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What Are The Benefits of Steaming Face & How To Do It?

Taking steam has benefits beyond your health. Numerous women use face steaming as a process for cosmetic use and better skin. Want to know how? Read on!

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What Are The Benefits of Steaming Face & How To Do It?

We’re sure your parents, grandmother, or friend may have suggested steam inhalation when you were down and out with a cold. However, taking steam has benefits beyond your health. Numerous women use face steaming as a process for cosmetic use and better skin. Want to know how? Read on!

Is Steam Good For Face & Skin?

Yes! Steam is most definitely great for your face and skin.

What does steaming do for your skin?

It promotes better blood circulation, cleanses your skin and helps remove makeup easily. Read on to know more benefits of steaming your face!

Benefits Of Steaming Face

For people who wonder, is steaming good for skin? Here are some advantages of steaming the face that would compel you to incorporate it into your life.

Steaming helps cleanse skin

One of the key benefits of taking steam on the face is skin cleansing. Face steaming pushes out the dirt and excess oil. Additionally, it opens the pores and prevents any potential blockage. Clear and unclogged pores reduce breakouts and acne.

Steaming promotes blood circulation

By opening up pores on your face, taking steam increases perspiration. As a result, your blood vessels get dilated, and blood circulation enhances. When more oxygen gets delivered to your face, it ends up looking more youthful and healthy.

Steaming enhances the results of a face mask

Try taking steam once you have put on a face mask. It will open and unclog your pores. Moreover, it will ensure that the face mask penetrates deep into your skin without any obstructions. While removing the face mask after face steaming, always use cold water to remove the mask.

Steaming helps With thorough makeup removal

If you are someone who wears makeup often, face steaming can be excessively beneficial for you. It will help you clear the trapped makeup in your pores that results from the regular makeup application. Plus, face steaming kills bacteria on your face, keeping it free of infections.

Steaming facilitates dead skin removal

One of the salient benefits of face steaming is the removal of dead skin. By acting as a natural exfoliator, steam eliminates dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin. Moreover, it helps reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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How To Steam Your Face?

Now that you know the benefits of taking steam on your face, it is time to get into the procedure. Read on to the different methods to steam.

Different steaming methods to try

Commercial Facial Steaming: Most women opt for commercial steamers as they are easily accessible and easy to use. Commercial steamers come with different accessory tools and features to remove blemishes and blackheads.

As per the American Academy of Dermatology, misuse of facial cleansing devices can injure the skin. That is why you must maintain a distance of 5-10 inches with a commercial steamer.

Steaming Over a Bowl of Hot water: Another steaming method that you can try is, steaming over a bowl of hot water. It involves using tools you have in your bathroom or kitchen to steam. You can also keep a warm towel over your head to ensure the focus of steam is on your face.

Spa Treatments: This method of steaming is more costly compared to the other two. That said, it is effective nonetheless. Many spas provide facial packages that include several sessions.

Face Steaming Using Herbs And Oils: To make steaming extra beneficial, you can add herbs and oils to the process. Some oils and herbs are suitable for all skin types. These provide a refreshing and soothing effect on your skin. Here are some of the oils and herbs you can include in your next face steaming session.

Essential Oils:

  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Eucalyptus
  • Orange

Dried Herbs:

  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary

What Should You Do Before And After Steaming Your Face?

What to do after steaming my face? Here are some do’s and don’t of face steaming to reap the maximum benefits.

Before Steaming

  • Skin Hydration

Before commencing a face steaming session, remember to consume a lot of water. You can also follow a step-by-step hydrating facial to give your skin the moisture it needs.

  • Face and Neck Cleansing

Pick a mild facial cleanser with exfoliating properties and clean your face and neck.

During Steaming

  • Keep your eyes shut

Keeping your eyes shut while face steaming will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. Plus, your eyes will not get harmed.

  • Maintain some distance

Keep your face at a distance of 5-10 inches above the bowl or sink. It ensures that your skin does not get burnt.

After Steaming

  • Rinse your face

After your steaming session, rinse your face and surrounding areas with lukewarm water. Post that, use a soft cotton towel to pat dry.

  • Use a mild serum or cream

As the potency of facial serums and cream gets enhanced post a face steaming session, you must not avoid it.

  • Gently Massage

With the help of your fingertips, massage your face in a circular motion.

Possible Risks And Side Effects of Steam On The Face

If precautions are not taken, taking steam can cause severe burns on the face. That is why maintaining a distance of 5-10 inches from the steam vessel is of utmost importance.

If you opt for the damp towel method of steaming, ensure that the hot is warm and not excessively hot. Individuals with dry skin must limit their steaming to a couple of minutes. It helps you avoid any form of irritation.

In A Nutshell... Benefits Of Taking Steam On Face

Indulging in face steaming is not only a tremendous medical precaution but also an excellent cosmetic one. Taking steam on the face cleanses your skin, removing dirt, excess sebum, grime and pollution from it. Moreover, it facilitates thorough makeup removal, blood circulation and unclogging of pores. However, make sure to follow all necessary precautions while face steaming so you do not injure yourself.

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How to Steam Your Face at Home?

Here is a great way to easily steam your face at home:

  • Take a clean bowl and put a small, unused towel inside it.
  • Now carefully boil some water and pour it hot onto the towel.
  • Once the towel has been converted into a hot towel, wring it slowly and place it evenly over your face.
  • Do not place the hot towel over your skin for more than 10 minutes. Simultaneously, record how your skin reacts when you first place it over your face.
  • Remove the towel immediately if you feel uncomfortable or break out into a rash.

Is Face Steaming Good for You?

Face steaming is a great practice to cleanse your skin, get rid of makeup quickly, improve blood circulation in the facial region and rejuvenate your features! However, if you are prone to broken capillaries or skin infections like eczema, face steam with extra caution and care.

How Long Should You Steam Your Face?

Do not steam your face for longer than 10 minutes. However, if you notice irritation every time you put a hot towel to your face, please discontinue this practise as it may not be best suited for your skin needs.

How Often Should You Steam Your Face?

This depends upon your skin type. If you do not have sensitive skin, feel free to steam about twice or thrice a week. If you have thin, dry skin, once a week should be enough for you.


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