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Sapat Lotion | What It Does And How And When To Use It

Abandon the homemade remedies for fungal infections, use Sapat Lotion. It is a fungicidal, antibacterial & antiseptic remedy providing instant relief.

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Sapat Lotion | What It Does And How And When To Use It

Did you know? Numerous women tackle fungal infections in their lives. Do you know of any reasons behind this? If you are facing this problem, do you need a trusted platform to direct you towards the right solution?

Fungal infections can lead to yeast infections quite often. This occurs due to decreased humidity in the air. But how do fungal infections occur? A fungus is an invading bacteria. Once it launches itself onto a woman's body, it permeates the skin, tissues, organs, and bones too!  Fungal infections are a nuisance, causing irritation, rashes, redness, swelling, inflammation, and unnecessary pain.

A few women are still of the opinion that an over-the-counter antifungal cream high in steroids will help them. However, this is merely a temporary solution. Sooner or later, this infection will trouble you again. Not to mention the side effects these topical antifungal creams come with.

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Hence, to treat the fungal infection, you require a remedy that cleans your wound, hinders its spread, and kills the bacteria causing it. Is this possible?

Yes, it is! Sapat Lotion is a fungicidal skin lotion used to treat infected areas of your body, giving you excellent results and alleviating pain.  Discover its benefits, directions for use, and how it works here!

What is Sapat Lotion?

Developed by Dr. Skin, Sapat Lotion is a liquid form of instant relief medication for fungal infections. The manufacturers claim that this lotion can provide immediate relief to the user and remove deep-seated fungi while inhibiting bacterial growth. Sapat lotion provides instant relief and combats bacteria. This is why it is a 360° solution addressing the root of the problem.

Sapat Lotion Composition and How It Helps With Fungal Infections?

Four key constituents of Sapat Dr. Skin lotion are:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Manjistha
  • Loban Phool
  • Alcohol

Salicylic acid is an essential exfoliator. A beta-hydroxy acid is an oil-soluble component. Oil-soluble means that the lotion is easily absorbed by the skin, cleaning out its pores and thus leading to skin hydration.

The second component is Loban phool employed in Indian households as an Ayurvedic condiment. It is commonly used to make incense sticks, but it is incorporated in Sapat lotion to provide a soothing effect. It will effectively reduce inflammation and irritation in the affected area.

Manjistha is the third component. Another common Indian household find. Manjistha is full of antibacterial and antioxidant content. Manjistha checks the communicability of the bacteria and combats the infection effectively.

Last but not least- there's alcohol. An excellent antiseptic, it is a natural bactericidal treatment.

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Uses of Sapat Lotion

Removes Deep Seated Fungi

Over time, fungi set in deep and begin to grow. Once the irritation, itchiness, and redness keep spreading, chances of it turning septic are very high.

Sapat lotion takes immediate action on such allergies and gets rid of the bacteria, working to make that area clean.

Relieves Irritation of the Skin

The Sapat lotion provides quick relief due to its keratolytic acid content. This ingredient increases the potency with which fungal infections are treated. Fungal infections are generally caused because of an overgrowth of candida. This phenomenon is known as candidiasis. Candidiasis causes redness and itchiness. If you apply Sapat lotion on such an infection, you will see quick and visible results.

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Prevents Formation of Eczema (Ringworm)

The allopathic treatment of eczema uses steroids. However, Sapat Dr. Skin Lotion is a semi-natural remedy that treats ringworms through natural ingredients.

Eczema does not subside by itself. It should be dealt with correctly. If it is left untreated, a simple skin rash could turn into a serious chronic condition.

Sapat lotion also removes dead skin from infected areas and doesn't permit bacteria to spread.

Reduces Bacterial Growth and Gives Speedy Relief

As we have discussed before, the Sapat lotion has Manjistha, which is an antibacterial component. Plus, the alcohol mixed in the lotion serves as an antiseptic and eliminates bacteria. The combination of these two components provides immediate relief from pain and irritation, inhibiting bacterial growth.

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How to Apply Sapat Dr. Skin Lotion?

The application part of any lotion or cream is essential, as without following the right process, you might get substandard results. Here's how you can use the Sapat Lotion:

  1. Take lukewarm water and clean the infected area first.
  2. Do not add anything to the water, and use a clean soaked cloth to dab the affected skin area.
  3. Once it is clean, take a small piece of cotton ball and pour the Sapat lotion on the cotton.
  4. Apply (by dabbing) it on the infected area. It is easy, effective, and will provide quick relief.

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