface which is anti-slip is essential and increases the pleasure multiple times.

How to Do Sex in Water

1) Find the right place: You have to choose where you can enjoy the fullest without getting in trouble - pools, tubs, showers, or nature.

2) Make preparations: You might need a condom, depending on your relationship with your partner. Wear the condom before getting into the pool.

3) Don't forget the lube: Water doesn't act as lube, plus you don't want to take that risk. Without lube, it can get painful in water. Plus, don't use an oil-based lubricant in water; it can weaken the condom.

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Pro Tips for Safer Water Sex

1. Keep it private

While you probably have a lock on your bedroom door, most types of water sex aren't as closed off - especially in the great outdoors. You don't want a ticket for salacious exposure, or to be recorded as a registered sex offender. Try to ensure you don’t have an audience while engaging in water sex.

2. Intercourse isn’t your only option

Test out different types of stimulation with your partner. You might even find that what you like in water differs from what you like in bed.

3. Condoms still work

If you’re planning on using a barrier method, like using an outside condom
(also known as male condom), put it on before stepping into the water.

4. Ejaculating in the water isn’t going to get you pregnant

The chances of you getting pregnant with ejaculation in the water around you are very slim. This is especially true if the water is hot - high temperatures can kill sperm outside the body almost instantly.

5. But pregnancy is possible

As in dry land, you can still become pregnant in a hot tub. Hot temperatures won't kill the sperm that's ejaculated inside the vagina, so if you want to avoid pregnancy, take the proper precautions.

6. So are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

When possible, discuss when you were last tested with each other and, if you choose to do so, use inside condoms (worn in the vagina) or outside condoms (worn on the penis) to prevent transmission and avoid infection.

7. Aftercare is crucial

Regardless of how you and your partner enjoy your time in the water, make sure you take good care of yourselves when you get out. Clean yourself off, visit the bathroom, and rehydrate. Do remember you are not just getting exercise, but also the warm water can dehydrate your body.

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Summing Up on Water Sex

Simply put, enjoy yourself, explore, enjoy the ride but be cautious to stay safe.

If you and your partner enjoy water sex, you can become even closer than you were before - not to mention more wet.

Ensure that you and your partner discuss any potential risks or questions beforehand so that you understand each other.

You should also be careful not to traumatize innocent bystanders if you are in a space that's more public than the backyard. Moreover it’s not hygienic.


1) Is It Safe to Have Sex in a Bath

Bath sex is not only enjoyable and comfortable, but bathing also comes with a significantly lower risk of slipping than showering. Some people find the warm water relaxing, and those who have painful conditions can move around more easily in a full bath.

2) Sex Positions in Bathtub

Try these positions for sex in the bathtub!

1) Cowgirl: You ride him while he leans back. Kneel so that your knees are securely supporting you, and rest your hands on either side of the tub.

2) Reverse cowgirl: In this popular version, you rock back and forth while water flows around you.

3) Missionary: You'll most likely need your man to kneel in the bath to use missionary sex, and you should stand back from the edge to be able to reach him.

4) From behind: You lean over the side or end of the tub, and he penetrates you from behind. Your bodies will be closer together than with doggy style, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

3) Can a Women Conceive if She Had Sex in Water

Pregnancy is highly unlikely in the water, but it can happen even if you're in the water, if your partner ejaculates inside you while indulging in unprotected sex. Hot temperatures won't kill sperm that's ejaculated inside the vagina, so, if you want to avoid pregnancy, follow the proper precautions.


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